Top 10 Best Hip Hop Shoes For Men & Women

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If you have just joined the hip-hop movement or you have been in it for a way, you for sure understand that the shoes you wear are going to be associated with your creativity. The design and style of each shoe speak volumes about you as a hip-hop dancer.

It might be fun for some and a passion for many. But if you are in it for a long haul, the shoe is not just a style statement but is the most reliable and comfortable accessory that can help you improve on your dance skills and avoid some injuries as well.

As we keep saying, good shoes can take us to places. The same goes for hip-hop shoes. Right here and right now, we are going to discuss the cream of the market – The best hip hop shoe to dance in.

If you want to invest in a new pair, here are some shoes that have redefined style and comfort.

Top 5 Best Shoes for Dancing Hip Hop for Women

Capezio womens Ds11 Fierce Dance Sneaker Studio Shoes, Black, 7 US

Capezio womens Ds11 Fierce Dance Sneaker Studio Shoes, Black, 7 US

Capezio did it again. This shoe brand has been making dance shoes since 1887 and if you have been following this dancing passion of yours for a while, you might have heard of them. Capezio shoes are in the market with unmatched quality and are known for an optimum mix of comfort, technology, and style. This addition to their shoe line has got the word ‘fierce’ in its name and this is the story of how effortlessly the shoes justifies it.

Capezio Women’s DS11 Fierce Dansneaker is a hundred percent manmade with split sole and great arch support system. You can dance while your knees and ankles stay safe. The shoes have a tech mesh upper that allows airflow, keeping your feet sweat and infection-free while you make some moves. The shoe has a PU leather structure with a PU outsole.

The outsole has got some pretty fierce flex points and a forepart spin spot that will help you own that dance floor. The tongue, color, and Achilles notch are aptly padded to provide better comfort. The padding makes the shoe shock-proof when you make a smashing landing. The EVA footbed is removable and is amazingly contoured and cushioned. This is a lace-up with polyester cotton laces that will help you keep the shoe firmly in place.

You are going to get two pairs of laces with this shoe. The platform of Capezio Women’s Fierce Dansneaker measures 0.75". Available from size 3 to 14, this shoe comes in many color variants including black, white, black/red, royal blue, gold and red.

Bloch Women's Boost Mesh Sneaker Dance Shoe, Black, 8

Bloch Women's Boost Mesh Sneaker Dance Shoe, Black, 8

This is one of the favorite hip-hop dance sneakers for people who appreciate a good mix of style and quality. Bloch has been making dance shoes since 1932 and that is like forever. This brand has managed to stay in the good books because of its amazing quality and unmatched style. This is exactly what is reflected in Bloch Dance Women’s Boost DRT Suede and Mesh Dance Sneaker.

This shoe has got a split sole that means you will be getting good flex and control on the fore and rare parts of your foot. The shoes are made out of a hundred percent leather and textile. The non-marking outsole of these shoes has got great in-arch support. These shoes are extremely lightweight and will help you make some pretty amazing movements.

There is a variable lacing system in place that will help you get to the optimum fit by adjusting them. The EVA sock-liner is present in compression, which means no moisture and good fresh feel. There is a Dri-lex lining, which makes the shoes better in terms of breathability and also helps keep the shoe odor-free. The suede heel grip comes with the DRT cushioned heel, making the shoe a good shock absorbent.

There is a spin spot on the sole that can facilitate 360 degrees turn. The midsole is carved out with air cushion of 4PSI which induces further shock absorption ability. Available from sizes 4 to 16, these shoes are available in two color variants – black and pink.

Capezio Women's Studio Shoes, Black, 8

Capezio Women's Studio Shoes, Black, 8

This shoe looks amazing and can offer you a good level of comfort. The Saguaro Women’s Mesh Jazz Sole Dance Sneakers is for every girl and a lady out there who seek extra-ordinary style and good support. The upper part of the shoe is made out of mesh. This reduces the weight specs and makes the shoes more breathable. So, you are going to have no drippy-sweat experience in these shoes. That is a good point.

Coming to the sole, it is made out of rubber. The sole is anti-slip and if the floor is a little out of line, the anti-slip can hinder a little flexibility. The insides of the shoe are filled with cotton lining for obvious reasons. Dance involves a lot of flex and sweating. If the shoe becomes drippy it can slip right out of the shoe. This lining will absorb extra moisture and keep the feet dry and firmly in place. The material is a mix of mesh and leather. This shoe is a split-sole with high density and impressive abrasive resistance, giving you the freedom to move and rotate your feet more easily.

