Top 20 Best Slip Resistant Shoes for Men & Women

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If you work in a job that requires slip resistant shoes, surety of foot is imperative. Being able to think and act quickly on your feet becomes a literal part of your job and wearing a pair of shoes you can count on can keep the disaster of slips and falls at bay.

In this guide, we will show you some of the best non-slip shoes that we were able to find online. There’s all sorts of shoes in this list. Lace-up shoes, slip-on shoes, durable leather upper shoes, clogs, mules, water shoes and sneakers. There’s something for everybody that desires good slip resistance in their working footwear.

Let’s get started!

Top 10 Best Slip Resistant Shoes for Men

Skechers for Work Men's Rockland Systemic Lace-Up, Black, 11 D - Medium

Skechers for Work Men's Rockland Systemic Lace-Up, Black, 11 D - Medium

Styling is work casual, and the design is built for maximum safety. One look at this fantastic shoe and you can see the features. The all-black design has a classic lacing system designed for comfort. The excellent safety features make the perfect work shoe if you're in a service industry were quick and constant movements.

The Skechers for Work Men's Rockland Systemic Slip Resistant Lace-Up Shoe is built with a memory foam enhanced relaxed and roomier fit, and rubber outsoles that are optimized, grippy, and slip resistant and ideally constructed for those who work in jobs that require them to be on their feet most of the day.

The bicycle-seamed toe is made of non-metal yet durable high-grade materials to be certified as a composite safety toe, and it's also insulated to serve as protection against secondary level electrical hazards.

The composite toe safety features also include protection against sudden compression and impact, which is helpful for those unexpected situations like things that are dropped on your toe or someone steps on it.

Other features include a leather construction, a removable insole with maximum cushioning, and a heel that is measured to about one and quarter inches. This sneaker has an upper made of leather, a padded collar, and a driving heel.

Reebok Men's Work N Cushion Walking Shoe,Black,8.5 M US

Reebok Men's Work N Cushion Walking Shoe,Black,8.5 M US

The Reebok Men's Work N Cushion walking shoe is a dual threat shoe favorite because many folks like their work shoes to look more like traditional athletic shoes or walking shoes and this shoe delivers.

It's an affordable option and exceedingly flexible with a beveled heel which allows for confident, controlled forward momentum movements. The outsole is optimized for slip-resistance, particularly on surfaces that can become oily, so it's ideal for service industries like restaurants and auto shops.

It's a combination synthetic shoe with a faux-leather upper and a rubber sole optimized for slip-resistance. While it's an ideal work shoe, it's also a classic athletic shoe, perfect for walking or any other type of fitness activities.

Reebok has a history of impressive and classic athletic shoe designs which end up morphing into shoes ideal for other uses. The traditional lacing system is ideal for added comfort. When looking for a shoe for optimal sizing, Reebok has a wide variety of sizes for feet of all shapes, including extra wide, extra long, and extra small.

Make sure to check out their sizing guides to avoid unnecessary returns. Reebok also has a strong reputation for building durable shoes, particularly shoes constructed for multiple purposes, like this work and walk shoe.

Skechers Men's Black Flex Advantage Slip Resistant Mcallen Slip On - 7.5 D(M) US

Skechers Men's Black Flex Advantage Slip Resistant Mcallen Slip On - 7.5 D(M) US

The Skechers for Work men's Flex Advantage slip resistant Mcallen slip on shoe is jam-packed with modern features designed for easy wear, safety, and comfort. Slip-on shoes are trendy nowadays, and this technology is brought to an ideally constructed work shoe.

There's one thing you can count on with any Skechers shoe; their award-winning design team puts in enhancement features to justify the price, although their prices are affordable, particularly when you consider they build shoes to last and perform.

For this model, they've put in industry standards for slip resistance, comfort, and safety, such as a composite safety toe and a shoe that meets electrical hazard safety requirements.

