Top 10 Best Sciatica Shoes for Men & Women

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Sciatica pain is one of the most common yet excruciating types of pain. It is estimated that almost 40% of people experience mild or severe Sciatica once in their lifetime. Some of the most common symptoms involve, pain in the back, legs, feet and many cases, this can also cause numbness.

This problem is mainly a symptom of an already existing medical condition that influences the Sciatica nerve – the widest and longest in our body. Any medical condition in our body that exerts any level of pressure on this nerve causes a strain, which then results in this debilitating pain. One of the most common conditions that can cause Sciatica is a slipped disc.

People who suffer from this condition should know that Sciatica is manageable. All you need is a good medical consultation backed with some pain management techniques, cognitive behavioral therapy and some changes in your lifestyle choices. If you are prone to extended sitting or standing periods, Sciatica pain can get more severe. You can improve on this by changing your footwear.

Proper footwear can help you with a better pain management process. Some of the footwear options out there can help you accelerate the healing process and the best part is that it involves shopping. Take a look at the top pick for Sciatica walking shoes, all high-end design and quality, and most importantly – they can help you heal.

Top 5 Best Sciatica Shoes for Women

Brooks Womens Addiction Walker Walking Shoe - White - B - 8.5

Brooks Womens Addiction Walker Walking Shoe - White - B - 8.5

Brooks Women’s addiction walking shoes are exceptional with the support they provide. The shoes have a synthetic sole and progressive diagonal rollbar support. The unmatched forefoot MC Pod construction is what sets these shoes apart. If you are struggling with sciatic pain, heel spurs, plantar fasciitis or shin splints, these shoes can offer you unmatched support and comfort. If you do not have any of these issues, you can buy these to avoid any in the future. In any case, buying these are an investment.

The cushioning of the shoes is the tenderest and at the same time extremely comforting. Made out of BioMoGo DNA, the cushioning is a quick adapter of your weight, speed, and stride. The outsoles of the shoes are slip-resistant, making them a secure choice as well. Put these onto your feet and they can serve as your best pair of sciatica running shoes.

Another reason why these shoes are stealing the show is that they offer extraordinary support to your arch. Running longer is merriment with these and you can go on running farther and faster without having to worry about the pain that follows. The shoes are a hundred person manmade and have been crafted after a thorough analysis of what optimally supporting shoes should look like. There is no stuffiness and no overheating - all credit to its breathable fabric.

If you love the style in collaboration with comfort, these are the shoes for you. The full-grain upper leather will add to the zeal of your wardrobe. The cherry on the cake - these shoes are available in different colors to suit your taste. Go ahead and elevate your running experience.

ASICS Women's Gel-Nimbus 19 Running Shoe, Diva Blue/Flash Coral/Aqua Splash, 5 D US

ASICS Women's Gel-Nimbus 19 Running Shoe, Diva Blue/Flash Coral/Aqua Splash, 5 D US

If you love the eye-catching design and equally better comfort, then the ASICS Women’s Gel-Nimbus 19 running shoe is your mate. These shoes offer a snug heel fit and are comparatively lighter than many in its domain. Offering a better and firm ride, these shoes are just super awesome.

Coming to the material of it, Nimbus 19 has a level 5 maximum cushioning which means you will be extremely comfortable as long as you are in these. The shoes are a hundred percent synthetic with a rubber sole. With the latest addition of an extra 3 mm flyte foam midsole extra height, say goodbye to the Achilles tension.

The best part is that the shoes offer the ultimate bounce-back vis a vis durable cushioning, which makes the shoe last longer. This has to be one of the best sciatica relief shoes, because walking a mile in these, feels like nothing.

The GEL technology introduced in the fore and rare foot will act as your shock absorbents just when you land a little harder. This also supports the movement to the foot transitions during the gait cycle. The material is a mesh combination, which just means one thing. No stinky embarrassments and no bacterial infections.

The shoes support the exoskeleton better and you can use these for healing purposes as well. The best part is that the shoes are available in vibrant, attractive designs and colors. Again, stylish addition to your shoe collection equally beneficial to your physique.

Saucony Women's Guide 10 Running Shoe, Grey Teal, 5 Medium US

Saucony Women's Guide 10 Running Shoe, Grey Teal, 5 Medium US

Style and comfort can go in hand in hand. Compromising on one thing for another is a plain mistake. A good pair of footwear does not just help you overcome issues like sciatica, shin splints, or plantar fasciitis but they sure can fetch you some compliments as we. Saucony women’s guide 10 running shoe is one from this category.

