Top 10 Foot Massagers For Plantar Fasciitis

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A foot massage improves the circulation in your feet, helps your blood and lymph systems to carry away toxins. The process of a foot massage also sends messages to the rest of the body to relax.

It’s a process, which not only targets the feet but the rest of the body as well. How does it do this? Well, it’s a form of reflexology therapy, which helps correct imbalances in the body by stimulating targeted sections of the feet.

And, the right targeting and stimulation can help ease tension all over the body, especially around the lower back and legs. With all than punishment, the feet require optimal care to keep them in top condition.

They might get sore and tired. They might get stiff or crampy. They might even swell, ache and sweat. That`s where the best foot massagers for plantar fasciitis come in!

Top 10 Best Foot Massagers For Plantar Fasciitis

TheraFlow Foot Massager Roller, Foot Roller for Plantar Fasciitis Relief - Foot Pain Relief Massage, Diabetic Neuropathy, Heel Arch - Relaxation Gifts for Women, Men, Reflexology Tool - Wooden (Large)

TheraFlow Foot Massager Roller, Foot Roller for Plantar Fasciitis Relief - Foot Pain Relief Massage, Diabetic Neuropathy, Heel Arch - Relaxation Gifts for Women, Men, Reflexology Tool - Wooden (Large)

Your feet are essential, and you should treat them as such. Reduce any likelihood of suffering from Plantar Fasciitis when you have the TheraFlow Dual Foot Massager. The foot massager has all the unique features you need to relieve your feet from pain and discomfort issues.

Before you buy a foot massage, it would be great if you would evaluate the specific technique it uses to soothe and relieve foot complications. For instance, this foot massager offers optimal relaxation due to its unique physical design and components.

The Foot massager will treat your feet using the benefits of reflexology warmth. The heat not only radiates all through your feet but the entire body as well. It also sits stable on most types of floor surfaces, and you can even use it when in the shower.

Featuring a traditional wood design, and the concepts of ancient foot reflexology principles, this dual massager is an excellent tool. It is simple yet highly effective at relieving a host of foot complications, including plantar fasciitis.

Moreover, the compact design makes it easy to relax and unwind wherever you are. Plus, the massager even features a foot reflexology chart and instructions that are simple to use. Thus, you will find it easy to use this foot massager straight out of the box – no setup hassles for you!

Even more, you are sure of enjoying unrivaled foot massage performance, all thanks to a device based on years of continuous testing. The makers have painstakingly included all the critical details required to improve your foot functionality.

These include details such as the number of acupressure nubs, elevation, spacing, and more. Thus, you have a high-performance foot massager, that is ideal for different types of feet.

With such a unique combination of features, this unit will help relieve a host of foot complications. Aside from plantar fasciitis, the Theraflow massager will also help to alleviate heel spurs, neuropathy, and even fatigue. It features ten rollers that move independently, which provide enhanced comfort than most foot massagers you will find on the market.

Yes, that`s right, this unit even surpasses the performance of electric massagers in stimulation and soothing benefits. Aside from soothing your feet, the rugged construction also offers longevity – perfect for many years of reliable massaging.

You also have to remember the portability factors when you want to get a foot massager. Why? Because you are likely to move around the house or office with your relaxation tool! Weighing in at just 1.5lbs, this unit is highly portable for your needs.

You will find it easy to use when traveling, at work, or even when watching TV. You can take it everywhere you go! The best part is that you don’t have to perform any set up steps. You just turn it on with the simple touch of a button.

Nekteck Foot Massager with Heat, Shiatsu Heated Electric Kneading Foot Massager Machine for Plantar Fasciitis, Built-in Infrared Heat Function and Power Cord

Nekteck Foot Massager with Heat, Shiatsu Heated Electric Kneading Foot Massager Machine for Plantar Fasciitis, Built-in Infrared Heat Function and Power Cord

No more costly foot massages of reflexology sessions when you have the Nekteck Foot Massager with Heat. Why? Well, this unit offers a unique combination of features to make it easy to enjoy treating foot complications.

Also, it's an excellent way to relax and unwind after a long hard day, while watching TV. It’s a thoughtful machine, which combines innovation acquired from hundreds of years of massage therapy.

The first notable aspect of this unit is that it features six massage heads with 18 rotating massager nodes. These are highly effective at relaxing the muscles, easing tension, and regulating the flow of blood in the body.

