Shoes for Nurses: What Requirements do They Have?

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Nursing is perhaps one of the most remarkable careers in the world today. It allows one to interact with people from all walks of life, and to make a positive contribution to their recovery back to optimal health. As such, a nurse has the obligation of adhering to medically accepted standards and professional values as well. An essential part of staying productive as a nurse is about owning the appropriate footgear. As a nurse, you may be tasked with working on regular medical health tasks, and this might involve lots of movement within the health facility. In some cases, you might even have to run around as you pursue your professional obligations. Therefore, it’s crucial for you to invest in quality shoes for comfortable moving around the facility.

Benefits of Wearing Proper Nursing Shoes

Wearing the appropriate work gear has various advantages. For a nurse, putting on the proper footgear is crucial towards multiple aspects of your performance. This is especially true for nurses that have large job descriptions or perhaps work overtime. Owning good shoes will help to keep your feet comfortably, regardless of the nature of your work. Besides that, good shoes also help to improve your productivity. A shoe that causes discomfort can cause pain, and lead to secondary issues such as bunions. However, choosing proper footwear plays a vital role in the quality of your nursing career. Among some of the commonly preferred shoes for nurses include trainers, skechers, slip-ons, just to name a few.

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Qualities of Good Nursing Shoes

Similar to choosing any type of shoe, it’s crucial that you evaluate the shoe before investing. Usually, you will assess the following aspects:

1. The Shoe Structure and Designs

The structure relates to the overall design and type of shoe chosen for your unique professional work needs. For a nurse, the ideal shoe has a low profile design and compact structure. The shoe should have a structure that does not add any unnecessary weight to the user`s feet. Nurses are usually taken with moving around regularly, and this plays a significant role in the shoe structure preference. Some of the conventional shoe designs include clogs, crocs, athletic sneakers, tennis shoes and more. Each type of shoe has its unique advantages and disadvantages. These factors relate to secondary factors such as the structure of your feet and physical activity as well.

2. Comfort Features

Besides that, the ideal should also be comfortable for nursing work shifts. This is especially true because nurses are sometimes tasked with working for long hours or extra shifts. As such, owning a shoe that consists of comfort features such as padding can be beneficial for medical work. The shoe should feature sufficient padding, and without compromising its overall weight. This way you have a comfortable shoe that provides optimal mobility benefits.

3. Durability and Slip Resistance

While a good nursing shoe should have a good structure and comfort features, it should also provide optimal durability. In particular, the shoe should have material that offers optimal longevity. In some cases, it takes a few days before you get used to a specific type of shoe. As such, owning a shoe that is durable, can reduce the hassles of investing continually in suitable shoes for your needs. Furthermore, the shoe should also provide optimal stability, primarily due to the varying nature of hospital surfaces. This makes it move around fast, and agile movements as you chase your professional obligations.

4. Shoe Brand

Choosing shoes from a reliable shoe brand is also essential. Among some of the typical shoe brands include Nike, DKNY and many more. These top brands provide affordable shoes that are both comfortable, and suitable for intense physical activity. Therefore, investing in shoes from a reliable shoe brand can go a long way in improving your productivity as a nurse. Most high end brands have done well to incorporate their shoes with remarkable aesthetic designs. Such unique designs let you take on outdoor tasks with both style and class.

5. Suitability for Medical Settings

There are various types of shoes that provide exceptional standards of comfort. These might include hiking, sports, and factory boots. However, these shoes might not necessarily be suitable for nursing environments. For instance, the hiking and factory boots might be too heavy, and this might compromise your movement around the facility.

Tips to Consider

If you want to choose a shoe brand that gives the best value for money, you might have to conduct added research. Consider the following tips:

  • Your job description – as a nurse, you may be assigned to a host of unique work descriptions. If your job description entails lots of physical activity, then you might require good shoes.
  • Your physical characteristics – besides that, you may also have to evaluate the structure of your feet, body weight and more. These factors can be beneficial in selecting custom shoes that meet your unique productivity needs.
  • Accepted standards in medicine – medicine is a life-saving discipline that has various standards and regulations. For this reason, you may benefit from investing in shoes that are accepted by the medical industry.
  • Ask from co-workers – asking for advice from experienced mentors in medicine can also be great. Such people often have immense experience in making decisions related to professional work.

Bottom Line

Finally, a nursing career is a great way to give back to the community. As such, nurses have the role of staying productive and meeting their career goals in various ways. Most shoe brands today also customize products for nurses specifically as well. Among the most critical techniques to stay productive, is to own the appropriate shoes for nurses. While there are multiple types of shoes accepted for nurses, it’s important to choose shoes that are comfortable. For instance, leather official shoes or even hiking boots would not be necessarily suitable for nursing. The leather shoes would cause discomfort after a while, and the hiking boots are usually heavy. As such, the ideal shoes should be comfortable and suitable for intense physical movement.

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