The shoe offers an 8 mm Everun cushioning distribution between forefoot and heel. This offers a good balance to the body and ensures that you stand or run with firm arch support. The Everun technology has been one of the major cushioning breakthroughs that offer smoother landings and strong take-offs.

The material is lightweight with a seamless and flexible feel. These shoes are slip-resistant, offering you good traction. Saucony women’s guide shoes offer pronation control. This means you will get an inward rolling of the ankle when you progress for the different stages of the gait cycle. The upper part of shoes incorporates mesh, giving you better breathability.

The insole is removable and makes it easy to clean. Made out of a hundred percent engineered mesh, these shoes are available in seven stylish color variants, so you have a good choice catalog. Now all you have to do is get a pair and get running. This pair will keep you in good posture and will help you avoid health issues, resulting from a poor choice of footwear, for the future.

Merrell Women's Bare Access Arc 4 Trail Running Shoe, Violet Storm, 5 M US

Merrell Women's Bare Access Arc 4 Trail Running Shoe, Violet Storm, 5 M US

Three cheers to shoes that do not weigh us down. Merrel women’s bare access arc 4 trail running shoe is one such lightweight masterpiece that can add to the overall running experience. Take these out for trial running and you have got all the protection that you need. The cushioning is aptly put to balance the weight and provide your feet a cozy yet safe home

The shoes provide good arch support and are made out of a hundred percent mesh in combination with synthetic leather. You can take these shoes off without having to worry about the stink which can get pretty embarrassing. The breathability will save you from bacterial infestations. Good for long workouts, you can count on these shoes to run a marathon. Merrel's bare access shoes are exactly carved out for gymnastics, running, jumping and every activity that can’t be done in a quality compromised pair.

This is one of the zero-drop running shoes, that includes a hypersensitive sole to give the runners a superior control. These shoes perfectly respond to the natural foot movement. The outsole has got deep grooves for extra traction. The molded EVA midsole gives you a superior feel on the road and you can feel the difference. These shoes barely weigh 181 grams and will fit like a glove. The overall make provides a zero drop protection.

That means there is no drop from head to toe. This shoe is available in many color variants. All in all these shoes are a mixture of great style, good comfort, stability, and responsiveness.

HOKA ONE ONE Womens Vanquish 3 Midnight Navy/Spring Bud Running Shoe - 6 M

HOKA ONE ONE Womens Vanquish 3 Midnight Navy/Spring Bud Running Shoe - 6 M

You always need a good pair of shoes if you are suffering from something like sciatica or Achilles tendonitis. But then again, you always need a good pair of shoes even if you want to avoid any of these issues. Hoka One One is one of the highly cushioned shoe choices that encases your foot like it was tailor-made just for you.

Inner and outer lays radiate style and durability. This shoe has been particularly designed for good arch support. With its midsole geometry and RMAT high rebound cushioning, this shoe is all set to provide unmatched comfort.

The outsole is made of thick rubber and treads in an angular shape for a better grip from multiple angles. The midsole has a suspension design with EVA top-layer foam. The meta-rocker technology pushes your foot forward seamlessly, without you having to struggle.

The foam is flexible and reflects in the overall make as well. The drop is 4 mm, which allows a good distribution of cushioning and will allow you to promote the natural running form.

The upper material is a combination of synthetic and air mesh. The design has incubated no-sew so that there are no hotspots and hence no blisters. The mesh makes the shoes breathable. No compromise on comfort, these shoes are high on style. Available in midnight navy and spring bud, Hoka One One is a good addition to your wardrobe.

As an Amazon Associate, we may receive a small commission from qualifying purchases but at no extra cost to you.

Top 5 Best Sciatica Shoes for Men

Propét Men's M5015 Scandia Strap Slip-On,Black Grain,8.5 M (US Men's 8.5 D)

Propét Men's M5015 Scandia Strap Slip-On,Black Grain,8.5 M (US Men's 8.5 D)

What is the best part of having a comfortable shoe? You can go on for longer periods, covering longer distances without feeling anything. It is better than spending on just a good design minus comfort and ends up limping back to the sofa because the pain just worsened. This has happened to many of us. And if you understand how bad the situation can get, you will find Propet Scandia strap Slip-on a savior.