To back this feature up, the extra large massager head surface area makes this unit highly comfortable for all users. It does not matter whether it’s a kid, or an adult with large feet. A few minutes of using this machine should be enough to get you feeling relieved and soothed.

Plantar fasciitis occurs due to various factors, including excess weight, poor footwear, poor work descriptions, and more. Thus, this unit helps you target the key components on the feet, which are the bones and muscles.

Even more, the Nekteck Foot Massager has a heating function, which works well to relieve pain on fatigued muscles as well as foot pain. Heating is crucial in reducing pain and discomfort issues in many ways. To be specific, it helps promote the flow of blood and the recovery of muscles.

Remember that weak muscle and bone structures are the critical causes of plantar fasciitis.

The makers have done well to make this unit safe to use, regardless of your age. It does not have any dangerous components, and it’s also highly ergonomic.

The controls have excellent position, which makes it easy to customize the massager functions to suit your needs. The unique LED illumination, also makes up for excellent design aesthetics.

To make things more convenient for you, this unit comes with an adjustable height feature. In particular, you can adjust up to 3 levels, depending on your specific foot reflexology needs.

Also, you won’t have to bend down to use the massager. You will also find it easy to access the power button and customize its mode with just a simple touch from your toe. Convenience does not end there when you have this unit!

The massager comes with an inbuilt onboard cord storage and easy carry handle for optimal convenience.

With this unit, you can now enjoy a good foot massage, right at your home. It's compact, and the outstanding finish lets you tackle your foot complications with style. You won't have to wait for your turn at the massage parlor or spend costly fees at the salon.

MIKO Foot Massager Machine with Deep-Kneading, Compression, Shiatsu, and Heat for Plantar Fasciitis, Neuropathy, Fits up to Men Size 13

MIKO Foot Massager Machine with Deep-Kneading, Compression, Shiatsu, and Heat for Plantar Fasciitis, Neuropathy, Fits up to Men Size 13

Relieve tired feet and improve the flow of blood when you have the Miko Shiatsu foot massager. Thanks to the unique combination of foot therapy technologies on this massager, you are sure of good results each time.

You have to place your feet on the massager for a few minutes each day – and the results will speak for themselves. This unit will improve blood flow, all thanks to its ability to perform deep kneading, shiatsu rolling, and heating functions.

It comes with two independent foot chambers and five air pressure settings. Yes, these are all functions that are meant to eliminate foot complications. To take things further, the foot massager features two wireless remotes, which make it highly convenient to use.

Yes, there is nothing worse than when you have to move from your comfortable position, to adjust the massage. However, thanks to the wireless remotes, you can adjust the massager with just the simple touch of a button.

Aside from plantar fasciitis, the Miko Shiatsu Foot Massage can relieve various other health complications. These include diabetes, chronic pain, muscle tension, and more. You will find this unit easy to use at any type.

It does not matter whether you are reading, watching TV, working at the office or just relaxing. More so, it’s a safe to use for both adults and children.

With such a unique combination of features, it's easy to see why this unit offers "Royal Treatment". The massager has adjustable air compression that will deliver optimal pressure levels to your feet.

Thus, it helps stimulate the flow of blood, the production of endorphins, and more. The controls on this unit are also well placed to make it easy to choose your preferred mode of therapy. The indications on the control panel for massage therapy include kneading, pressure, heat, and soothe.

You will know you have a quality foot massager in your hands just from the first glance. And this is nothing short from what you can expect from this unit. It has outstanding design aesthetics, with a futuristic design that easily complements your working or personal space.

The independent foot chambers will provide a shiatsu massage to the feet, which is famous for treating many foot health complications. It even comes with deep kneading and soothing reflexology nodes. You can use these to target pressure points – even as you watch TV.

To make it easier to use this massager, you will also be pleased with the center control panel with soft-touch buttons. This way, you will find it easy to customize your specific massage settings. The massager also features independently selectable heat function, to deliver gentle warmth benefits to the muscles in your body.