The fit is essential with a slip-on shoe, so knowing your correct size beforehand is vital. The advertised advanced comfort is proven with technology such as a relaxed fit with memory foam, which allows for instant comfort, so no need to "break in" this shoe.

There's a built-in opening on each side with durable elastic for a snug, comfortable fit. The upper is made out of mesh fabric, and the outsole is made for excellent slip-resistant traction. The shoe has a stylish look to it, but not too much, so it goes with any work uniform.

Nunn Bush Men's Bleeker Street Slip On Loafer with KORE Slip Resistant Comfort Technology, Black, 12 Wide US

Nunn Bush Men's Bleeker Street Slip On Loafer with KORE Slip Resistant Comfort Technology, Black, 12 Wide US

The Nunn Bush men's Bleeker St. slip on is a slick and stylish work shoe. It can also double as a shoe that looks good enough to wear as a dress shoe but has the comfort and functionality to look good while taking a beating.

The Bleeker St. Slip-On comes in black and brown, so no matter the work uniform you wear, this shoe will match it wonderfully. The strength of this shoe is it's KORE technology, as it's dual density outsole is actually biomechanically built and designed for walking.

The rubber outsole is also made with a slip-resistant rubber to provide pretty high traction. The midsole is lightweight and built for comfort. It has a rolling impact zone designed for the impact of each step you take, for maximum comfort.

The upper is made of genuine leather is hand-burnished and ideal for top-notch breathability and comfort designed to last years. The linings are entirely padded with nylon mesh. This system is excellent for moisture management and the padding to support your whole foot all day long.

The cushioning is also designed for all-day comfort with a comfort gel cushioning which absorbs impact heel-to-toe. The footbed is cushioned for full-length comfort. The shoe is designed with multiple width options for all sizes.

These stylish slip resistant shoes are going to be a good fit for you, if you want to be looking good while standing firm.

Skechers Men's Work Cottonwood Goddard Slip On, Black - 12 D(M) US

Skechers Men's Work Cottonwood Goddard Slip On, Black - 12 D(M) US

The Skechers for Work men's Cottonwood Goddard Twin Gore slip resistant slip on is an ideal shoe for any busy work day, as it's designed for complete support and comfort. Skechers has pulled out all the stops by creating a work shoe that is jam-packed with features yet still looks great.

The sleek genuine leather look will match any work uniform, particularly those who work in the service industries. Skechers uses a relaxed fit design technology in many of its work shoes, and the Cottonwood Goddard Twin Gore is no exception.

The outsoles are made with a rubber material designed for maximum slip-resistance. The safety toe is composite, and safety steel toe tested.

The composite toe is a lightweight, non-metallic design for superior strength and protection. The steel toe is certified to meet (or exceed) strict standards. The outsole is designed and manufactured to resist secondary level protection against electrical hazards.

The padding and cushioning are designed and built for top-notch comfort, with memory foam all-around on a removable insole. The collar is padded for added comfort, and the lining is made of a soft fabric material for maximum breathability.

The midsole also has exceptional support with shock-absorbing technology. One more stylish addition is the accents are an elegant stitching pattern.

Skechers Men's Plain-M, Black, 10 M US

Skechers Men's Plain-M, Black, 10 M US

The Skechers for Work men's Cottonwood Elks slip resistant shoe is a classic, stylish, functional, and comfortable shoe perfect for the kind of work where you're on your feet and on the go all day. This all-leather shoe comes in standard black and has a throwback, old-school lacing which makes the shoe look like a classic Oxford shoe.

The Cottonwood Elks Slip Resistant shoe is a part of Skechers' Work Footwear line, which has features such as relaxed fit with memory foam cushioning designed for a roomier fit and instant comfort, so you don't need to break it in.

The one-inch heel is supported by a slip-resistant outsole which has been designed and manufactured to meet and exceed all industry standards.

The rubber outsole is made of a nitrile material which makes it great if you work in industries where wet, oily, and chemical surfaces cause slippage. With this shoe, you will be covered.

