Which US States Have the Best Hiking Trails?

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Why do many people love hiking? Is it a holdover from our wanderings way back when we lived in hunter and gatherer communities? After all, there were no reasonable forms of transport in the past – except for donkeys and horses. If people wanted to move around, there was the only method for doing it.

While the desire to walk around outdoors seems to be hardwired in our genes, there are also some interesting facets to hiking – the wonders and beauties of nature. Waterfalls, wild animals, scenic views, tall mountains and more, are not easy to see from a your house or your car.

And even when they are, the experience is not the same as when you get your hiking boots and get to the outdoors. More so, there is a sense of achievement when you can get everything you need in a bag, and spend a few days hiking outdoors.

So if you’re asking yourself which US states have the best hiking trails, then you came to the right place.

Based on Boot Bomb’s long distance hiking trails list, we have compiled our own essential list for you to get you started on some new trails. So strap on your hikers, because you’re gonna hit the trail!

Washington State

Aside from being the capital city of the United States, Washington D.C is also home to some of the best hiking trails in the country. Whenever someone mentions Washington, it’s hard not to think about other interests such as the lush green forests and the appealing city of Seattle.

More so, this state has a unique wilderness, that is synonymous with its Pacific Northwest origins.

Perhaps the most popular trails in Washington include Chain Lakes and Hoh Rainforest Trail. Located in the Western part of North Cascades National Park, Chain Lakes is one of the best trails in Washington. On average, the trail is 13 km long, and it boasts of several places you can choose to hike and take photos.

If you want to opt for a more scenic hike with magical views, then consider the Hoh Rainforest Trail. Its one of the best places to hike in Washington, especially if you don’t like traveling uphill.

The part is found in Olympic National Park, with high areas averaging at 244m. Along this 18km hike, you will come across various scenic aspects of nature, including birds, wild fruits, Roosevelt elk, swamps, and more.


Colorado is home to thousands of miles of hiking trails. Whether you like short, touch, scenic, adventurous, or family-friendly spots – you are bound to find it, Colorado. The hikes in Colorado are also ideal for observing the changing color of leaves of trees during the fall.

That said, if you want to enjoy the best of what Colorado has to offer, few hikes stand out from the pack. Thus, they often have heavy traffic when compared to others, so always be cautious.

Remember to carry lots of water when trekking in Colorado, especially during the summer months. Temperatures can sometimes rise, and it’s a good to stay hydrated.

Perhaps the most notable hike in Colorado would be Missouri Lake, which is best visited during the day. Located about two hours from Denver, Colorado is a seven-mile trip. It’s the perfect hiking location for those who want to get out during the day and enjoy the lust environments in Colorado.

The trail starts at Fancy Lake Trailhead, and only a few sections are challenging to pass through. That said, you can still navigate through these parts with slow walking, and many fellow hikers are always ready to help out.


Utah makes up for one of the best places for backpackers and hikers to enjoy hiking. It is home to a wide array of lovely trails that meander across streams, rivers and pass through unique waterfalls. This state is made for backpackers. With its unique treks, mighty rivers, and knife ridges, Utah is indeed an exciting backpacking location.

The joys of hiking in Alaska are many, including panoramic views and the chance to interact with various types of wildlife. But, national, state and local parks all tend to boast excellent locations to hike – so, how does one choose one in Utah? An excellent place to start would be with any one of the more than 100 trails that you can find in this state. It’s hard to pick a bad trail. They are all gorgeous.

Among some of the most popular locations to visit would Bryce Canyon. You will enjoy the lovely sunsets and lush environments that fill the land.


With well over 300 million acres of land, coastline, and waterways to explore, Alaska is also one of the best US states for hiking. Most of the trails in Alaska are easy to access and filled with a diversity of ecosystems. Aside from its extremely cold weather and lush environments, Alaska is great place to find hiking trails.

While some are short and located close to town, some might require several days to complete. Furthermore, you are likely to come across excellent mountain hiking trails, where you will encounter cedar trees, spruce, cottonwoods, and more.

Just remember to keep away from Cow parsnip plants and be cautious of bears. A great hiking trail example would be Winner Creek Trail in Girdwood. It’s a 3-mile hiking area, and you can even ride a bike through. It’s a well-developed rainforest train, with a wooden bridge and scenic water gorge view.


Oregon also has some of the best hiking spots in the US. It offers exceptional ecosystems, lush forest, diverse wildlife, and more. The best way to enjoy such a diversity of ecosystems would be on foot. Just a stone throw away from Oregon’s busiest cities are state and national parks that are perfect for hiking.

Filled with diverse birds, beautiful waterfalls, rainforests, and more, Oregon is melting pot of trails for hikers. For those who have wanted to enjoy a taste of the Pacific Northwest, Oregon is an excellent place to start.

Perhaps the most notable aspect of hiking in Oregon is that you will come across trails that often end in waterfalls. For instance, the Columbia River Gorge has is a scenic trail that has enough to last a lifetime. However, that is not all, you can enjoy time exploring the Cascade Mountain, or perhaps view the sunset at one of the fire camps at the pars. Even more, you can decide to bike out in the evening as you enjoy the serenity of the Oregon Coast.


As one of the large waster US states, Wyoming is a famous hiking state in the US. It’s renowned for its rocky mountains, lush plains, and thriving forests. More so, it’s popular for being home to Yellowstone National Park, which covers well over 3,000 square miles of land. Furthermore, Wyoming is also home to a diverse array of wild animals, long rivers, and outstanding canyons. Wyoming also boasts of several geysers such as the famous Old Faithful North, which is popular amongst hikers.

Cascaded Canyon is also a popular hiking spot in Wyoming. It covers an expansive 9.3-mile space in Beaver Creek. Furthermore, many hikers are often seen walking through the trail, and it also boasts of a varied array of places for outdoor activities. You can enjoy camping, biking, swimming, trail running, and more. Also, there is plenty of wildlife, wild fruit, scenic views, wildflowers, and more.

Wyoming also has outstanding national parks such as Grand Teton and Yellowstone. Aside from hiking, you can also have outdoor fun at recreation areas, national forests, wildlife refuges, historic sites and more.


Montana is a Western state famous for its diverse terrain, which includes Rocky Mountains, Great Plains, and more. It also has wide spaces such as the Glacier National Park, which is a vast wilderness area that connects to Canada. Furthermore, the park is also home to snow-capped peaks, several lakes, and unique hiking trails. For instance, the Going to The Sun Road is perhaps the most famous, and it stretches for over 50 miles.

It is also home to Yellowstone National Park, which offers a vast diversity of locations you can visit. If you want to get down and dirty on hiking trails, then also consider David Creek Trail. The trail towers offer exceptional views and camping spots, as you take a rest from your hikes.

Montana is famous for its large diversity of wild game, with most people enjoying hunting as they trek through the trails. Some of the common wild game in Montana include whitetail deer, mule deer, Elk and more.


Whether it was deeply ingrained in our psyches, or just for the love of nature and the outdoors, hiking is a great way to spend leisure time. We have many cities in the US that area perfect and safe for hiking year-round.

That said, in some locations such as Alaska, you might have to hike with caution thanks to the presence of animals such as bears. Fortunately, most of these hiking trails have proper warnings and safety measures, which can ensure you enjoy a great experience outdoors.

Whether its Utah, Wyoming or Oregon, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to the diversity of hiking trails. Get equipped, and start enjoying your time outdoors.

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