RENPHO Foot Massager Machine with Heat, Gifts for Men and Women, Shiatsu Deep Kneading, Delivers Relief for Tired Muscles and Plantar Fasciitis, Fits Feet Up to Men Size 12

RENPHO Foot Massager Machine with Heat, Gifts for Men and Women, Shiatsu Deep Kneading, Delivers Relief for Tired Muscles and Plantar Fasciitis, Fits Feet Up to Men Size 12

Massage your feet and relax your whole body conveniently when you have the RENPHO Foot Massager. This unit can massage the feet and relax the whole body. It features a rotation ball, rolling stick and excellent compression function for the best results.

Similar to all the high-end massagers on the market, this unit not only helps eliminate plantar fasciitis. It can improve blood flow, reduce physical exhaustion and even promote better sleep.

While it’s a machine, the performance this unit offers seems like a professional foot massage. It has an ergonomic design, that provides compressive foot massage performances. You will appreciate that it has 3 kneading intensities and 3 pressure levels. These levels can be independently adjusted for your convenience.

Simple, health and hygienic. Yes, you can expect even more when you have this outstanding foot massage. It has a touch panel which you can use to customize the machine settings, and just by using your foot.

The massager also comes with a removable washable cloth in the foot chambers, which maintain a clean and health environment. The massager also features a convenient reminder in the form of a blue light. It lights up whenever you over use the massager, which is over 30 minutes.

The massager also features a unique heating function. For those who have excessive plantar fasciitis issues, a heated foot massage will provide many benefits. It’s even available with a foot reflexology chart.

Yes, that`s right! The makers of this unit have included such benevolent features to help you achieve the best results with each session. To be specific, the foot reflexology chart shows the acupressure points in the feet, and links to organs.

You can use this chart to help guide each session of reflexology. Your relaxation experience will not end there when you have this unit in your hands. Wait there is more? You are right! The massager also has a large surface area, so you know you are covered even if you have large feet. The appealing design, also gives you the motivation to use this tool every day.

The inclusion of adjustable massage intensity functions, let you customize the massage intensity to suit your specific preferences. Thus, you are sure of the same results as when you would have visited a health professional. Also, the adjustable air compression intensity and optional heat make it easy to prepare a customized massage program.

The entire massage set is also available with a replaceable and washable cloth cover. The detachable cloth cover is simple to remove by just rolling down the zipper. To make things convenient, the foot massager will turn off automatically after 15 to 30 minutes of use. It’s a feature, which helps promote optimal power usage, and machine longevity.

Human Touch Reflex4 Targeted Relief Foot & Calf Shiatsu Massager

Human Touch Reflex4 Targeted Relief Foot & Calf Shiatsu Massager

Your quality of life is likely to be bad when you have foot complications. You can conveniently address issues when you have the right resources. Improve your overall foot health when you have the Human Touch Reflex4 Targeted Relieve Foot Massager.

This massager offers the perfect combination of features to stop plantar fasciitis in its tracks. Literally!

For instance, it comes with a patented figure 8 technology, that will surround the feet and calves. Thus, it provides a fluid and highly effective massage, that is similar to the hands of expert massagers. More so, the Figure Eight Technology helps improve blood circulation to the feet. Such a design ensures nutrients flow correctly to the feet.

To back this feature up, the massager features a sturdy roller. These will deliver a powerful underfoot massage experience at the heel and the remaining sections of your foot. And the best is that you will be enjoying all this from the comforts of your chosen location.

You will also appreciate the natural tilt bar which unfolds, for optimal alignment with your seat or chair. As far as portability goes, this unit also features easy-carry handles. These handles are on the side and make it easy to transport the massager from room to room.

As one of the best massagers on the market, this unit even features benevolent features such as the washable sleeve inserts. How benevolent are these? Well, they are washable and removable, which makes them simple to maintain. You have to unzip them from the massager and toss them in the washer for the best cleaning results.

The Reflex 5 also provides enhanced massage pressure with each session. While the pressure may seem intense initially, you will adjust to it after a few sessions. With as many as four auto massage wellness programs, you are covered when it comes to customization options. These include Shiatsu 1, Shiatsu 2, Relax, and Refresh CirQlation Technology.

In particular, CirQlation is a technique developed by the makers of this unit, and it involves the use of a proprietary mechanism to power robotic actuators. Also, the Reflex-2 provides life-like massage results, as though you would have gone to a professional service. Shiatsu 1 and 2 modes refer to different intensities of massage therapy using kneading or pressure techniques.