The removable insole is made with memory foam cushioning, and the midsole has been built to provide shock absorbing technology to protect your feet from a full-day pounding. It has a padded collar, and the soft fabric shoe lining allows for maximum breathability.

Stitching accents top off these stylish slip resistant shoes. They are an excellent work shoe.

Skechers Men's Flex Advantage Sr, Black, 11.5 M US

Skechers Men's Flex Advantage Sr, Black, 11.5 M US

The Skechers for Work Men's Flex Advantage slip resistant Oxford sneaker is a tour de force in Skechers' work shoe lineup. With classic styling and design for work shoes, it looks like a classic all-purpose sneaker, yet is jam-packed with features folks who work in the service industries, walk a lot, or work on their feet all day just love.

While it has a flexible, soft toe, the toe is built with safety in mind. It's got composite safety toe and steel safety toe technology. The composite toe is durable yet ultra-lightweight and meets or exceeds industry standards with compression and impact. The steel work toe is industry certified for maximum impact and compression protection.

The outsole also meets industry requirements for secondary level protection when it comes to electrical hazards. Sticking with the safety features, the outsole is also optimized with slip-resistant technology to guard against conditions such as wet and oily floors.

When it comes to comfort, Skechers loads up on features such as the heel, tongue, and sides made with durable mesh panels, which makes them breathable and comfortable. The cushioning of the removable insoles is made with a memory foam that is gel-infused, and the lightweight, flexible midsoles (called FlexSole) is designed to be shock absorbing for all-day comfort.

Skechers for Work Men's Soft Stride Mavin Athletic Oxford, Black, 9.5 M US

Skechers for Work Men's Soft Stride Mavin Athletic Oxford, Black, 9.5 M US

When it comes to style, comfort, and safety in a work shoe, the Skechers for Work men's soft stride Mavin slipresistant athletic Oxford has it all. The key features in the Soft Stride Mavin are the standard features in Skechers' Work Footwear lineup: technology that makes the shoe stand out such as instant comfort, a roomier fit, slip resistant, and a relaxed fit with memory foam.

This compact and stand-out work shoe has a comfortable and stylish old-school lacing system which helps with a nice, tight yet secure fit. The flexible rubber outsole provides exceptionally high traction for slip-resistance you can count on with many different types of surfaces, including surfaces which may see water and oily liquids.

The upper is made with a unique oiled leather for excellent comfort and flexibility, and the traditional lacing makes for a perfect fit. The overall design idea was to create a rugged shoe that will look great with any work uniform, but particularly those that need a shoe for durability and protection and also the comfort necessary when you're on your feet and moving all day long.

The fact that the shoe has the classic look of a top-notch athletic shoe yet stylish enough to be called an Oxford says it all.

safeTstep Slip Resistant Men's Black Men's Comfort Oxford 8.5 Wide

safeTstep Slip Resistant Men's Black Men's Comfort Oxford 8.5 Wide

The safeTstep slip resistant men's comfort Oxford has the classic style and looks of what an ideal work shoe should look like. The genuine tumbled leather design combines with the traditional lacing system for maximum comfort and secure fitting.

It's constructed and designed to be worn all day, so when you're done for the day, your feet still feel great. It's ideal for folks who work in industries that require constant walking or standing, so service industries, healthcare, retail, manufacturing, or office workers will love the style and comfort as the shoe goes well with any work uniform or business or casual dress.

The insole is created and constructed with safeTstep's 24/7 Comfort technology as the cushioning is fantastic.

The EVA midsole is ultra lightweight, durable and comfortable. The outsole is made of a rubber material that is non-marking and can be counted on for incredible traction for surfaces and flooring that gets wet with liquids that include oil.

The features of this handsome Oxford also include superior safety so you can be confident that the shoe will perform the way you want it to, no matter how long you are on your feet each day. It's also a perfect shoe for long walks.

