Top 20 Best Comfortable Dress Shoes for Men & Women

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A big number of people treat dress shoes as an afterthought – something to drag out of the wardrobe, wear for a few hours when necessary and then toss them back into the closet. However, dress shoes are an important part of your wardrobe. In fact, some people will tell you that shoes are the most important part of any outfit since they can make or break your entire ensemble. Therefore, every person needs a comfortable pair of dress shoes, regardless of your work environment.

However, finding the right pair of dress shoes can sometimes be stressful, with so many models and brands to choose from. We understand these challenges, and that’s why we have created a list of the best comfortable dress shoes for men and women to make your work easier.

Top 10 Best Comfortable Dress Shoes for Men

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[jtemplate template=”standingshoes0″ title=”Rockport Men’s Shakespeare Circle Penny Loafer” asin=”B01ABQD3GA” pros=”Lightweight and comfortable|Easy to clean” cons=”Inconsistent sizing” imageurl=””]

If you are looking for comfortable dress shoes for driving and travel, then you shouldn’t look further. The Rockport Men’s Shakespeare Loafers are just what you need to keep your feet comfortable. They come with a soft interior lining, thus eliminating friction with your feet while their tongue and collar are padded for additional comfort. On the other hand, their rubber soles are springy, lightweight and durable. The outsoles also have ample grip to ensure you don’t miss a step wherever you go. All the materials used to make these shoes are flexible, which results in a short break-in period.

If you have wide feet, then you are in luck. These dress shoes for men have a spacious toe box, which gives your toes enough room to wiggle and relax. You should also note that if you have narrow feet, these shoes may be too wide. Thanks to their removable insole, you can insert custom orthotics if needed. They fit well and look great and comfortable for sitting or driving while their style is unmatched. Therefore, if your trip involves plenty of strolling around, then you should not leave these shoes behind.


[jtemplate template=”standingshoes0″ title=”Clarks Men’s Tilden Cap Oxford Shoe” asin=”B01N2SBKU9″ pros=”Incredibly comfortable|Stylish and sharp looking” cons=”Outsole wears quickly” imageurl=””]

The Tilden Cap Oxford are designed for men who are looking for stylish and comfortable dress shoes for work. Clarks has been producing high-quality shoes for more than 100 years, and you can rest assured that you are purchasing shoes that will last long. With premium leather uppers and plenty of comfort materials, these shoes will feel great on your feet even after wearing them for 8 hours or more. Even better is the fact that they are available in wide fitting – designed for those who are looking for extra room.

Apart from their soft midsoles, the Tilden Cap Oxford also features an inbuilt Ortholite footbed, which wicks away sweat, perspiration, and fungus, while protecting your feet against bad odors. The Ortholite insoles also provide extra cushioning, which helps to prevent fatigue and pain in your feet, especially if you spend plenty of time on your feet. If your job is demanding, then you don’t need to sacrifice style for comfort, since these shoes come with all those attributes. They strike a perfect balance between functional and fashionable – something rare indeed!


[jtemplate template=”standingshoes0″ title=”Bruno Marc DP Men’s Formal Modern Classic Lace Up Leather Lined Oxford Dress Shoes” asin=”B019YE6Z4C” pros=”Highly comfortable|Reasonably priced” cons=”Squeak while walking” imageurl=””]

If you attend important occasions and meetings frequently, then you need a pair of shoes that will represent your status. You will need a pair of shoes that speaks your language, is comfortable and stylish. Well, if that is what you are looking for, the Bruno Marc DP Men’s oxford dress shoes are perfect for your lifestyle. They fit perfectly, their quality is great, and you can wear them without socks, and you will not experience any discomfort.

In terms of construction, it features a faux leather upper as well as a stitched vamp, a combination that enhances their durability. Their non-skid outsole will ensure easy movement while latex cushioned footbed makes sure that you will always feel comfortable whenever you have these shoes on your feet. Whether you are heading for a business meeting or you are just catching up with your friends over a cup of coffee, these shoes will always be perfect for the occasion.