What does convenience mean when you have a foot massager? Well, for instance, this unit has removable and washable inserts, which are highly convenient for optimal maintenance.

You will also appreciate the extended height, which provides enhanced massage coverage benefits. Also, the foot massager comes with inbuilt handles, which make it highly portable.

The adjustable tilt feature provides exceptional angle alignment, which helps improve the results of each massage session.

MedMassager Foot Massager Machine, Therapeutic 11 Speed, Electric Deep Tissue Foot Calf Massager with Comfortable Foot Pad, Ideal for Blood Circulation, Relaxation & Stress Relief MMF06

MedMassager Foot Massager Machine, Therapeutic 11 Speed, Electric Deep Tissue Foot Calf Massager with Comfortable Foot Pad, Ideal for Blood Circulation, Relaxation & Stress Relief MMF06

Take your overall foot health to the next level when you have the MedMassager MMF06 11 Speed Foot massager. It's one of the most robust massagers on the market, with as many as 11 speeds for your convenience.

To help target the specific pressure points in your feet, this unit has a full-sized oscillating footpad and arch bar. Thus, you have a reliable foot massager to help relieve tensions and even foot muscle pain.

These are functions that make it easy to use at home or even in the office. This way, you get a good foot massage without having to spend a fortune in reflexology fees.

The full-sized oscillating footpad and arch bar feels good not only because the muscles relax, but because it also encourages the production of relaxing hormones. Thus, you enjoy a sense of calm, and you recover fast from any foot health complications.

Aside from plantar fasciitis, the MedMassager MMF06 11-foot massager among patients with diabetes and neuropathy. It’s a powerful machine that will promote the ideal flow of blood and ease foot pain complications. Moreover, it is easy to see why this unit has a good reputation among doctors and therapists around the world.

As one of the best foot massagers on the market, this unit also has exceptional design ergonomics. For instance, it has a food pad that is inclined at an angle, for optimal comfort during the massage process. The foot massager is also designed to an exacting standard in an ISO 9000 – 2001 facility – thus, quality is a guarantee.

Are you struggling with issues such as neuropathy or poor blood circulation? Well, you will be pleased when you have this MedMassager MMF06 massage. And, if you have broad feet, you will also be pleased with the exceptionally large surface area of this unit

It's easy to use and comes with a varied speed setting to make things convenient. As you would also expect with the top massagers on the market, this unit is durable and ensures many years of reliable performance.

If you suffer from plantar fasciitis and more, the unique rotating head on this unit is perfect for your recovery needs. It's even available with a tutorial and foot reflexology chart. The chart details the acupressure points on the feet soles, and how they connect to organs.

These are crucial because they help improve circulation in the body, which in turn helps alleviate foot health complications.

Deestop Foot Massager Machine with Heat Shiatsu Deep Kneading Therapy Massage Feet Pain Relief with Air Compression for Women Men Elderly Parent's Gift Ideas,Up to Men Size 11

Deestop Foot Massager Machine with Heat Shiatsu Deep Kneading Therapy Massage Feet Pain Relief with Air Compression for Women Men Elderly Parent's Gift Ideas,Up to Men Size 11

The Arealer Kneading Shiatsu therapy machine is also an excellent recommendation for addressing foot ailments. This unit is combined with rolling, scraping, air compression and heating functions. Thus, it will promote optimal blood pressure circulation, relieve stress and fatigue from working all day.

Equipped with as many as 5 different working modes and pressure settings, customizing this massager is simply a breeze. You can customize the pressure points to target acupressure points, release tightness, knots and ease tensions away.

Thus, you are sure of the results when you have this unit in your hands. It even has a breathable air bag, such that it can massage a larger surface area of the feet, in combination with heating function. As such it improves blood circulation, which is crucial in addressing issues such as plantar fasciitis.

The best part is that it shuts off after 15 minutes, you can still fall asleep as it works your feet.

To make things convenient for your needs, this unit comes with many unique features. For instance, it comes with a detachable a breathable cover, which is convenient and helps keep it clean.

Also, the machine is equipped with a wireless remote control, which makes it easy to use this unit. Thanks to the exceptional overcharging protection, this unit will power off automatically when the temperature is higher than normal. the control panel on this unit is also outstanding.