Skidbuster 5050 Men's Leather Comfort Slip Resistant Athletic Shoe,Black,11.5 M US

Skidbuster 5050 Men's Leather Comfort Slip Resistant Athletic Shoe,Black,11.5 M US

The Skidbuster 5050 men's leather comfort slip resistant athletic shoe lives up to its name as an exceptional work shoe, particularly for those who work in industries where slick flooring is a concern.

The genuine rubber outsoles are designed to provide maximum traction support for a variety of surface types as well as wet, slippery and oily substances you may have to contend with on the job. The Skidbuster 5050 advertises a top slip-resistant rating and backs it up.

It's also designed to be extremely comfortable and built for long-term, day-to-day usage in jobs that require you to be on your feet for most of the day. The durability is due to its genuine leather action and PU upper construction.

The look of the Skidbuster 5050 is an athletic shoe built for the daily grind. When it comes to the cushioning comfort, the Skidbuster 5050 comes with an EVA sockliner which is removable. Standout features also include an EVA midsole constructed for maximized comfort and durability.

The fit is tight but comfortable with the cushioned padding allowing for all-day comfort so at the end of the day you won't be anxious to take these shoes off. The traditional lacing system has a design which allows for the right fit every time.

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Top 10 Best Slip Resistant Shoes for Women

Skechers for Work Women's Maisto Shape Ups Work Boot,Black,8.5 M US

Skechers for Work Women's Maisto Shape Ups Work Boot,Black,8.5 M US

When it comes to women's work shoes, many shoe companies have their work cut out for them, as women tend to be more sensible yet picky shoe shoppers. So Skechers has designed the Skechers for Work women's Shape Ups slip resistant sneaker.

It's a shoe constructed to be stylish, comfortable, and even help with strengthening leg muscles for that toned look women love. Skechers has even gone so far as to make this phenomenal shoe in half sizes. The shoe is constructed with leather and synthetic material.

With the lacing system and anchor and strap designed to suit every foot, the fit is perfect every time. And since it's designed by Skechers for Work, it's one of the best non-slip shoes the market has to offer right now. It has all the safety features you've come to expect.

Features such as a rubber outsole that provides exceptional slip-resistance technology to accommodate wet and oily conditions and any flooring surface, a composite safety toe, and steel safety toe design for durability and strength yet ultra lightweight.

It's also tested to withstand secondary level electrical hazard protection. The cushioning is excellent as it has a collar with comfort padding, as well as fabric lining for added comfort. It has a shock absorbing, flexible midsole second layer in its construction, adding to the overall durability and comfort with each step you take.

The high traction won't let you down when you are working long hours and standing up. These are some of the best shoes for restaurant work I've come across in a long time.

Fila Women's Memory Fresh Start sr-w, Black, 8 M US

Fila Women's Memory Fresh Start sr-w, Black, 8 M US

Fila is a leader in athletic shoes, but their foray into the work shoe line is the exceptional Fila women's Memory Fresh Start slip resistant work shoe. Fila brings their versatile and durable well-constructed athletic shoe design to this product by providing the cushioning, stability and lateral support they are so well known for.

The Fila Women's Memory Fresh Start is made with a combination of genuine leather, textile and synthetic materials and an excellent rubber outsole perfect for outstanding slip-resistant traction desired by folks who work in jobs such as the service industry which require lots of running around and activity on their feet.

The durable construction makes the Fila Women's Memory Fresh Start perfect for long-term wear.

The nylon mesh and synthetic leather upper is designed to be ultra lightweight with maximum breathability and exceptional support. An Ethylene vinyl acetate midsole give you shock absorbtion for your feet, with outstanding cushioning to your feet feel fresh even at the end of your shift at work.

The outsole is rubber material that is non-marking and constructed for excellent durability and traction.

The memory foam feature is another impressive addition to cushioning comfort. And since being on your feet is why you're buying the shoe, the lateral support feature allows for comfort in the shin area.

