5 Considerations When Buying Your Next Scrub

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If you’ve ever really taken time to look at a nurse or even a doctor at your local clinic, you might have been amazed at just how comfortable his/her attire is. Flat rubber footwear (usually slip-on mules or tennis shoes) coupled with a well-fitting scrub spells out one thing – comfort. As their jobs can at times get demanding especially when there are emergencies, comfort is everything to people working in medical centers. However, it might not be as easy to achieve the same level of comfort if you don’t know what to look for in a scrub in the first place. We made that a little bit easier for you by sharing 5 considerations to take before getting that scrub.

1. Pattern

To be honest, there aren’t that many patterns of scrubs available in the market, but there are basically two types of design patterns that will be common in all the kinds of scrubs you see. Scrubs can be either basic tunic or stylish. You’ve most probably seen the basic tunic as it is popular in more hospitals compared to the stylish variants. Basic tunics are typically plain in most cases while the stylish kind may be embroidered. As hospitals have different outlooks for their scrubs, you might find others going for the embroidered type while others will settle well with the basic patters. Embroidered scrubs do not have any significant benefit over the plain ones. Pattern is more of a personal preference than something which has been thought of on a functional basis. However, the choice of pattern needs to be such that the scrub will not be too tight to limit mobility. If this is the case, you would be better off finding a plain scrub.

2. Slits

Again, this is a matter of personal preference rather than a well-calculated functional choice. You are bound to find out that there are scrubs that have side slits while others do not. Scrubs with side slits tend to be more favorable for people who prefer an easy time moving from one place to the other. In addition, slits are also great for providing aeration and generally increasing comfort for the person wearing the scrub. Of course, this does not mean that scrubs without slits are not comfortable, but it only suggests that scrubs with slits would be more ideal for people who often feel sweaty after working for a while. The slits could also be great for people who occasionally gain and lose weight fast. Scrubs with slits will provide them with some room for “growth” when they gain some weight and fall back to their original shapes when they shed off weight. It is equally important to consider size and length while looking for scrubs with slits.

3. Pockets

Here too, you have the option of going for scrubs with patch pockets or foregoing them altogether. It is worth noting that pockets could either be on the tops or on the pants. Most scrubs usually have pockets on the tops as medical professionals have tons of uses for these. Apart from holding their pens which might be required anytime, they could also hold important notes or even security keycards which are much safer in the pockets on the tops rather than in the ones on the pants. The presence of too many pockets, however, may make someone feel like the scrub is too cluttered. There are some professionals who would prefer to not have the patch pockets on their scrubs because it is easy for them to store one or two gadgets in these pockets and end up walking with a lot of clutter. For doctors who still feel the need to carry their gadgets around but without having them all over their scrubs, they could go for scrubs with multiple pockets hidden within the main pockets.

4. Neck

You can choose between the V-neck or mock wrap when reviewing how your scrub would appear if someone were to focus on your neck. Ideally, the choice is more of a personal thing here as well because there’s no significant reason why a V-neck would be superior to a mock wrap kind of a scrub. Noticeably, people tend to go for mock wrap tops because they give someone the illusion that they are a bit compact and slimmer compared to V-necks. With V-necks, you need to be keen on how low the tip of the V goes to. Since people are different, you might not want your V-neck scrub to reveal too much about your chest as it can give the wrong impression about you. In addition, it is also great to have a good percentage of your chest covered up while working. Since scrubs are not designed to be replacements for sweaters and pullovers, keeping warm should not be taken lightly.

5. Color

Some hospitals prefer having different colors to represent different types of nurses. In most cases, the choice of colors is usually those that are contrasting so that it is much easier to tell apart two nurses. However, when choosing between dark or bright colors, you would want to consider your general body figure before you take the leap. This is because darker colors such as navy blue or charcoal black are usually favored by plus size people since they tend to cloak. Brightly colored scrubs, on the other hand, tend to make someone stand out and draw attention to the person, thus making the person look big. Regarding choice of color, you should also consider you skin tone and choose a scrub that tends to complement your color. If you have a dark skin tone, you’d be better off with a brightly colored scrub whereas if you have a light skin tone, a dark scrub would do just fine.


As you may have found out by now, choosing the right scrub is more of a preferential thing. The choice of color and patterns would depend on what appeals to you as an individual, but you too need to make the choices in your favor.

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