It includes all the convenient functions need for massaging including pressure, heat, time and modes. You should be ready and all setup for an intensive massage session with a few minutes – all thanks to easy to use features on this unit.

The massager has a lightweight and fashionable design, to make it ideal for massage in various settings. Yes, the Arealer Kneading machine is dynamic enough to use when reading, at the office or even after a long busy day.

One of the most important factors to consider when buying a foot massager is to also consider the physical design of your chosen unit. Why? Well, not only does it ensure longevity, but it also looks stylish – which can motivate you to go for massage sessions regularly.

Thus, with the Arealer Kneading machine, you are covered as far as durability and style goes!

The massager uses air compression techniques and hating, to promote optimal blood circulation. And this in turn also has good side effects on your mind and overall personal health. Thanks to the unique strength and soft points of silicone, this massage provides an outstanding reflexology.

It’s even available with a remote control, which makes it convenient to adjust settings such as the temperature when in use. After all, "Laziness" helps one go forward. 🙂

The detachable and breathable cover makes this unit easy to keep clean. The makers of this unit have also included convenient features such as overheating protection. It’s a feature, which ensures this unit will turn off when the temperature exceeds normal levels.

uComfy Shiatsu Foot Massager with Multi-Level Settings, Delivers Deep-Kneading Massage Relief, Silver, Round

uComfy Shiatsu Foot Massager with Multi-Level Settings, Delivers Deep-Kneading Massage Relief, Silver, Round

Equip yourself with the uComfy Shiatsu Foot Massager, which is also reliable and dynamic enough for your foot care needs. The foot massager provides the perfect combination of features you need to rest your feet and get a good massage.

Perhaps the most notable feature on this unit would be the five levels of massage intensity modes. These are all available to help improve the versatility of the massager. It has as many as five different intensity settings, which ensure you customize each massage session to suit your needs.

To be specific, the intensity settings are graduated to make it easy to improve the massage intensity levels. You will also find it easy to adjust the controls that are on the center control during the massage process.

The uComfy Foot massager also supports the two common massage styles. These are the kneading shiatsu style and vibration style massage. It even has a heat option, which helps to loosen the muscles and improve your comfort when in use.

You can either use a single option or combine the two settings for optimal versatility. To take your comfort to the next level, this unit features heating and air pressure settings for optimal control.

The outstanding performance of this unit does not end there! You will also appreciate the Shiatsu Oval Foot Massager will provide acupressure massage benefits. Thus, it will surround your feet with heat and compression functions. Backing this feature up is that this unit uses massage manipulation of pressure points in your feet. This makes the massager ideal for relaxing and soothing your tired feet.

You can use this unit regularly, and it’s also easy to maintain. For easy maintenance and improved hygiene, this massager even comes with removable foot covers. You can remove the covers via zippers, and they are also machine washable.

Also, you will find it easy to clean this unit by just wiping it using a damp cloth. Made using durable materials such as nylon and ABS plastic, this massager can withstand regular use. It even has a rubber stand that helps maintain optimal stability.

You will also benefit highly when you have a stable foot massager, that does not slip around on the surface. You will be pleased to know that the uComfy foot massager also has you covered as far as stability goes.

This is all thanks to the unique rubber stand that offers optimal stability benefits. As one of the most dynamic massagers on the market, this unit can perform various factors. It can perform heating, vibrating, kneading and air pressure settings for optimal control.

Weighing in at just 10 lbs, this massager is compact and easy to move around.

HoMedics FMS-200H Shiatsu Elite Foot Massager, White

HoMedics FMS-200H Shiatsu Elite Foot Massager, White

Sit back, relax and enjoy a good time when you have the HoMedics Shiatsu Elite Foot Massager. How exactly does one have a good time with a foot massager? Well, this unit can perform various massage functions, which are not to improve personal health and your wellbeing.

The best part is that you only need to spare a few minutes each day to get yourself feeling good. The features of this unit are as outstanding as its performance when it comes to relieving foot health complications.

For instance, if you have plantar fasciitis, you will be pleased with the fact that this unit can perform deep kneading actions. Thus, you get the same benefits as you would when you would have gone for an authentic foot massage. Even more, this unit provides soothing heat and is an excellent addition to your foot care regimen.

The soothing heat has many benefits including improving circulation and muscle or bone recovery. As such, it makes up for the perfect addition to foot care regimen for plantar fasciitis.

