Personal Trainers: Are They Worth It?

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For most people, getting into shape is not easy. If it were, then entire nations wouldn’t be struggling with an obesity epidemic. Time and lifestyle are common stumbling blocks. And very often, despite our best intentions and attempts at staying motivated to achieve fitness goals, we fall short.

If you feel that you need to improve your fitness levels, then you may want to give thought to what a personal trainer can do for you. Maybe you’ve already been thinking about hiring a personal trainer.

If so, read on to learn if working with a personal trainer is worth your time and money.

Benefits of Working with a Personal Trainer

  1. One of the biggest pros of working with a personal trainer is that fitness trainers have the knowledge to help you achieve your fitness objectives. They are supposed to be informed about the manner in which exercise and diet influence your health. A lot depends on you pairing up with a good personal trainer. Exercise due diligence about a personal trainer’s methods and reputation for results before you choose one. You may have to work with a couple before you can settle into a routine with a trainer that you’re comfortable with. This said, the process can be worth the effort if it helps you get back into those jeans that have been languishing in the cupboard ever since you piled on those inches.
  2. An exercise and diet program charted out by a personal trainer will enable you to meet your fitness goals quicker, because you will be eating right and working out in an ideal manner to boost cardiovascular ability, build muscle, or lose fat…whatever the objective may be. The results thus achieved are motivators to set and achieve higher fitness goals. The absence of visible results is one of the biggest reasons why people quit working out. This frequently happens when you’re unable to strike a balance between a healthy diet and a suitable exercise routine. Personal trainers can ensure this very balance.
  3. Personal trainers can motivate. Well…if you’re paying good money for something then you’re likelier to do what’s necessary to achieve results. There is more than a grain of truth in this apparently facetious statement. Personal trainers instill a sense of accountability. An external voice of authority and reason can convince you to wear your most comfortable running shoes and step out for a jog at five in the morning. You know you must do it to keep the calories in check, but you don’t till you’re asked to.
  4. For most people, the single biggest contribution that personal trainers make to their exercise routine is to get them started. Once they begin working on their health, people quickly realize that the benefits far outweigh the effort, and pretty soon those who were totally averse to any kind of physical activity can be heard mouthing axioms like “No pain, no gain”.
  5. Personal trainers can assess your present physical conditioning and get you started on a graded workout routine that you can follow enthusiastically because the routine is doable, and the progress you make serves to encourage. Without personal trainers, people struggle to achieve muscle gains or improve their stamina because they do not have the knowledge to approach the process in a structured manner.
  6. An injury during working out or an illness from a faulty diet routine can put people off for good from working on their health. Working out under the watchful eye of a personal trainer mitigates the chances of injury. Personal trainers can ensure that you execute movements with the correct form and choose the most appropriate equipment for your training. The free weights in the gym that you’ve always wanted to work out with but did not because you were unsure of yourself; well, with a personal trainer by your side you can safely exercise with pulleys and weights without worrying about injuries.
  7. Personal trainers can be a valuable source of information on matters related to health and fitness. If you have the desire and curiosity, your trainer will share insights with you that you can adapt to your lifestyle. The knowledge that you can glean from your personal trainers is a huge plus. If you wish to maximize the benefits from your association with them, then ask questions. The answers will serve as a guide for the time to come when you’ll be travelling alone on the path to physical and mental wellbeing. For example, the do’s and don’ts of a healthy diet and listening to your body at all times are nuggets of knowledge that will stand you in good stead long after your association with the personal trainer has ended.
  8. Speaking of mental health, a personal trainer can have a very salubrious effect on your mental and emotional health. We all know the correlation between a healthy mind and a healthy body. Exercise helps uplift the mood and keep negative thoughts away. In fact, mental health therapists prescribe exercise as therapy, where required.
  9. If you’ve exercised, then you’ve probably experienced plateaus where the efforts you put in did not yield the desired results. Plateauing can quickly dampen your enthusiasm and you may notice your intensity in the gym petering off. People hit such plateaus when they don’t know how to scale up their exercise routine. A personal trainer can work with you to take your workout routine and your health to the next level.
  10. Personal trainers are available to work with you according to your schedule. If you’ve been neglecting training for your health because of a time crunch; it may be possible to chart out a schedule with your personal trainer that fits into your lifestyle and is possible for you to stick to.

Disadvantages of Working with a Personal Trainer

  1. You have to pay for the services of a personal trainer. A customized training routine is an additional cost. The expense that you incur may not be such that you can sustain for a period necessary to benefit from the experience. Apart from the cost, you need to consider the value that you’re deriving from the services of a fitness trainer. Not all will have the same level of expertise and knowledge, and their empathy for their clients may vary.
  2. You may discover that the personal trainer’s approach to the workout sessions is either too lackadaisical or too intense for your liking. The structured approach that necessarily follows a customized workout routine can be difficult to adjust to. Your feelings about the routine and the extent of your exhaustion will be secondary to how the trainer views things. If you don’t like being pushed, then you may not enjoy the trainer goading you to do that one last set of squats.
  3. Does the personal trainer have the necessary credentials to be hired by a fitness enthusiast? In the U.S, there are state and federal training certifications that personal trainers can acquire. Often, gyms run their own certification programs. Assessing the worth of such certifications offered by gyms can be tricky. You need to do some research. Consider talking to people who’ve hired personal trainers from a particular gym. The process may take some time. Here’s a list of persona trainer certification courses, their popularity, and the curriculum. It gives you an excellent idea of what to look for when hiring a personal trainer.
  4. There’s a chance that you may become too dependent on the personal trainer’s guidance to ever workout independently. You don’t want to be in a situation where you cannot bring yourself to exercise or follow a diet without supervision. What if you have to shift from a location or the trainer that you’ve come to depend on shifts to another gym?
  5. You may possibly face a psychological barrier to working with a personal trainer. No-one likes to be judged, not adversely in any case. You have no option but to appear as you are in front of your trainer. If you cannot crank out five decent pushups or you feel that the mirror presents an unflattering image of you in a tracksuit or yoga pants, then achieving a fair level of comfort with the fitness trainer may require additional work on your part.
  6. There’s a high degree of churn in this line of work. Personal trainers can shift to another gym or even move to another city. If you’re working with a trainer who decides to move, you may have to begin your search for a replacement. The process can take some time and the gains accrued from having worked with the previous trainer may fizzle away. This is a consideration to factor in before you decide to hire a personal fitness instructor.

Getting into shape is easy for some, and a tad tricky for others. If you’re in the latter category, then maybe you could benefit from the services of a personal trainer. After having read these pros and cons of hiring a personal trainer, you can now make an informed decision based on the points that are applicable to you. All the best for your quest for a healthy body.

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