You can take these shoes for any dance form or athletics. Be it Aerobics, Square dancing, Cha-Cha, Rumba, Hip-hop, Ballroom or quickstep dancing. There has been constant feedback about the size chart being confusing. Well, looks like you are in luck because the makers have finally taken care of the confusion. You can get a good fit now. The shoes are available from sizes 3 to 9 and have got four color variants: black, white, red, and pink.

Reebok Women's Guresu 1.0 Cross Trainer, Chalk Pink/Urban Maroon/Chalk, 8.5 M US

Reebok Women's Guresu 1.0 Cross Trainer, Chalk Pink/Urban Maroon/Chalk, 8.5 M US

Growing up, you might have heard about Reebok plenty of times. This shoe brand has been a pioneer in adding modern technology to enhance comfort. This brand is in the market with an umbrella shoe domain. You will find dance, casual, sporty, running and every other kind of sneaker.

The Reebok Women’s Guresu 1.0 Running shoe is one such shoe that qualifies for a spot in the top five amazing hip hop shoes for women. First, let us talk about appearance. This is one pretty darn good-looking shoe. The shoe has got midfoot gore support and will help you move smoothly and quickly while giving firm support at the same time.

This shoe is a good fit for dancers. We have been talking about how hip-hop and style are bound together, this makes a good choice because it has got all of it. Unmatched style and even better comfort. Recommended for people who love hip-hop and have got wide feet, here is a shoe which offers ample to the box. The shoes are a lace-up and you can adjust the width by adjusting the lace. These laces will also help your feet stay in place.

The sole is made out of rubber and the shoe displays a mid-cut design. The EVA midsole offers higher levels of comfort. The shoe is extremely lightweight and you can go on with your amazing dance moves without any weight holding you back. Here is a good part. The shoe is available from sizes 5 to 12 with as many as 13 color variants. Now that is something, right?

Pastry womens Pop Tart Glitter Women fashion sneakers, Black, 5 US

Pastry womens Pop Tart Glitter Women fashion sneakers, Black, 5 US

Here is an entry from Pastry with a pretty good name – Pastry POP Tart Grid Adult Sneaker. This shoe is recommended for support and comfort with a dash of style – the recipe for a perfect dance shoe. Made out of PU, this shoe has got a synthetic sole. The shoe features a geometric grid pattern which makes it a trendy modern style choice.

The upper is durable with mesh induction making the shoe breathable, durable and lightweight. The shoe offers a good range of flexibility. You can go on with your leaps and jumps and this shoe will smoothly facilitate all of this. The outsole is made out of rubber that provides good traction. You are not going to slip on the floor with this one.

The insole has got memory foam in it. So here is another guarantee for better comfort and style. This shoe looks amazing. Besides taking this to your dance classes, you can wear them for a casual outing and they are going to look amazing. This is your shoe if you are into a quick twist and turn – all credit to the spin pad that adds to the practicality of this shoe.

These shoes are available from sizes 5 to 13. You need to check the size chart carefully before you place an order. Pastry POP Tart Grid Adult Sneaker has got 6 different color variants. You can choose between Black, white, navy, charcoal and other combinations. Get one and get dancing.

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Top 5 Best Shoes for Dancing Hip Hop for Men

PUMA mens Tazon 6 Wide Fracture Sneaker, Black, 8.5 Wide US

PUMA mens Tazon 6 Wide Fracture Sneaker, Black, 8.5 Wide US

PUMA is synonymous with style and durability. The brand has made a name for its cutting edge, chic and contemporary apparel and rightfully so. PUMA Men’s Tazon 6 Fracture FM Cross-Trainer shoes are no different. The shoes come with breathable perforations, which make it an ideal companion for twirling and swaying.

A TPU shank that provides support and motion control in the heel and midfoot makes this pair perfect for cutting the rug. EVA in the heel absorbs impact, which translated to better support and durability. In addition to it, these show stoppers come with a padded collar and tongue which makes sure that your shoes are not chaffed or hurt even if you dance for hours at a stretch.