As far as the physical design goes, this unit is simply outstanding. What are the standout features in this category? Well, it has a lightweight design and ergonomic structure, which makes it easy to tag along to the office or even around the house.

Plus, the massager also looks unique and will easily complement your personal space. It makes a good impression, and the unique LED illumination is outstanding. As such, you will find it easy to use when unwinding after a long busy day, when reading watching TV and more.

The best part is that the deep kneading action offers full foot coverage for the best results.

Controls are also a crucial factor to consider when you want to invest in the best foot massager. In this case, this unit features easy to use touch controls, that make it easy to select your preferred functionality.

You can choose "massage" or "massage and heat" combined. With such a unique of diversity in features, this foot massager offers optimal convenience and customization benefits.

You can use it to warm your tired feet by using the heat setting or allow the counter-rotating heads to vibrate the fatigue or pain away. For a different experience, you can leave the heat off and let the rotating heads comfort your muscles and bones.

As you would expect with a top foot massager, maintenance and hygiene are easy to maintain when you have this unit. You can keep it clean by just wiping it by using a damp cloth. Longevity is also not an issue, all thanks to the rugged and compact physical design of this massager. It's made using durable ABS plastic.

AW Shiatsu Foot Massager Leg Calf Massage Machine Electric Kneading Rolling Massager for Tired Foot Ankle Pain Relieve 4 Modes with Remote Control Mothers Day Gifts

AW Shiatsu Foot Massager Leg Calf Massage Machine Electric Kneading Rolling Massager for Tired Foot Ankle Pain Relieve 4 Modes with Remote Control Mothers Day Gifts

Relieving foot ailments such as plantar fasciitis and enjoying reflexology has never been this easy. Introducing the AW Shiatsu Foot Massager, which is also perfect for your needs. The massager can perform all the functions you would expect with a top performance massager.

You can use it for kneading, rolling, and many different massaging combinations. It can relieve fatigue and promote blood flow – perfect for addressing complications such as plantar fasciitis.

The massager also features a well-positioned control panel, which lets you customize its functions with ease. When you don’t want to compromise your relaxed position on the sofa, this unit also has covered.

How exactly is this possible? Well, it’s available with a wireless remote to make it easy to customize the massager functions. Its highly spacious and is suitable for people who have large feet. It may be large enough to fit users with large feet, but without adding any unnecessary weight to the overall structure. It’s also durable, and with a high-performance finish that can take anything you throw at it.

The specific features of the AQ Shiatsu massager are also simply outstanding. For instance, the "Auto Mode" function, makes it easy to select as many as 4 different massaging phases. Thus, this helps relieve tension in the muscles for optimal performance.

Plus, the "Custom Mode" provides 3 modes you can use to target different components of the feet. These include the tiptoe, arch, sole, and for dual foot massage benefits. The "Manual Mode" lets you customize the massage speed and direction to suit your needs.

It even has a "Handy Control", which features a remote control to make it easy to adjust the speed and massage technique.

The AQ Shiatsu massager ranks high up with the top foot massagers that are available on the consumer market. Why, because the diversity of features and comfort features on this unit are endless.

It even has removable sleeves, which make it convenient to maintain the foot massager. Remember to consider the physical design of your chosen massager, because it determines aspects such as longevity.

While it may be a compact foot massage, it has a rugged finish, which ensures many years of reliable massage performance.

Thanks to all these functions, it's easy to see why this unit offers health massage benefits for your needs. It's perfect for dual massage, single foot, and sole region care purposes. The AW Shiatsu massage also does well to stimulate optimal blood circulation, relieves tension, and stress.

The makers of this have ensured machine maintenance and hygiene is easy to maintain. Which makes this possible? You will find the removable foot cloth design easy to clean for your personal health needs.

The cloth is also comfortable on the skin, and blends well with the overall finish on this unit.

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Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Foot Massagers for Plantar Fasciitis

Foot massages have plenty of beneficial effects. You’d be selling your health short if you never got one. If you don’t want to do it yourself, or don’t want to have someone else do it, then your best bet is to get a foot massage machine.