Pooluly Women's Lightweight Mesh Slip-on Water Shoes

Pooluly Women's Lightweight Mesh Slip-on Water Shoes

The Pooluly women's lightweight athletic quick drying mesh aqua slip-on water shoe, is quite the exciting work shoe. It is perfectly suitable for service industry jobs, mainly where spills, mopping, or other water hazards come into regular play.

Of course, the features of the innovative design can also allow for the Pooluly to be an excellent shoe for water activities such as beachwear, camping, traveling, rainy condition usage, surfing, windsurfing, kayaking, jogging, water volleyball, just about any multi-use activity where water is prevalent.

You can judge this yourself by looking at their unique tread pattern, which guarantees pretty high traction, no matter how slippery the surface you walk on might be. Their breathable mesh fabric will leave you airing out your feet all day long, pretty much guaranteeing a cool walk.

The design allows the Pooluly Women's Lightweight Athletic Quick Drying Mesh Aqua Slip-On Water Shoes to be quick drying as the mesh upper is an open design, and the sole has a hole design that acts as an excellent drainage system as water and sweat will drain out quickly and efficiently for consistent and non-stop comfort.

The sole is a Phylon material which is ultra lightweight and soft, adding extra comfort and enhanced stability. The outsole is made with a slip-resistant material to provide exceptional and reliable traction at all times on any type of wet surface.

The expertly designed covering allows for an even wrapping of your feet with an excellent fit for superior comfort and protection.

Skechers for Work Women's Ghenter Bronaugh Work and Food Service Shoe 8.5M, BLACK, 8.5 M US

Skechers for Work Women's Ghenter Bronaugh Work and Food Service Shoe 8.5M, BLACK, 8.5 M US

This is an exceptionally designed and stylish shoe. The Skechers for Work women's Ghenter Bronaugh work shoe looks simply fabulous. While it definitely has a sleek and simplistic design, it's literally jam-packed with the features you've come to expect from Skechers fantastic line of women's work shoes.

The sporty shoe has a relaxed fit with a synthetic upper of mesh fabric which allows for maximum breathability and all-day comfort for that job which keeps you on your feet for hours at a time. The outsole is slip-resistant, tested for excellent traction on surfaces that are wet and oily.

It has safety features for the toe area and is rated to protect against secondary electrical hazards. The breathable mesh lining makes this one of the best non-slip shoes for work, assuming your work will have you heating up as the day goes on. And most jobs do!

They have a tread pattern that will force you to respect them, as the super high traction is going to keep you standing up for long hours at your job, even on the most oily of surfaces. It is stain and water resistant and the upper design comes with excellent Scotchguard protective coating.

There is a durable layer of textured air mesh and an underlay in a grid pattern. The traditional lacing system is a design feature that has a smooth synthetic overlay for added comfort, durability and superb fit.

The tongue and collar are padded, and the shoe lining is a wonderfully soft fabric. The insole is a removable, full-length cushion of air-cooled memory foam. The midsole is ultra lightweight yet is flexible and shock absorbtion. It is slip and oil resistant, which makes it a great fit for anybody seeking good slip resistance in their footwear for work.

YOWESHOP Slip Resistant Chef Clogs - Kitchen Non Slip Work Shoes Black for Men Women

YOWESHOP Slip Resistant Chef Clogs - Kitchen Non Slip Work Shoes Black for Men Women

The Ehomelife slip resistant chef clog mule for kitchen and restaurant work, is the perfect work slip-on shoe for men or women. It comes in black or white and is lightweight yet exceptionally durable and perfect for any type of work environment.

They are the ideal shoe for all-day wear or to take to work as a companion shoe to put on when needed if you have dual responsibilities. The EVA sole is rubber and is a perfect anti-slip nursing shoe or shoes for doctors, veterinarians, chefs, just the perfect clog for working in any type of environment where wet flooring surfaces are a factor in your job.

The clog comes with adjustable backstrap and a massage footpad.

