What are The Most Popular Dress Shoe Brands?

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Every person requires at least one pair of high-quality dress shoes in their closet. Owning a few pairs is a good way to bring some variety to your wardrobe, but odds are that you don’t own any.

Remember that those shiny and grain corrected shoes you landed from a local store, are not the best dress shoes the market has to offer. It’s not your fault, because many other shoe enthusiasts have come across similar challenges in the past.

The modern market of imported and mass-produced shoes has presented consumers with various challenges in choosing proper dress shoes. We now have an ocean of poorly fitting and plastic looking, fake footwear. Fortunately, we are in the information era, and you can easily gain access to some of the best shoes, if only you know where to look.

It’s the perfect time for style-conscious and savvy people to re-learn what almost every man knew 100 years ago. The best part about dress shoes is that they are timeless as when compared to seasonal fashion trends. More so, they are often made using high quality material, that makes them stand out.

So, what are the most popular shoe brands? Well, we have compiled a basic list to help you get started.

Allen Edmonds

A fashionable dress shoe brand that operated in America since 1922. Over the years, the company has worn many shoe accolades, and graced the feet some of the most successful men in history. The company is famous for implementing a unique 212 step manufacturing process for all its flagship shoe brands.

Perhaps the most popular brand would the Park Avenue Cap Toe Oxford. The shoe certainly lives up to the pedigree of the Allen Edmonds brand, because it offers you with exceptional aesthetics and various finishes.

The company gained most of its following after its stellar performance when providing shoes to the US Navy and Army in World War II. Most of the people who got the shoes at the time, became loyal to the brand due to their outstanding construction.

It’s a moderately expensive shoe brand, that one can wear for long durations, and are also easy to repair. More so, the Allen Edmonds brand also offers recrafting services, and even rebuild a pair of shoes for a specific price.

Johnston & Murphy

Started in 1850, Johnston Murphy is also among some of the most popular shoe brands in the world. Big names such as President Millard have also worn the shoe, which has inspired various other U.S presidents ever since.

Throughout the years, the New Jersey-based shoe company has also produced shoes for a diverse array of clientele – including movie stars and presidents. Among their varied range of footwear includes Derby Shoes, loafers, Murphy Oxfords, and more. The shoe collections have been made available to modern men, and have several unique designs which you can consider.

Regardless of its presidential pedigree, Johnston and Murphy stills sit at the top of some of the best shoe brands for men. A good example would be the Melton Cap Toe that has a unique leather lining and welt construction.


Clarks are among some of the oldest shoe brands on the dress shoe market. The shoe shot up to fame way back in the seventeenth century when Cyrus and James Clark released slipper made using sheepskin of cuts. The release of these shoes has inspired a centuries-long transition, which includes the release of the desert boots in 1950.

More so, the brand has grown significantly over the years and has as many as 1,000 branches all over the world. While Clarks tend to be affordable dress shoes, they are the tried and true dress shoes of the world.

The Nantasket Cap Toe Derby Shoe from the Bostonian line is an excellent example. The shoe is available in many finishes and makes up for an excellent all leather shoe option.

Cole Haan

While most shoe brands might consider this type to be a new entrant in this list, the first Cole Haan store started in 1922. The brand has since then grown from its Chicago Shoe store, into a global brand with a focus on delivering quality solutions.

The names of the company originated from Eddie Haan and Trafton Cole – and it initially started as a men’s footwear company. Nowadays, the brand has grown, and its product range is also diverse. Aside from shoes, they also provide belts, gloves, hats, sunglasses, and more.

Sold to a group of partners in 1975, the company decided to change focus to become a footwear only label. With the change of ownership, the brand grew in stature to become one of the leading brands today.

Furthermore, the brand is famous for offering a modern direction with a unique running shoe inspired perspective. It’s also renowned for making shoes that are flexible, breathable, lightweight, and comfortable.

The common ones include the Cole Haan Oxfords and All Leather Williams Cap Toe II Oxford leather boots. These shoes have an elegant aesthetic and are common among many professionals all over the world.

Florsheim Curtis

Since he started making dress shoes in a small factory in 1892, Milton Florsheim has inspired the production of some of the best dress shoes in the world. The company started with a focus on craftsmanship and quality, which helped it to spread fast al around the globe.

The growth of the company was outstanding at the time, and they soon won deals to supply shoes to various large entities. For instance, in 1898, the company was large enough to get a contract to provide American soldiers with boots. Later on, the company also won a deal to supply boots to the soldiers of World War I and II.

By 1900, the company had become a household name and was one of the first to use branding techniques to make it easy for consumers to identify their shoes.

Perhaps the most significant moment in the history of the shoe brand would be the production of the 37 boots developed for Robert Pershing Waldow. A wonder of nature, he stood at 8’11” and is classified as one of the tallest people in history.

Samuel Windsor

Also, another famous shoe brand. Most of their flagship products are made using premium leather and suede, such that you can be sure of optimal comfort and quality. They have shoes that have been touted by many as an excellent depiction of style and sophistication. Their diverse range of products includes handmade shoes available at affordable prices.

More so, they use the finest leathers and suedes, to produce some of the best dress shoes the world has ever seen. Among some of the leading shoe types for this brand include the brogues and the Chelsea boots.

The brogues are excellent leather shoes that are suitable for professional occasions. They originated from the Highlands in Scotland and were popular among the Ghillies. These shoes look appealing thanks to their unique finishes, and there are also perforated to help drain water when walking.

Furthermore, the Chelsea boots are also a timeless shoe design, which was initially popular among the Beatles. In most cases, the shoes are made using premium leather and will provide durability as well as style benefits.

Wolf and Shepherd

This is also a famous dress shoe company that primarily sells Italian leather dress shoes, with the addition of sneaker designs. Founded in 2014, the company has steadily risen to become a popular dress shoe brand.

The main headquarters of the company ins Florida, where they continue to blend dress shoes with unique sneaker technology.

The founder of the company is Justin Scheider, who was previously an athlete in his school years. He came up with the idea for the shoe brands after combining techniques from Reebok, Adidas, and New Balance. He got the inspiration for the shoes when a friend complained to him about the challenges of wearing poorly made dress shoes as he commuted to work.

With a shoe from W & S, you have a dress shoe that has offers athletic comfort, along with high quality construction. Each pair of shoes by the brand is made using Italian Calfskin and finished with specially prepared waxes.


Dress shoes are among some of the common shoe types in the world today. You can wear them to work, or perhaps on a casual day as well. Thus, for any dress shoe enthusiast or owner, it would be great if you could learn about some of the leading brands on the market today.

These brands are known worldwide for making shoes that offer the best value for money. You can be sure of shoes that are stylish, comfortable, and reliable for use, such as professional work.

Most of these brands have rich histories, with some of them, such as Florsheim Curtis having relations to World War I and II. Some have also been worn by presidents and movie starts – which shows the value of dress shoes on a global scale.

A good dress shoe communicates a sense of value, and also makes a good impression on your workmates.

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