Top 10 Best Jazz Shoes for Men & Women

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The right kind of shoes can help you conquer the world. Turns out Marilyn Monroe was right after all. A comfortable shoe can get you places, comfortably and in sound health. On the other hand, if the shoe is pinching, days seem longer than they are.

Shoes are important and when it comes to jazz, they become vital. If you are reading this, you are into jazz and you understand how important it is to choose the right shoe for better performance. Your shoes should be good enough to help you move flexibly.

Every jazz shoe should be a combination of grace, flexibility, and comfort. There are so many style options out there that you can choose from but there is only one constant – a good quality jazz shoe.

After a good analysis, here is a list that might help you choose the best jazz shoe out there. Save your time, save some effort and invest in the best.

Top 5 Best Jazz Shoes for Women

Capezio Women's Economy Jazz Slip on Shoe, Black, 10

Capezio Women's Economy Jazz Slip on Shoe, Black, 10

If you love jazz and have been following this passion of yours for a while, you might have heard of Capezio. This manufacturer has been carving the best jazz shoes since 1887. This particular jazz shoe is known for its neoprene arch that will help you avoid bunching. This is as good for beginners as it is for the professionals. This shoe is a slip-on that means it is going to be easy to just glide into it. The split sole gives you good freedom and flexibility for those leaps, spins, and jumps.

Capezio Women’s EJ2 E-Series Jazz Slip-on is carved out of soft and durable leather. There is a non-slip heel counter that will keep you firm and an EVA rubber sole patch. The design is sleek. You are going to fall in love with the super absorbent cotton lining. This is the shoe for you if you love rehearsing or practicing your moves for hours together. The quality is amazing and will give you a supple and soft feeling.

The arch area has a stretchable fabric for perfect fit and flexible support. The shoe is good for Achilles' relief. All credit to the heel counter which provides a softer top line. The fit is as snug as it gets. This is going to feel like a custom-made piece, just for you. This amazing jazz shoe is available in caramel and black. Just make sure to get one size up than the normal street footwear if ordering online.

Bloch Dance Girl's Super Jazz Leather and Elastic Slip On Jazz Shoe

Bloch Dance Girl's Super Jazz Leather and Elastic Slip On Jazz Shoe

Here is a jazz shoe that defines jazz. A masterpiece, classic and simple. Bloch is known for its amazing jazz shoes with high-quality material and class. This shoe means business. Made out of a hundred percent leather and rubber split sole, you are going to make some heads turn with one. This shoe is a slip-on, just glide through.

Bloch Dance Girl Jazz shoes have an EVA outsole, which makes the shoe extremely lightweight and can provide you greater flexibility at the same time. It will be easy to maintain your balance just when you make a leap or take a twist. The sole provides good traction. This will make sure that there are no slippery accidents. The good thing about this shoe is it adapts to your foot shape. As you keep wearing this, the frame stretches mildly to adapt to your form. This has to be an excellent choice for your next jazz shoe.

The upper is made out of full-grain soft leather to give this a classic look. There is a strong elastic top piece as well for easily adjustable wearing. Bloch Dance Girl’s super jazz leather shoe has got a hundred percent cotton lining. This will absorb the moisture so that there is no friction. Purchase this with ½ (0.5) size up than your normal street shoe. Available in two color variants - black and tan, this is one of the best leather jazz shoe out there.

Theatricals Adult Lace Up Tap Shoes T9500BLK08.0M Black 8 M US

Theatricals Adult Lace Up Tap Shoes T9500BLK08.0M Black 8 M US

Some shoes just click when it comes to fit and comfort. This is one such option. The theatricals adult lace-up jazz shoe is made out of PU leather. With a classic split sole design, the shoe will provide you with unmatched comfort and flexibility. The upper part of the shoe is crafted out of high quality and soft leather.

Theatricals Adult Lace-up Jazz shoe comes with a cotton lining to absorb extra moisture. This will take care of the friction and the slimy feel. There is a rubber heel counter that provides increased stability. These shoes have got EVA split-sole patches that will provide extra comfort. The material is high quality which means that these shoes are going to stay for long.