The insole is breathable and comfortable. The shoe is designed to disperse water and stop skids and skid marks and perform in many different types of wet floor conditions.

The side vents are designed for maximum breathability, quick drying, and ease of cleaning. The ultra lightweight design keeps you on your feet all day with comfort, and a size 9 weighs in at just 0.6 pounds.

There are two permeable holes on the sole to help remove water and sweat from your feet and keep them dry all day. Easily one of thes non-slip shoes for restaurant work on the market today. They will not disappoint you.

Dansko Women's Patti Black Clog 7.5-8 M US

Dansko Women's Patti Black Clog 7.5-8 M US

The Dansko MaxTrax slip resistant work clog is a supreme work slip-on clog designed for exceptional style and maximum comfort and durability. The Dansko MaxTrax Slip-Resistant Clog is the perfect clog to wear all day or to take to work as a companion shoe.

It's the perfect shoe for industries such as grocery, healthcare, foodservice, restaurant, hospitality, and manufacturing. One of the primary features is the exceptional patent leather used for the upper. The premium leather allows for an elegant and stylish look which can be worn with a work uniform or with your regular dress on the job.

The ultra-lightweight construction comes with dual density footbeds for fantastic comfort.

The rubber, slipe resistant outsole is made with MaxTrax for outstanding slip-resistance no matter the surface of the workplace you're in. The sock liner is dual density and removable. The shock absorbing midsole is a PU cushioned design.

There is stapling all around the sidewall. The insole is made of a durable Poron construction. There is no safety toe, yet the durability is still top-notch. Sizing is varied, which includes half sizes and wide sizes.

The design of the shoe is made to help those that wear the shoe all day long so their feet won't be "screaming" at them at the end of the day.

COUGAR Women's Apex, Oak, 10 M US

COUGAR Women's Apex, Oak, 10 M US

The Cougar women's Apex winter Boot is the only boot to crack this top ten list, and it's easy to see why. It's a boot designed for more than just the winter season, it's perfect for fall, and the fantastic slip resistant outsole is constructed to withstand any surface, including sidewalks or parking lots that are snow covered or even when you have to contend with icy surfaces.

It's also ideal for wet and oily surfaces and flooring, so it's perfect to wear at work. The comfort built into the Cougar Women's Apex Winter Boot is exceptional as well as the insoles are a removable and molded memory foam material. It's also rated to keep your feet warm from 0 to - 24-degree Celsius (32 to -11 degrees Fahrenheit).

The premium and the superb suede outer material is waterproof (Cougar guarantees this is so). The sole is a synthetic material and the shaft measures six inches (approximately) from the arch of the foot. It's PVC free, and the heel is 1 1/2 inches long.

These are lace-up shoes, which you can tie as loose or tight as you want. The lacing system is ideal and designed for smooth lace up with clasp-like eyelets for speedy tying. This Cougar women's Apex winter boot offers pretty high slip resistance with its rubber outsole.

As you'd expect from a winter boot, it's got a tread pattern that will leave you desiring nothing. If you happen to be the sporty type and you want to go get some physical exercise straight out of your job, then these boots are perfect for outdoor, winter activities such as hiking or playing in the snow with your kids.

Klogs USA Women's Austin Mule, Silver Stingray, 7.5 M US

Klogs USA Women's Austin Mule, Silver Stingray, 7.5 M US

If you're in a job that has you on your feet all day, the Klogs USA Women's Austin Mule is the ideal clog. The comfortable and stylish design makes the Austin Mule perfect for folks who are school teachers, retail workers, chefs, nurses, doctors, or any job in the healthcare, restaurant, or any of the service industries.

Klogs takes it's built-in design features for comfort to the extreme with advanced cushioning and slip-resistant technologies to make this your go-to work shoe. The outsole is made of an anti-slip polyurethane material which has been thoroughly tested and approved so that it can give you confidence on surfaces that are wet and oily. The outsole also is constructed to be non-marking.