This shoe is a well-made mixture of style and comfort. The classical look is a product of absolute hand-stitched fabrication. Made out of leather the shoe incorporates a padded collar and tongue in addition to the firm heel counter. The outsoles are made out of PU and the upper part is full-grain leather. These shoes come with outstanding traction and will last longer.

Do you know what is the cherry on the cake here? Propet’s Scandia slip-on is approved by the HCPCS as well as Medicare. This is one of the recommended pair that is good for sciatica and diabetic ones as well. Made to give you a comfortable walking experience, these shoes offer firm arch support and even better toe room. Available in four color variants including black grain, dark brown, black and dark brown grain, this is a decent and stylish addition to your shoes. All in all an investment you will never regret.

Orthofeet Innovative Plantar Fasciitis Shoes for Men - Ideal for Heel Pain Relief. Therapeutic Walking Shoes with Arch Support, Arch Booster, Cushioning Ergonomic Sole & Extended Widths – Sprint Grey

Orthofeet Innovative Plantar Fasciitis Shoes for Men - Ideal for Heel Pain Relief. Therapeutic Walking Shoes with Arch Support, Arch Booster, Cushioning Ergonomic Sole & Extended Widths – Sprint Grey

If you are suffering from diabetes, arthritis, neuropathy or you are trying to avoid any of these issues, these are the shoes for you. This is one of the most recommended orthopedic sneakers that provide better pain relief. The shoe features a lightweight ergonomic sole with air cushioning. The insoles offer anatomical arch support that is easy on your body frame as well as your feet.

This means you will get ample support while landing with a thud or getting up with a quick push. The cushioning is done in multiple layers offering a pillow-like comfort to your feet.

Orthofeet best plantar ease up the pain in heel, feet, hips, knees and lower back that is usually caused by flat feet, neuropathy, and overpronation. One of the good things is that the shoes are available in different widths, depending upon the make of your feet.

You can choose between medium, wide and extra-wide width. The toe box is wide and the design offers an extra depth with the removable insoles. These shoes are going to help you add stability and enhance mobility.

Orthofeet planters are available in two different color variants- grey and blue. There is gel padding under the heel with seam-free interiors. The air pockets in the design offer better airflow and stink-free walking session.

Orthopedic Shoes for Men, Mens Plantar Fasciitis Shoes, Comfortable Walking Casual Sneakers with Arch Support, Womens Orthotic Slip-on for High Arch Fit, Flat Feet, Diabetic, Pain Relief Size 10

Orthopedic Shoes for Men, Mens Plantar Fasciitis Shoes, Comfortable Walking Casual Sneakers with Arch Support, Womens Orthotic Slip-on for High Arch Fit, Flat Feet, Diabetic, Pain Relief Size 10

Orthofeet is known for its supportive collection for people who are diabetic, suffer from sciatica or have plantar fasciitis. This entire range is dedicated to orthopedic support and each shoe is crafted to provide good pain relief and better comfort. These shoes come with a 60-day wear test guarantee. In case you are not satisfied you can return the shoes and you will get a full refund. Well, this speaks volumes about the quality that the manufacturer is offering.

The air cushioning of the shoes provide better arch support and also make the shoe lightweight. The orthotic insoles improve the comfort quotient and you will feel light while taking a step. Orthofeet proven relief shoes are good for sensitive feet. An excellent solution to bunions and hammertoes, you can walk painlessly and enjoy better strolls as well.

Each shoe comes with different widths, as per your foot frame. You can choose among medium, wide and extra-wide widths for a better custom-made experience. There is gel padding under the shoe sole that keeps the heel pain free.

The sole has an air cushioning that improves breathability and you will not feel the sweaty squeak while you are taking a walk. Each step in this shoe will give you a soft feel and good landing support. The toe box is accommodating enough to relieve you from any discomfort. You will feel the difference once you start walking in one.

Dr. Comfort Performance-X Men's Therapeutic Diabetic Double Depth Shoe

Dr. Comfort Performance-X Men's Therapeutic Diabetic Double Depth Shoe

The first thing that will come to your mind when you look at these shoes is that it is stylish. This lightweight cross-trainer shoes is not just high on style but comes with unmatched quality. This shoe comes with a unique arch stabilizer that provides the wearer with extra support. This shoe is particularly for people who have a very active lifestyle. The performance is amazing and you will feel the different level of comfort while you stroll in these.