The shoes are made of synthetic upper, making them water-resistant, soft and wrinkle-free. A fabric lining along with the breathable perforations ensure that your feet are well ventilated in case you work up a sweat. As far as the looks are concerned, the PUMA Men’s Tazon 6 Fracture FM Cross-Trainer shoes don’t disappoint. These shoes are an epitome of style and will go perfect with your baggy lowers or skinny jeggings. Multiple color choices add to the appeal. In addition to this, these shoes come with a lace-up closure and a rounded toe, making the shoes look groovier.

A padded footbed that screams comfort makes this pair a flawless choice for dancers. The size spectrum is pretty broad and ranges from 6 to 14 with wide options available for each size.

Nike Mens Air Force 1 07 QS Basketball Shoes

Nike Mens Air Force 1 07 QS Basketball Shoes

We think of Nike, whenever we think of shoes. Nike has made a name for itself by investing in their products so much so that every piece is a work of art. Nike Men’s Air Force 1 Low Sneakers, originally released in the year 1982, were the first to feature "Air" technology. Originally designed by the celebrated basketball player, Bruce Kilgore, these shoes have their fanbase.

These shoes are lightweight which means that no additional weight needs to lifted while you swirl around. What makes this pair different is its durability. These iconic kicks will last you for years. To date, Nike has produced these in nearly 2000 different colorways and today, you can purchase it in as many as 20 color variants!

These flexible, lightweight leather shoes come with an Air sole and is a total favorite of sneakerheads around the world. These kicks are designed to withstand the pressure of almost all athletic endeavors. Jazz up your dance outfit with this retro cleat.

These shoes are so easy on your feet that you can jump around in them for hours. The soles are extremely comfortable. What is more is that it is released in numerous variations and collaborations every single year, which is one of the reasons why these shoes are always in style.

Coming to the price point, these shoes come in low, mid and high-top models and each model is priced differently. The size spectrum is wide in this one, ranging from 7 to 18.

M Sansha Motion Dance Sneaker,Black,9 M Sansha (8 M US Women's)

M Sansha Motion Dance Sneaker,Black,9 M Sansha (8 M US Women's)

Who knows dancing shoes more than Sansha? A brand that specializes in manufacturing apparel for dancers. Sansha Motion Dance Sneaker is a lightweight kick, which ensures that nothing weighs you down when you dance! Not even the weight of your shoes.

Who would be comfortable dancing while their feet get hot and sweaty? Sansha Motion Dance sneakers come with a light, breathable suede and mesh combination which keep your feet aerated and prevent blisters.

The shoes are flexible enough to support your movements and foot action. The soles are as flexible as the rest of the shoes, making it easy for you to twist and turn.

You cannot be slipping and falling on the stage or dance floor neither should your movements look forced and unnatural. Sansha motion dance sneakers provide just enough traction for you to glide and not fall. In addition to all these, these shoes absorb shock, wear and tear and provide ideal arch support. The air-cushioned heel makes the shoes an absolute favorite for those tricky moves.

What sets these shoes apart is the ankle support it provides. This reduces the risk of injuring your ankle while performing a tricky move. These shoes come in 2 variants with size ranging from 6 to 14. These shoes come with a heel and a platform of 1 ¼ and 2/4 inches respectively. It is a lace-up shoe with Gum-rubber sole. In addition to a soft and comfortable inside padding, the shoes are very chic and stylish. The shoes will make you look taller and help you with correcting your posture.

Rumpf Nero 1566 Black US 5.5 Women/US 4.5 Men

Rumpf Nero 1566 Black US 5.5 Women/US 4.5 Men

From the house of Rumpf comes yet another masterpiece of a dancing shoe, The Rumpf Nero 1566 Dance Fitness Cheer Aerobic Split Sole Sneaker. The most alluring feature of these shoes is its split PU sole. The PU soles are known for their soft texture and high elasticity. Not only that, but the sole is also long-lasting and shockproof. It gets better, these soles are water-resistant and provide ideal traction which ensures that the dancers can move freely without the fear of falling.

What is more, is that these kicks come with gel padding. These gel insoles provide a great degree of support to your feet while you dance. In addition to that, gel insoles also help cushion shock while you move around.

The shoes are very flexible and will glide with you while you twirl. The shoes are lined with breathable quick-dry knit mesh which will help with keeping your feet aerated while you dance. This feature will also help with blisters and chafing.