It's also designed to for fantastic flexibility and durability. The heel is approximately one inch long. As for comfort, the insole is exceptional as the polyurethane insole is removable and supportive.

This is a combination that provides maximum durability and also provides long-lasting comfort and support. It's perfect to wear as a stand-alone work shoe or to take to work as a companion work shoe.

The Klogs USA Women's Austin Mule was designed and constructed to be ideal for people who suffer from plantar fasciitis. Both highly supportive as well as offering excellent slip resistance, the Klogs Austin Mule is one of the best non-slip shoes for work at restaurants.

Drew Shoe Women's Drew Slip Resistant Oxfords, Black, Leather, Rubber, Foam, 6 WW

Drew Shoe Women's Drew Slip Resistant Oxfords, Black, Leather, Rubber, Foam, 6 WW

The features of the Drew Shoe Women's Drew Slip Resistant Leather, Rubber, Foam, Oxfords read like a "how-to" guide for the perfect women's work shoe.

Since it has slip resistant in the title, let's start with that feature. Its rubber outsole is specially designed for any type of wet or oily surface flooring while also being non-marking. The specifications are lab tested with a 0.63 dry and 0.61 wet co-efficiency rating.

There are a pair of removable footbeds in the plus fitting system for added comfort and double depth. The cushioning and lining are advanced as the line is a Drilex material with an Aegis Microbe Shield. The Grip-Lock sole has an extra wide shank.

Since the footbed is removable, it has added comfort features with a heel cushion in addition to a built-in arch for maximum support.

Another feature is the integrated extra-wide fiber shank. The tongue and collar have added foam padding to keep the heel from slipping.

And yet another nifty feature is the shoe is designed to accommodate any orthotics inserts your podiatrist may have prescribed. To keep going with the essential features, there is an extended medial heel stabilizer. The perfect shoe for those who are on their feet all day.

Geox Women's W Sukie 19 Fashion Sneaker, Black, 40 EU/10 M US

Geox Women's W Sukie 19 Fashion Sneaker, Black, 40 EU/10 M US

While the final entrant on this top ten list is technically a fashion sneaker, the Geox Women's W Sukie 19 Fashion Sneaker is an exceptional work shoe with a marvelous sense of style, safety and comfort as the many top-flight features will attest.

The imported Italian genuine leather upper is gorgeous to look at, but it also allows for exceptional comfort, flexibility, and durability. It's made from 100% leather. This makes for a wonderfully durable and long-lasting shoe you are sure to love wearing every day. It's got an extra cushioned insole and an anti slip outsole, for high traction at your restaurant job.

The Geox Women's W Sukie 19 Fashion Sneaker is ideal for folks who work in service industries or in jobs such as healthcare professions such as doctors offices and hospitals, restaurant and fast food jobs, manufacturing and retail establishments, and anywhere in which flooring hazards such as wet and oily surfaces are a regular occurrence.

The anti-slip outsole is TUV-SUD tested and certified for these and other hazardous substances. The midsole, lining and cushioning systems are constructed for maximum comfort and breathability, so your feet can stay healthy and well no matter how many hours you're on your feet at work.

As an Amazon Associate, we may receive a small commission from qualifying purchases but at no extra cost to you.

The Importance of Proper Slip-Resistant Work Shoes

If you’re working in a job or industry where the surface you walk on could be slippery, then you understand the vital importance of wearing the proper footwear on the job. Seriously, you wouldn’t drive or ride in a car without wearing a seatbelt, hop on a motorcycle or even a bicycle without wearing a helmet, or how about skydiving or base jumping without the correct equipment.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) over a quarter of a million people were injured in workplace falls in 2014 (the latest statistics available). And that number is probably much higher if you consider folks who hurt themselves while slipping and don’t report tweaking a back, or jamming a knee or twisting an ankle.

What we’ve done is to scour the internet for the best available shoes (a top ten for men, a top ten for women) and provide you with highlights of the features that make them well worth ordering them.