Dr. Comfort's performance-X Men’s Therapeutic diabetic double depth shoe is just what the name indicates. This is a pain reliever for people who suffer from Arthritis, diabetes corns, bunions, edema, flat feet, hammertoes, and any other uncomfortable condition. It can accommodate your shoes without causing blisters or bunions even if you walk a mile.

The elastic closure makes the shoe adjustable as the day progresses, taking care of any swelling that occurs with the intensity of physical activity. The material is leather adjusted with mesh on the upper side to make the shoe breathable and stylish. The rubber sole provides good traction.

The package will include a free gel plus pair of insoles. Available in different widths like medium, wide and extra-wide to make a tailor-fit experience possible to different foot-frames. The material is durable and is going to last long. The shoes are available in tow color variants- black and grey.

Dr. Comfort Jason Men's Therapeutic Extra Depth Athletic Shoe: Blue 13 Wide (E/2E)

Dr. Comfort Jason Men's Therapeutic Extra Depth Athletic Shoe: Blue 13 Wide (E/2E)

If you are looking for shoes that will be perfect for daily wear without compromising on comfort and quality, these are the shoes for you. The seamless design is a well-thought addition to your shoes. The upper part is carved out of mesh which allows your feet to breathe. There will no foul foul smell-neither from the feet nor the shoe. The no-tie elastic closure offers a secure grip and a smooth on-and-off glide.

Dr. Comfort Jason Men’s therapeutic extra depth athletic shoes offer a better and wide toe box with an extra cushioning footbed. The rubber sole will help you with a firm surface grip as you walk. The insoles of these shoes are removable. You can accommodate your orthotics and this also makes it easier to clean. Extra protection is provided around the toe box area just in case you stumble at that table corner - no more toe stubbing.

The inserts with these shoes offer stability, comfort, and good arch support. You will notice a considerable improvement In case you are suffering from pain caused due to plantar fasciitis, calluses, osteoarthritis, bunions or sciatica. These shoes are stylishly designed and are available in four amazing colors including Black, blue, green and red. You can also select from different shoe width variants including medium, wide and extra-wide.

As an Amazon Associate, we may receive a small commission from qualifying purchases but at no extra cost to you.

Sciatica Pain and Shoes – Buying Guide

Sciatica pain is excruciating. There are no two thoughts about that. It hampers the routine, minimizes productivity and exhausts you. The pain exists because of an already underlying medical condition but worsens with unassuming triggers. It is mostly our lifestyle choices that make it hard to live sciatica. If only we can get a comprehensive understanding of what goes wrong, we might be able to process it differently.

There are some behaviors or habits, that worsens the Sciatica. It might be something with ignorance as many people do not understand the implication of any lifestyle choice that they make today.

1. Un-cushioned shoes and high heels

Heels are confidence boosters for many but the worst shoes for sciatica. A well-dressed person, in a perfect pair of heels, looks at the world as its oyster. But is it? Heeled or un-cushioned shoes are a trigger to worsen the Sciatica pain.

This is one of the triggers that might not go all wrong at once, but will slowly and steadily creep up for serious implications. Whenever you walk or stand in such shoes, the ground forces transfer to the hip and back structure of the body.

This adds up to the pressure and creates an imbalance. High heels, for example, through all of your weight on the forefoot or the frontal structure of the body and this creates a forward flex at the hips just to balance the body and to stay upright.

This is exactly the pelvic movement which can stretch your back hamstrings way too much- the exact route of the sciatica nerve, So a stretched hamstring pull irritates sciatica and before you know it, the pain gets the best out of you.

2. Sitting with a stuffed back-pocket

How many times do we take a seat in the car of a restaurant in a hurry without emptying our pockets? We aren’t even in a hurry most of the times, we just don’t give much importance to this small thing.

Most of the seating is so squishy that we don’t even feel a thing in any of our pockets. Then before you know it, you are sitting with cell phones, wallets, keys, for longer periods. This act particularly irritates the piriformis muscle.

The sciatica nerve happens to run just under this muscle and you see- a direct pressure is being applied to this nerve. The nerve gets squished just because you are sitting on your wallet which is unbalancing your body frame. Also known as wallet sciatica, wallets, mobile phones, and credit cards are creating never nerve compression syndromes.

3. Tight garments

Well, one of the fashion trends that took the world by storm was the tight jeans era. All the new leading brands put forth garments that showcased the body structure to the point that we didn’t start compromising on comfort for style.

People opting for tight clothing including tight undergarments are known to experience frequent sciatica bouts. A tight elastic can surely irritate the muscle and then the nerve and this might be your sciatica trigger.