These shoes are padded with arch support which adds comfort, stability, and balance. This feature also helps with your posture and lessens the foot pain which can occur as a result of continuous dance practice.

The shoes come in an attractive jet black color with a wide spectrum of sizes ranging from 4.5 to 11. These look sleek and stylish and are going to be your new best friends both on the dance floor and jogging track.

Men's Women's Practice Dance Sneaker Shoes Split Sole Black VFSN005EB Comfortable - Very Fine 10.5 M US [Bundle of 5]

Men's Women's Practice Dance Sneaker Shoes Split Sole Black VFSN005EB Comfortable - Very Fine 10.5 M US [Bundle of 5]

Looking for a pair of shoes that are easy on your budget, this is the one for you! The Practice Dance Sneaker shoes come with a bundle of accessories: Your shoes, shoe brush, exclusive wholesale Gifts pouch bag, carry-on show bag, and Dance shoe freshener.

These shoes are lightweight, which happens to be one of the more sought-after qualities of dancing shoes. These shoes are ideal for all types of dances. You can wear it to your hip-hop practice and your samba classes. The design is elegant affordable modern and stylish.

The shoes have a split sole, which ensures a robust support system for your toes and heels. It is made of synthetic mesh and suede upper, which makes them breathable and keeps the insides of your shoes well ventilated.

The shoe comes in black and the design is intricate and beautiful. It can be paired with your dance gear as well as your shorts. The additional accessories make it easier for you to carry these shoes anywhere. The pouch bag keeps It protected from scratches and the shoe freshener makes them smell fresh and ready.

The pair is very flexible and glides with your feet. It provides just enough friction for you to move freely. The shoes come with good quality cushioning, which makes them ideal for dancers. It is available in various sizes, ranging from 6 to 13. These shoes provide ample support to your ankles and help with the posture of the wearer.

As an Amazon Associate, we may receive a small commission from qualifying purchases but at no extra cost to you.

How To Choose The Best Hip Hop Shoes?

Hip-hop is a passion for some and an interesting way to work out for others. Some enroll in the hip-hop classes to perform on a night out clubbing while others just join because their friends did. There are so many reasons to join the hip-hop movement but only one constant – This dance form is all about creativity, passion, and dedication.

Whatever your reason is, you might need shoes that complement this dance form. Shoes, that can help you get comfortable and make some amazing moves out there. Hip-hop requires a lot of jumping, twisting, and turning that can get risky if you are wearing your regular street shoes.

These special shoes for hip-hop are meant to balance your body weight while you dance and also keep you comfortable. To choose the best hip-hop shoes to dance in, you have to keep in mind that there are always some pre-requisites.


The right-sized shoe is mandatory, whether you want it for office, for jogging or dance. There is no way that you can compromise on this important factor as you can end up paying more in terms of health issues that wrong size footwear can cause.

The right size of shoe will keep you strapped in securely without squeezing your toes or holding them so lose that you end up losing the shoe on the dance floor. A well-fitted shoe will allow your movements freely as you do not have to struggle to keep a balance just because your toes are hurting or the shoe is slipping.

Whenever you buy a shoe, measure your feet properly and investigate thoroughly about the size chart.


Hip-hop involves some very rapid dance moves. This means your body is going to experience quick movements and sudden thuds as well. This is why ankle and arch support is a must when looking for a hip-hop shoe.

The arch and ankle support will make sure that you can dance smoothly without exposing yourself to life-threatening injuries. The type of cushioning that your shoes have makes a direct influence on how safe you are while you make a move.

The cushioning is vital, also because it acts as a shock absorbent and reduces the impact on the fall. This keeps your bones and ligaments shock-free. Look for shoes that are adequately cushioned, with padded ankles and secured laces to provide security to your body frame.


If we step out in heavy shoes, it gets impossible to maintain the pace after a while. The same goes for hip-hop. If the shoes you are wearing are weighing you down, there is no way that you are going to perform your moves smoothly.

Every twist and turn will look like a task and the pressure on your ankles is going to get uncomfortable. This is why it is highly recommended that whenever you plan to invest in a pair of hip hop shoes, make sure the material is lightweight. This will help you lessen the strain on your feet and keep you ever ready for some creative moves.

Most hip-hop shoes available online list the details about the weighing specs, this can help you opt for lighter options.