Theatricals are already popular with their dance shoe brands for both kids and adults. This addition keeps the high-quality reputation intact. The design is better and will look different on the floor. This is a lace-up and that means you can adjust the grip and fit by pulling the laces. The one thing that you need to think through is the sizing of it. Make sure you look at the size card more carefully because these shoes run a little small. These jazz shoes are available in two different color variants - tan and black.

MSMAX Womens Leather Jazz Shoes Slip on Ballroom Dance Practice Teaching Shoe Black 8 M US Women

MSMAX Womens Leather Jazz Shoes Slip on Ballroom Dance Practice Teaching Shoe Black 8 M US Women

If it has been a while since you bought those jazz shoes and it is time to replace them, here is an excellent choice. The MSMAX Adult Leather Jazz Dance shoes will make you move light and smooth. This shoe is all about great flexibility and an even better fit. Carved out of leather, this shoe has a suede sole.

The material is high quality but lightweight. This will allow you to move freely without being weighed down. Good quality means another thing, the shoes are going to be extremely durable. With the neoprene stretch arch inserts, the sole of this jazz shoe will snug your feet giving you unmatched comfort. You can wear these if you are a beginner or a pro. The design is for all the forms including tango, ballroom, Rumba, Samba, Cha-cha, swing and salsa dancing -  you name it. This shoe has got a split outsole.

MSMAX Adult's Jazz shoes are EVA padded that will help you relieve a lot of pressure from your legs and lower back, providing you firm support and healthy posture. The pleats in the shoe are handmade, which sure looks classy. The shoe has stretchable sides that mean you can just slip into these with no extra effort. With the flexibility and comfort that these shoes provide, you can own that stage out there. Available in two color variants, black and brown, MSMAX jazz shoes are going to look fabulous with the jazz outfit you own. Invest in one and get dancing.

Capezio Women's CG05 Jazz Shoe

Capezio Women's CG05 Jazz Shoe

Capezio has been in the shoemaking business since 1887. The one business secret that has kept them going all these years is the quality. Each addition in the dance line shoes speaks volumes of the quality and material standards. Capezio women’s CG05 is another addition to this line. Made out of a hundred percent leather, these jazz shoes come with a synthetic sole. The shoe has a 0.5 heel.

The upper part of the shoe is high-quality leather. The makers have incubated the latest PowerPointe technology in these shoes. That means you are going to find limited yet sufficient material from the arch. This does two things, one – it provides better flexibility and two - the shoe stays lightweight. The lining material is extremely soft. This will soothe your feet even when you are going through rigorous dance sessions.

Capezio women’s CG05 is stretchable to the extent that they will provide an exact fit to your feet. The injected PVC heel makes sure that the shoe absorbs most of the shock and you land safely. The elasticized sock lined means more comfort. This is a well-priced shoe. Now a good thing is that while most of the brands limit their color options to two, these hoes are available in four color variants including caramel, black, tan and suntan.

This shoe from Capezio is a pure infusion of technology with comfort that will make you feel the difference just when you wear it for the very first time.

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Top 5 Best Jazz Shoes for Men

Linodes Leather Upper Jazz Shoe Slip-on for Women and Men's Dance Shoes Black 14M

Linodes Leather Upper Jazz Shoe Slip-on for Women and Men's Dance Shoes Black 14M

If you are looking for style in collaboration with comfort, this is undoubtedly the shoe for you. Suitable equally for men and women, this shoe has been specifically made for gymnastics and jazz dance. The Tent Leather Upper Jazz shoe from Linodes is made out of high-quality leather. The upper material is extremely soft, giving the shoe a classy look without compromising on the flexibility. The inner material is textile, making it more durable and a comfortable choice.

This is a flat heel jazz shoe with a split sole design. The traction is amazing and will help you stay safe while you make those leaps and swings. The shoe is equally good for beginners and pros. When you look at the make of the shoe, the first thought that will come to your mind is the attractiveness of the design and there is nothing better than good comfort incorporated in a good design.

Linodes Tent Leather Upper Jazz shoes are easy to clean, you can just wipe these and they will shine as new. The shoe provides good arch support while you dance. You can immediately notice the level of flexibility and comfort as you step into these amazing shoes. These shoes are available from 4M to 14 M. Before ordering, please check the size in cm’s to be sure because the shoe runs a little large than the street shoe size. Available in black and brown - this is one of the best jazz shoes out there.