These types of foot care devices are available with many different features, and you also have to consider a few other key factors for the best results. Below is a guide to help you out with the selection process:

Benefits of a Foot Massage

  • Massage improves the flow of blood to the feet and low extremities, which is crucial for people who have blood flow complications.
  • Performing massage regularly on the feet will improve the structure of the ankles and feet. Thus, this helps to reduce muscle soreness and also prevents any issues such as injuries.
  • Foot massagers work based on the principles of reflexology. They help target pressure points in the feet, which will reduce any instance of migraines or headaches.
  • It also helps relieve the common side effects of PMS by targeting pressure points. It’s a key concept in reflexology, whereby bones are connected all throughout the body.
  • Based on the principles of reflexology, foot massagers can work pressure points that reduce symptoms of headaches and migraines.
  • Common symptoms of PMS can be alleviated acupressure points on the feet. The best technique to achieve this will be a Shiatsu massage.
  • People who have complications such as plantar fasciitis, flat feet, heel spurs, and more can benefit from massage. Why? This is because massage helps improve the flow of blood, the supply nutrients, and the performance of foot components.
  • Not only does massage relax the feet, but also the entire body. The massages also improves your overall being and wellness. It does this by lowering blood pressure, regulating anxiety, and more.
  • A massage before bedtime can also play a significant role in improving the quality of your feet. Use a massager a few hours before you go to bed for the best results.

Foot Massage for Plantar Fasciitis FAQs

Can I use a foot massage if I am pregnant?

While a foot massage offers many health and wellness benefits, it’s good for you to consult with an obstetrician before getting the massage.

Can a foot massager induce labor?

It’s not clear whether a foot massager can induce labor. That said, it’s likely to direct significant impulses to the body, and these are likely to lead to labor. Thus, its best to avoid the foot massage if you are pregnant.

Can I use a foot massager if have backpain?

Various factors come into play. These include the severity and source of the pain. That said, foot massagers, help improve weight distribution and performance of the feet. Thus, it’s an excellent recommendation for those with back pain complications.

How often should you use a foot massager?

The frequency of use depends on many factors. You can use it every day, depending on the nature of pain you experience and activity levels.

Also, remember that your feet might require a few days to adjust to the functionality of the machine. Starting slow ensures your feet have adequate time to adapt the massage process.

How long should I use the massager for?

When you are first starting with foot massages, its best to start out gradually. For instance, start the first week with a 5-minute session, and graduate up until 15 minutes.

Any level higher is not associated with any additional benefits. So, try keep each session between the 10 to 20-minute mark. That said, you can also adjust the sessions to suit your specific foot care needs.

How to Buy the Best Foot Massager for Plantar Fasciitis

Choosing the best foot massager for your needs is a process that requires informed decision making. There are many vital factors you need to consider to ensure the best results.

You should note that the feet are crucial aspects of the body. Consisting of well over 25% of bones in the body, you taking good care of your feet is vital. In particular, the feet have 33 joints, 100 muscles, and 26 bones. More so, women are more likely than men to suffer from foot complications due to improper footwear.

As far as working out the feet goes, walking or running is perfect. It works the bones and the muscles in the feet. However, like all other muscles and bone in the body, they also require adequate care. Massaging your feet has many benefits. It helps improve the flow of blood, nutrients, and also relieves pressure.

How Does A Foot Massager Work?

Two key factors determine how a foot massager works. The first aspect is that they feature unique pressure nodes, which help to work the bones and muscles in the feet. You have to place your feet on the surface, and the pressure nodes work these components.

Next, other types of foot massagers come with kneading discs or counter rotating heads. The pressure discs massage the exterior of the feet, while the kneading discs provide a more thorough massage.

Type of Foot Massager

There are many types of foot massagers on the market. It’s good for you to go for a product that matches your needs and lifestyle. For instance, if you always have a busy schedule, with no time for hydrotherapy, a water-based massager is not ideal.

In today’s competitive consumer market, there are several types of foot massager machines you should consider.

To appeal to new consumers, most manufacturers try to provide the best value to consumers, in terms of useful features. As such, it’s a also good if you can consider the diversity of features before settling on a specific foot massager model.

Depending upon its functionality, a foot massager classifies in three main categories:

A manual foot massager

The manual foot massager does not have any electrical components and works for working and relaxing the muscles in the feet.

Usually, this type of massager is manufactured using naturally found materials such as wood. They don’t have any automatic functions, and you have to rub the feet manually to get the tool working.