[jtemplate template=”standingshoes0″ title=”CLARKS Men’s Tilden Free Slip-On Loafer” asin=”B01N6F8OP4″ pros=”Super comfortable |Great looking” cons=”Run narrow” imageurl=””]

The Tilden Free slip-on loafer is a must for every man’s wardrobe. These comfortable dress shoes for men are perfect for casual get-togethers or wearing to the office. Their uppers are made of breathable leather, which ensures optimal air circulation and prevents accumulation of bad odors and sweat.

Furthermore, they are extremely lightweight which means you will be comfortable throughout, even if you wear them the whole day. Thanks to their slip-on design, you don’t have to spend time tying up laces. You just slip them on within seconds, and you are ready to start your day. Another benefit of these dress shoes is that they are easy to clean. They are beautifully crafted with premium leather, which requires minimal maintenance.

When it comes to comfort, these shoes will not disappoint you. They come with a soft memory foam insole, which helps to keep your feet comfortable. Their rubber outsoles are durable and non-marking. Thanks to their wide range of high-quality components, these shoes will maintain their shape and structure for long.


[jtemplate template=”standingshoes0″ title=”CLARKS Men’s Tilden Walk Oxford” asin=”B01N2SBH4J” pros=”Durable and inexpensive|All day comfort|Classy looks” cons=”Run large” imageurl=””]

Comfort you can’t ignore! The Tilden Walk Oxford are just what you need if you are looking for comfortable dress shoes for work. Their cushioning is great, they are classy and stylish, and they are true to size. Comfortable is an understatement when describing these dress shoes. You might be wondering what makes these shoes so comfortable. Well, Clarks has been in business for more than 100 years. Therefore, they understand what it means when it comes to great dress shoes.

Once you walk around with them, you will notice they are extremely lightweight. You will not feel as if you are dragging bricks with your feet while you are walking. In fact, you will only realize you have been wearing them while taking them off at the end of the day. Their lightweight nature helps to prevent fatigue in your feet. On the other hand, their memory-foam insole ensures proper weight distribution, thus alleviating pressure to the knees, joints, and feet. With this pair of shoes, you will go about your work comfortably without worrying about pain or any form of discomfort on your feet. Plus they fit great.

Some dress shoes have been accused of being too narrow at the front. Luckily, that is not the situation with these oxfords. They come with a square toe box, which gives your toes enough space to wiggle. Their leather uppers are easy to clean and maintain while the lace-up closure gives your feet a secure fit.


[jtemplate template=”standingshoes0″ title=”Cole Haan Men’s Lenox Hill Split-Toe Oxford” asin=”B00BECJ5UE” pros=”Stylish and comfortable|Great shoes for the price” cons=”Squeaking heel” imageurl=””]

Cole Haan is one of the best companies when it comes to comfortable dress shoe brands. Having been in the industry for more than 80 years, this company knows what it means when it comes to impeccable craftsmanship, style, and quality materials. And these attributes are sufficiently represented in the Lenox Hill Split-Toe Oxford dress shoes. These shoes are attractive, comfortable, and durable.

Their versatility remains one of the main reasons why men across the world love these shoes. You can either wear them with a suit to the office or combine them with denim – for that casual look. Whichever way you choose to wear them, you can rest assured that you will step out with unmatched style, as long as you have these comfortable dress shoes on your feet. They are well-made and beautifully designed for the gentleman who appreciates style.

If you have been buying shoes that fall apart within a few weeks, then you should consider purchasing these shoes. They are made of durable materials, featuring leather uppers as well as leather and synthetic sole. When it comes to quality versus price, it’s hard to find a pair of shoes that compare with these oxfords.


[jtemplate template=”standingshoes0″ title=”Rockport Men’s Essential Details Waterproof Wingtip Oxford Shoe” asin=”B01472Z1KK” pros=”Excellent quality|Waterproof|Comfortable” cons=”Squeak while walking on tiles” imageurl=””]

Whether you will be spending most of your time doing office presentations, or you have several weddings lined up this year, the Rockport Wingtip Oxford is an ideal shoe for all those occasions. Rockport has specifically designed and engineered every aspect of these shoes to ensure they deliver comfort at all times. Also, their biomechanically engineered outsoles will support your natural walking motion, thus eliminating any issues associated with underpronation or overpronation.