Stelle Leather Jazz Slip-On Dance Shoes for Adult Women Men (Tan, 8MW)

Stelle Leather Jazz Slip-On Dance Shoes for Adult Women Men (Tan, 8MW)

It is very rare to find a shoe that has a perfect blend of all the critical components that are essentially blended to provide an ultimate experience. This is one such rare shoe. The name of this shoemaker company ’Stelle’ stands for the star. This shoe truly represents meaning. It is a perfect blend of flexibility, comfort, style, and durability. This shoe is made out of premium leather giving it a classier touch.

The material is breathable, which makes sure that your feet stay fresh and so do the shoes. The fit is perfect. You can choose a size from the chart and it will feel like the shoes were custom made as per your foot shape. The cotton lining absorbs most of the moisture and also keeps the feet dry. The sole provides great traction, making it possible to land safely after every leap, twist, and turn.

Stelle Leather Jazz Slip-on has a neoprene stretch arch which makes the shoe flexible and comfortable. This is one of the best choices for jazz or gymnastics. The design is perfect for both men and women, beginners and pros. The shoe stretches to the mold of your feet and securely encases them. You can get an idea of the craftsmen ship that these shoes radiate just by taking a look at these. Available in two color variants - black and tan, the shoe is available between 4-11 for women and 3.5-10.5 for men. Check the size card carefully before you place an order for these amazing jazz shoes.

Cheapdancing Men’s Practice Dancing Shoes Soft Leather Flat Jazz Boots (12 D US) Black

Cheapdancing Men’s Practice Dancing Shoes Soft Leather Flat Jazz Boots (12 D US) Black

The first gaze at these shoes will give you an idea of how the shoes are going to look. Cheapdancing Men’s Practice shoes are lace-ups, that provide better comfort, good arch and ankle support. The shoe is made out of leather and has flat outsoles. The flat outsoles make sure that there is the minimum to no injury risk to the dancers.

The shoes allow your feet to rest properly and this sure is going to reflect in your stage performance. The flexibility level of Cheapdancing Jazz shoes is high. You can move around and make those dance leaps without any discomfort.

Cheapdancing Lace-up shoes with their lace-up design make sure that the shoes stay in place and do not slip out while dancing. The best part is you can adjust the laces according to the width of your shoe, to make this a snugly fit. You can choose these shoes if are into swing, ballroom, rumba, cha-cha, Latin, foxtrot, mambo, samba, jive, lindy hop, quickstep or any other form.

These shoes are budget-friendly and you can buy a pair without poking a hole into the pocket. These shoes are available in sizes 6 to 13. The size chart suggestion would be to choose a size bigger than your normal streetwear in case you have wide and thick feet. You can buy these shoes if you have just started learning jazz or if you are already an expert. These shoes are available in black only.

Bloch Men's Dance Jazz Full-Sole Leather Tap Shoe, Black, 10 Medium US

Bloch Men's Dance Jazz Full-Sole Leather Tap Shoe, Black, 10 Medium US

The Bloch Dance Men’s Jazz Tap Leather shoe is going to be a good addition to your wardrobe. You will understand this when you take a look at these shoes. Not only do these shoes look, pure class, but the material is also very high quality.

Bloch has been in the shoe manufacturing industry for a long time and is specifically catering to the dance shoe segment. These jazz/tap shoes look like those dapper shoes which can replace your formals, if only they had no metal taps.

These dance shoes can serve as your part jazz and part tap dance shoes if you feel like multitasking. The material is leather and these shoes have a leather sole as well. The upper part of the shoe looks strong, durable and offers equal comfort - all credit to the soft leather combined with the full leather sole.

The outsole is pure leather and the inside of the shoe is appropriately cushioned. This makes the shoe shockproof, In case you make a higher leap and land with an unexpected thud, saving you from serious injuries.