But let’s explore a little further why it’s so important to wear the proper footwear on the job, particularly when it comes to slip-resistant shoes.

One primary reason that jumps out is the confidence you need to perform your job. If you work in a position that requires you to be on your feet, walking (or speed walking) quickly and moving from point A to point B promptly, you don’t need to be worrying about your footing.

So being sure-of-foot is ideal and necessary, thus making sure you are wearing a shoe with tested and certified slip-resistant outsoles is of vital importance.

And rest assured, each shoe on our list fits this criterion.

Keep in mind, accidents that folks have due to slips and falls can cause a multitude of problems.

The obvious problem you’d likely think of first is the injuries themselves. From bruises, cuts, broken bones, concussions, sprains, pulled muscles, and back-related problems, emergency room visits are typical for people who suffer a fall at work.

These accidents will then directly affect the next problem you’ll likely face, and that is the financial ramifications.

Missed work is something many accident victims have, and this is particularly damaging for those who don’t have the luxury of sick days available or waiters and waitresses who depend on tips for money they need each day to support themselves and their families.

Besides the missed paydays, there are the doctor bills, particularly if you’re one of the many Americans who doesn’t have health insurance or have high co-pays to pay.

Of course, you do have the right if the injury is work-related to file for worker’s compensation. Still, sometimes before your worker’s compensation claim is settled, you may have hundreds if not thousands of dollars of out-of-pocket expenses before you get your claim. And the average worker’s compensation claim for a fall is around $28,000.

And if you were to get into financial difficulties because of missing work because of an injury due to a slip or fall, this can cause depression, anxiety and mental issues as doctor’s bills pile up and you don’t have income coming in to handle those and other bills and expenses.

So with all of that said, you can begin to understand why it’s so important to wear the proper slip-resistant, safe, and comfortable footwear while you’re on the job.

If you just happen to work in a work environment with hazardous flooring surfaces because of either wet, oily, or other liquids, wearing the appropriate slip-resistant shoes is of critical importance.

The federal government does have standards that work shoes must meet to be called “slip-resistant.” The shoes must be put through strenuous testing standards for wet surfaces, including liquids like oil and any other substance that can cause slips and falls.

The tests the shoes go through are done to provide a rating which varies from 0.0 (the worst grade, which is very poor) and 1.0 (the best score, which is extremely slip-resistant).

For a shoe to be advertised as slip-resistant, these ratings must be used in the material which accompanies the shoe.

Many studies have shown that wearing slip-resistant shoes can cut down on about half of the work-related injuries than folks who don’t wear these highly beneficial shoes.

Some employers have been adding slip-resistant mats and other flooring options to cut down on slips and falls, but the best way to avoid the wet, oily, or greasy floor surfaces is the footwear you choose.

While some employers may provide you with the proper footwear, most do not. So if you’re in the healthcare, restaurant, manufacturing, or retail industries, wearing a work shoe that is slip-resistant, safe, and comfortable is a wise move.

And it’s not just the slip-resistant quality you need to consider, foot problems is a standard issue facing many people, and wearing the proper footwear can alleviate these problems or at least keeping them from becoming a chronic issue.

Many of today’s shoemakers are constructing and designing footwear to account for people who have high or low arch problems, plantar fasciitis, or other foot problems. So they are making them with as many safety and comfort features as possible, so you don’t get home at the end of the day with foot pain that will become a problem you need medical help with.

Keeping your feet protected is another critical element of wearing the proper, well fitting work shoe. You may also want to consider looking at a pair of shoes that is rated as a composite safety toe or steel safety toe.

A composite safety toe is tested and certified for protection against impact and compression with non-metallic yet durable material to keep your toes safe.

Steel safety toe footwear is certified and tested for superior protection against impact and compression.

And proper safety for footwear also applies to electrical hazards. Some of the shoes on this list fall in this category because if you have wet flooring, and there is an electrical hazard, you might want to consider this type of shoe as they will protect against secondary level electrically energized objects.

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