More so, they usually feature wooden material because its unlike metal, which is rigid. That said, the manual massagers are not suitable for people with foot ailments, excessive pain, or even pregnant women.

They are suitable for people who want to alleviate basic issues such as fatigue.

Electric Foot Massager

These are the most common types because they have automatic features, and require no effort whatsoever on the user’s side. Furthermore, the electric types also tend to offer the most diversity in features, thus making them popular among consumers.

Usually, they feature rollers and balls which help work the feet. More so, these massagers use kneading and vibration together, to work the feet.

Some high-end brands feature independent foot chambers, while others have separate sections where you just have to place your feet. As far as advanced features go, electric foot massagers feature additional heat functions, because heating also has benefits.

To support this feature, most brands also include customizable modes to adjust the intensity of the massager.

Foot massagers require a power source to function effectively. Also, consider the wireless massagers, which use power from a rechargeable battery.

Water Foot Massager

These types are not popular among some users. That said, for some therapeutic applications, these types might be suitable. Unlike the conventional massage machine, this type uses water, heat, bubbles, and heat to massage the feet. Heated water has many benefits for the bones and muscles.

That said, expect to be walking around with a heavier unit than the electric or manual models. You will most commonly find these types in Salons and Spas.

Shiatsu Foot Massage

These types are currently as popular as the electric foot massagers. They have unique components, which are based on ancient Japanese principles. More so, you should also expect this unit to perform kneading and heating functions to heal the feet.

The most common shiatsu massage techniques include:

• Stroking – it’s a technique which activates the blood vessels in the feet and promotes the flow of heat
• Kneading – a method which involves the working of the second joints in the feet

Read Product Descriptions Before Buying

You will always find useful information in the amazon buyer reviews about the common foot massager types. Before purchasing a foot massager, check its features and determine whether it is suitable for users with plantar fasciitis.

Why? Because the consumer market has several types of foot massager brands that you have to consider. Also, consider the features of your chosen foot massager to determine whether it’s suitable for your specific user needs.

The most common foot massagers on the markets have several unique features. For instance, look out for key terms such as Shiatsu massage, EMS/TNS therapy, hydrotherapy, wireless functions, and more.

Features of the Best Foot Massager

Massage functions – foot massages use various modes and techniques to help relieve the feet. These include techniques such as manual massage, shiatsu massage, air compression, and more.

While some use only one of these techniques, others use a combination of all these methods. Most massagers will also provide different intensities and patterns to suit your specific preferences.

Heating performance – most foot massagers leverage heat to give relaxation and soothing benefits. Also, the heating system is crucial because it helps improve circulation to the feet.

As such, the feet receive adequate nutrients and blood required for optimal recovery, or performance. Go for a foot massager that has customizable settings to ensure you can customize its functions to suit your needs.

Of course, the manual massagers don’t have the heating function, so ensure you check whether it’s available with your chosen massager brand.

Controls – while some foot massagers are available with remotes for customization, others come with control pads that are mounted on the machine. Thus, you may have to adjust your position to customize the settings.

That said, the wireless remotes come at an extra cost, and you should consider whether you are ready for this tradeoff as well. It’s a convenient feature, if you don’t want to reach out from your sitting position.

Some of the high-end massagers, come with functions such as automatic shut off for convenience. This way, you can still fall asleep, without over working the machine.

Portability and physical design – a good foot massager is not only about unique features, you also have to consider the physical structure. You want a massager which is compact in size, and has ergonomic handles to make it easy to move around.

The massager should also have a unique finish to make it a stylish addition to your personal space. Some massagers are exceptionally unique, and you can even tag them along with you to the office.

Also, consider the build of your chosen foot massager. Is it rugged? Does it have a good finish?

What is Reflexology, and How Does it Relate to A Foot Massage?

Reflexology is a massage technique, which also helps relieve tension, fatigue, pain, and more. It’s a concept, which relates to the reflex points that exist in the feet, which in turn link to other sections of the body.

The term reflex refers to an involuntary response or instinctive movement, as a response to the onset of a stimulus. Thus, the reflexes in the feet are also crucial in the functions of other body parts. As such, reflexology in foot massage helps to target these vital aspects of the feet.

More so, modern reflexology is often based on ancient forms of therapy. It’s a form of therapy that is suitable for people of all ages.

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