Bloch Dance Men’s Jazz Tap Leather shoes have flat stacked heel. This is a lace-up. You can tie the laces flexibly to adjust to the width of your feet. It is better to make a purchase offline for a physical try-out. If you are planning to order online, make sure to consult the size chart thoroughly.

These shoes run at least 1 size higher than the normal street shoe size. Available from 6 to 13 sizes, the shoe is available in black only.

Bloch mens Jazz Oxford Leather Sole Dance Shoe, Black, 10.5 US

Bloch mens Jazz Oxford Leather Sole Dance Shoe, Black, 10.5 US

Bloch has been in the dance shoe making domain since forever. The story of their inception is equally versatile as their design in shoes. One thing that has kept Bloch in this competitive business so far is its extremely good quality standards.

The Bloch Dance Men’s Jazz Oxford Leather Sole Character shoe is another marking of this incredible journey. The look of the shoe is oxford classic. Made out of leather, this shoe incorporates a leather sole as well.

The shaft of the shoe measures low-top from the arch. The overall feel of the shoe is snugly comfortable. The insole is cushioned nicely to provide extra support and comfort. This makes the shoe shockproof in case of unexpected landing.

Bloch Dance Men’s Jazz Oxford shoe is designed with reinforced eyelets. This is again a lace-up addition, which gives you the flexibility to adjust the width of the shoe according to your feet. You can opt for these shoes if you are into ballroom, character or stagecraft forms.

The shoes have flat stacked heel and will look pretty stylish on stage. The shoe is available in limited color choice. You will find this only in black. The size chart goes from 6 to 13 and you will have to buy a size smaller than your usual street shoe size.

Easy to clean, extremely durable, high on quality and style, these shoes are surely going to turn some heads.

As an Amazon Associate, we may receive a small commission from qualifying purchases but at no extra cost to you.

How To Choose The Best Jazz Shoes

Jazz involves some of the toughest dance moves. It is a good mix of passion, versatility, and flexibility. Shoes are undeniably the most important staple piece of this dance form. Jazz being a popular dance form has attracted many top-notch shoemakers to flood the market with some mind-blowing options.

If you go out to buy some, you need to carefully narrow the list down to the best jazz shoes for dancing. There are five crucial pointers to consider before you make a final purchase.


Dancing involves a lot of movements and when it is jazz, the movements are pretty complex. Add this to the heat from the stage lights or the physical churn that arises out of these immense performance pressure, your feet can crank up.

This is why it is essential to focus on the material of the shoes that you plan on buying. Long story short, it has to breathable. One of the most popular material options in the jazz shoes for dance is durable leather.

There are other non-leather jazz shoe variants too which are a blend of fabric and leather. The reason why leather is popular is its form-fitting, breathability and durability. You should try to look for jazz shoes that accommodate breathable mesh panels. This ensures ventilation and is high on style as well.


Not just the jazz shoe, every shoe has to be a perfect fit. This might not sound like a big deal, but if a shoe doesn’t fit properly, you are looking at long term health disasters.

With jazz shoes, as well, a good fit is mandatory. Dancing involves a lot of foot movement and can take a toll on your feet. If the shoes are a little too big, or a little too small, it is going to worsen the situation.

If you are investing in a leather shoe, you need to understand that leather stretches with time. The ideal leather shoe will be the one with elastic that stretches to fit your foot. This will make sure that the shoes fit perfectly every time you slip them on.

Right Sole

Sole is the soul of your shoe. Most of the soles for jazz shoes are carved out of rubber for its sturdiness, comfort, and durability. Every pirouette and spin is manageable when the sole can adjust to it.

You can choose between split sole or the flat heel rubber sole version. If you are a beginner you can opt for a flat or small heel variant, because these are easier to use. When you start advancing with your dance moves, you can shift to the split sole version.

These soles offer a higher level of flexibility. Split soles are blank in the middle, with a rougher bottom at the rear and front panels, which provides amazing grip for advanced moves when on stage


If you want to perform better, one of the principles is to get comfortable in what you wear. If your shoes look all fancy and fit you as well, but you are not able to give your feet steady and smoother movements because something doesn’t feel right, you need to get new shoes.