Any dance form involves a lot of flexing. This is true with hip hop too. With the kind of movements involved in this dance form, you are going to be dripping sweat. When feet are sweaty, your risk to slip out of your shoes is increased and the feeling is just not very comfortable.

Shoes start stinking and so do the feet. This is why having a breathable fabric should be a priority. These shoes can have mesh details to keep the inside airy and fabric lining inside to absorb extra moisture.

This will take care of the hot-spots around your feet and keep you blister-free. Now you can go out there and smash some amazing dance moves.


You need to keep on the move on the dance floor. The footwear should make it easy for you to hover, jump, twist, leap and other hip-hop routines. The shoe should be able to bend a little to qualify as a good hip hop shoe. Hip-hop high-top shoes are considered a good option when it comes to flexibility. These shoes extend above the ankles and provide support with flexibility.

You can move your ankle without applying too much pressure. The mid boots which might look all fancy, fail to provide this kind of flexibility and support. So, invest in a shoe which is properly cushioned and can help you keep flex as well, are the ones you should be looking for.


This is one of the most important features that you should look out for. You might be doing high impact maneuvers and pivoting, a good hip-hop shoe should be able to take off the pressure from your feet, ankles, knees, and legs to avoid a serious injury.

Almost every dance shoe manufacturer invests quite a lot in the research and development of the dance sneakers to make the cushioning more secure. The comfort that comes from good cushioning is unmatched.

You will be dancing for hours and the legs won’t get crampy when done. This is the benefit that you should be looking for when investing in any hip-hop shoe.


Outsoles are very important yet a tricky choice to make. If you want flexibility on the stage, the ability to make the toughest move look stupid, you need to be able to glide on that stage. There is this decision dilemma, where you know that too much traction will keep you sticking to the ground and will restrict your movements making them look rough.

On the other hand, you cannot afford shoes which are too slippery and can end up injuring you. So, you will be looking for a balanced choice. Shoes that offer good balancing traction – Not little, not too much, just appropriate.

Shoes that will help you find your perfect balance of slick and traction to make it all easy on the stage.


Considering your budget is always a good idea. You cannot spend too much on the shoe because it might just create the budget imbalance and because you simply cannot afford it. But you cannot opt for hip hop dance shoes for cheap, because with cheap price comes the cheap quality.

Buying a shoe, that caters to all the good specifications and is very well within your budget is your kind of deal. But looking for a cheap option can end up with a bad decision and the shoe will probably last a month and you will be looking at another expense next month. Make an informed decision, do your research, keep a budget and go shoe shopping.


Hip-hop has always been about culture and style. If you look for some of the all-time famous hip hop dancers you will notice particularly one thing in common. The unmatched style. You would want to look good. Besides what you wear, your shoes should be able to compliment you as a passionate and creative hip-hopper.

When looking for a hip-hop shoe you need to make sure that comfort does not kill the aesthetics or vice-versa. We will be looking for a balance of both. Try to look for something functional that you can carry on as routine. A too-much funky design might end up residing on your shelf more than they do in your feet.


Q: Why do I need hip-hop shoes for dancing?

A: Every shoe looks great when worn at appropriate places and on appropriate occasions. Just like it is not a good idea to go jogging wearing heels, you cannot go hip-hop dancing in slippers or any other streetwear. The reason is that any dance form has its level of movements and style. Hip-hop shoes, for example, are crafted to suit the hip-hop moves and they reduce the injury risk to a great extent. The cushioning, arch support, ankle support that these hip-hop shoes provide, are mandatory.

Q: What is the connection between choosing the right hip-hop sneakers and the shape of my feet?

A: There are a lot of sneaker variants out there. You can find hip hop wedge shoes, hip hop sneakers shoes, high ankle hip hop shoes, and so many more. They will serve you well only when they fit you well. Every shoe is made for particular specifications, for example, wide feet, narrow front feet, with low arches, or with high arches. The shoe has to slide into your feet as if they were made just for you. This will help you prevent pain in feet, legs, lower back, metatarsal or sciatica.


Music and fashion have been inseparable for long. You need to be trendy but at the same time, do not compromise on comfort. A good hip-hop shoe provides good security and also helps you practice better moves at a better place. Looking for dance sneakers which are high on flexibility, durability, comfort, and style is the deal that you should be opting for.

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