This is probably why you get this urge to scratch or rub the depression points where the jeans were pressing too hard. It is time to prefer a relaxed fit because style lasts a season, health lasts forever.

4. Weight – a little too much

Weighing too much is just not healthy. There is no way, to put it differently. This has nothing to do with appearance, but obesity is also a trigger for diseases like diabetes, heart problems, blood pressure and so much more.

The weight takes a toll on the spine. The strain on the spine reflects in the form of frequent backaches and sciatica. Now before it all gets out of hand, it seems like a good idea to stick to that healthy diet that your dietician suggested. You have got nothing to lose except a few wings and fries here and there.

Start with some jogging, dancing, swimming, whatever floats your boat. Stop eating junk and you will experience the perks of being an appropriately weighing person.

5. Too much stress

Stress is a root cause of so many health issues. We just don’t prioritize this much but a healthy mind makes a healthy body. According to many types of research and researchers, stress can be the mind-body trigger for sciatica.

There have been approaches where reputed healthcare professionals have advocated for an emotion-based approach to diagnose and manage back pains. Although many members of conventional medical society have outrightly contradicted this method, there is little to no support for a patient-centric focus on back pain relief.

This school of thought believes that rather than the nerve damage in the back, it is the brain that deprives the nerves of oxygen, although in a mild form, thus causing similar symptoms. You may feel weakness in legs, pain or some electrical sensations as well.

How Can Special Shoes For Sciatica Help?

One of the most important accessories in our routine life is Shoes. Whenever we go shopping, our priority is looking. Now that most of our shopping is based online, the trying out, flipping and the quality checking are all gone.

We just look at the picture, we like what we see and we buy it. This is where our decision making harms our health. The best shoes for sciatica treatment have a good set of pointers to look at. These shoes are not just for people who have such issues, but for those as well who are trying to avoid any. Sciatica relief shoes are not just comfortable but have an unmatched style.


Shoes that are too wide, too narrow, too big or too small – all have one implication – they are bad for health. Supportive shoes for sciatica not only offer comfort but they are stylish, they are fit, they offer great support to the body frame.

You know the theory of ordering a size bigger comes handy – well sorry to break it on you – but this is just wrong. Bigger shoes through your body off balance when you go through the gait cycle. A size smaller is uncomfortable, calls for blisters and you cannot survive in them a day comfortably.


Best shoes for sciatica relief are exceptionally comfortable. After all, comfort is one of the prime scouting factors for any shoe. And it should always be this way. It takes a little while to scrutinize shoes, but it might take to months to overcome the excruciating pain that uncomfortable shoes bestow upon you.

If you feel your toes are bundled together, those are the wrong kind. This is what worsens sciatica, plantar fasciitis, and bunions. Try investing in shoes that offer a good room for your toes. The midsoles have to be thicker, cushioning should be appropriate on the hot-spots including collar, insoles, and tongue. Memory foam, gel cushioning and EVA is a plus.


Soft landings are great for your body frame. If you land a little harder, you might exert pressure on a part of your body frame that can further alleviate your pain. This is why shoes for sciatica relief offer great arch support. Many shoes are either too flat or too high to offer appropriate body balance. The walking shoes for sciatica, on the other hand, sit perfectly. It is better to find a shoe that offers good support or else it is just a waste of money, health and time.

Shock Absorption

Best shoes for someone with Sciatica are the ones which are highly shock absorbent. The midsole and outsole both offer cushion support whenever you land with a thud or whenever you get up too fast. The spring mechanism gives a boost to the gait cycle and in the long run, you will be relieved of the energy-sucking pain.


Whenever you go out to purchase shoes, or you go online to do so, you are investing good bucks into them. It is always a better idea to spend once on an expensive pair than spend thrice on the cheap ones. Spend better a buy these special shoes for sciatica that last longer and are of high-class quality.

Sciatic pain takes a toll on the way you want to live your life. You might not be able to enjoy the thrust of air against you face while you take that morning walk, or you might miss the evening chirping and bustle because it is too hard to walk a little. Your life doesn’t have to be this way.

Your sciatica can be managed with good medical advice, but some changes are your responsibility. There are special shoes for sciatica out there that might help considerably. Invest a little wisely in a shoe that fits better, feels amazing and supports you on the go. The technology has evolved a lot.

Do your research, find your fit and make a wise purchase. This is a decision that can have long time implications – for better and worse.

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