A comfortable jazz shoe is the one made out of high-quality material, a good sole and comfortable insides. The inside of the jazz shoe should be padded aptly with the foam padded insoles or the gel inserts. This will help you absorb shocks when you make a high-impact landing or a big leap.

You can also use an inlay inside the shoe to absorb the extra moisture that can lead to friction. The heels should be moderate enough to help you balance the body and maintain stability.


You need the right grip to perform without any fail. Jazz involves high energy moves and if the shoe fails to get the grip, you can slip straight into some major injuries. You can choose your shoe as per the choice of the floor that you will be performing on. Your choices include the material choices of suede or rubber. You can also choose between the full and split sole. Choose the sole carefully as this is where all the traction is. Another tip is to look for the spin spots that will help you turn faster on the floor.


There is no fun wearing a shoe that will weigh you down especially when it is the jazz shoe. You need to remain flexible to perform and this is only possible when your shoes are of good quality. A good jazz shoe is always lightweight and should fit like it was tailor-made for you. The elastic on the side will make it easy for you to wear the shoes and flex your feet, while these shoes are on.


How to find the right jazz shoe?

To choose the right shoes for your jazz, you need to understand a few things. First, the shoes have to fit like it was just made for you. Second, the material has to soft enough for you to flexibly move around and third, the shoes should offer good arch and ankle support.

If your shoes are missing any of the three elements, it will cause more harm than good. You can make sure that these three elements are present in whatever shoes you like. Be it a split sole or a full sole jazz shoes, wide fit jazz shoes, extra wide jazz shoes, narrow jazz shoes or over the ankle jazz shoes, neoprene jazz shoes or leather jazz shoes, lace-up jazz shoes or American ballet theatre jazz shoes.

If you are suffering from any kind of nerve or arch pain, you can look for orthopedic jazz shoes as well.

If you are purchasing from a store, try it out right there, if you want them from an online portal, make sure you can return them if something is not right.

How to measure the exact size for jazz shoes?

It is important that the shoes you choose fit appropriately. Not big, not small – They should be giving you a snug feel and should fit exactly. You can measure the size for your shoes yourself with a measuring tape. All you need to do is place your foot on a plain piece of paper. Make sure that the paper is big enough to accommodate your foot. Draw a line with a pencil right at the end of your heel and the beginning of toe. Now get a measuring tape and measure the distance in cm between these two lines and you will have your shoe size.

What are the different types of jazz shoes that I can consider?

You have got quite a few options when choosing the right jazz shoes:

Split sole and full sole shoes

Split soles are highly flexible and they can help you make your move as smoothly as possible. You can perform complicated dance steps in a healthy flow and these shoes will also allow you to point your foot at ease. These shoes are good if you are in the advanced learning stage or are a performer. You can start with a good full sole shoe

Lace-up and Slip-on

The lace-up shoes are a good choice and you can choose these for narrow as well as wide shoes. You can adjust the width of the shoe by tying the laces. While slip-on provides a good articulation and allows a smooth flex. There are elastic inserts on the sides that make it easy to put on or take off the shoes and makes the shoes lightweight as well

Jazz boots and trainers

Jazz boots are good for ankle support. Available in the lace-up version only, these shoes are available in a good variety of material. Jazz trainers, on the other hand, is a great teaching shoe. These are sturdier and usually, come with a split sole. Trainers come with hard toe casing for the instructors to make the teaching for pointe technique easy.

How much to spend on a jazz shoe?

. While it is very easy in the pocket to go for a cheap variant, the only problem is that any cheap variant means cheap quality. This will probably last a month and it comes with its own set of injury risks. It is better to invest in a good quality jazz shoe. This will last more and help you improve your performance. You can choose your jazz shoe as per the colors you like and the shape you are most comfortable with.


Jazz is about passion and respect for the art. You need to look graceful on the stage and at the same time comfortable as well. There are a lot of brands out there that manufacture good jazz shoes. Take out some time to do your research and look for an option that suits you the best. Look for features like mesh insoles, arch support, air-cushioned heels, suede soles, rubber soles, and shock absorbers.

A balance of all these will give you shoes worth the investment and you will be able to execute the moves smoothly. Make sure that the brand you choose is reliable. Go out, put on those amazing shoes and live the dream.

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