If you have been looking for comfortable dress shoes for men without much success, then you are in luck. These shoes feature sponge EVA footbeds, which conform to your foot’s shape, thus providing a customized fit. Apart from that, they come with hydro-shield waterproof construction, which combines waterproof materials with seam sealing as well as a waterproof insole. Therefore, even when the weather is damp outside, you can still attend to your chores comfortably if are wearing these dress shoes.

Their slip-resistant rubber outsoles provide excellent traction. Whether you are walking on wet or greasy surfaces, you can focus on whatever you are doing, without worrying about slipping. Finding style and comfort, combined with waterproofing features is rare. However, Rockport has gone beyond the obvious, by coming up with these comfortable dress shoes for wide feet.


[jtemplate template=”standingshoes0″ title=”Cole Haan Men’s Original Grand Shortwing Oxford” asin=”B06W5V4Z49″ pros=”Stylish and comfortable|Lightweight” cons=”Inserts wrinkle after some time” imageurl=””]

Would you rather look good or feel good? Well, you don’t have to choose one over the other, thanks to these shoes. The Cole Haan Grand Shortwing Oxford combines exceptional style with comfort. They will make your day easier while keeping your feet happier with their cushioned footbeds and lightweight feel. You can wear these all day without experiencing any discomfort.

So, why is everyone talking about these shoes? From the fit to the style, you will love absolutely everything about these oxfords. Their responsive energy foam delivers exceptional levels of comfort throughout the day while advanced technology throughout the footbed ensures that the shoe conforms to your foot. In short, these have been engineered to deliver the perfect balance between comfort and style. They are among the most comfortable dress shoes for standing, thanks to their EVA midsoles and rubber outsoles.

If you want to make a statement in your next meeting, these are the shoes to step out with. The good news is that you can combine them with a wide range of outfits in your wardrobe, thanks to their versatility. In short, if style and comfort are what you are looking for, then you will never go wrong with these dress shoes.


[jtemplate template=”standingshoes0″ title=”Orthofeet Gramercy Comfort Wide Diabetic Plantar Fasciitis Mens Orthopedic Dress Shoes” asin=”B004NSAD48″ pros=”Ample arch support|Supportive and comfortable” cons=”Quite pricey” imageurl=””]

If you work in the corporate world, you will require a pair of shoes to match your formal outfit. However, not everyone has healthy feet, and this is where this pair of shoes comes in. The Orthofeet Gramercy features a combination of therapeutic detailing and athletic footwear technology, which makes them one of the most comfortable dress shoes for plantar fasciitis, hammertoes, pronation, bunions and other foot conditions.

These shoes come with contoured orthotic insoles, which have been combined with anatomical support, as well as gel padded heel sets. With this combination of features, these shoes can alleviate pain on your feet, knees, hips, and back. They also come with a lightweight sole, featuring air cushioning technology to add spring to your step while reducing underfoot impact. On the other hand, the Ergonomic-Stride technology used in these shoes makes them stable while facilitating proper foot motion.

Due to their anatomical arch support, you no longer have to worry about working with uncomfortable shoes. In addition, their extra depth design, as well as a roomy toe box eliminates pressure and pain on bunions. With the Oxford Gramercy, you have the perfect pair of dress shoes that you can comfortably wear to work.


[jtemplate template=”standingshoes0″ title=”Anthony Veer Mens Clinton Cap-toe Oxford Leather Shoe in Goodyear Welted Construction” asin=”B071NW4B82″ pros=”Exceptionally durable|High quality shoes” cons=”Inaccurate sizing” imageurl=””]

Featuring full grain leather upper, Goodyear welt construction, leather lined insoles and durable and resolable leather outsoles, the Anthony Veer Men’s Clinton are just what you need when it comes to dress shoes. The full-grain leather used on the uppers is strong and durable while the tight grain texture and structure resists moisture. Also, the finish gives you a luxurious and stylish look and feel. In addition, the full grain, calf-skin leather upper, molds to your feet after some time for a comfortable walking experience.

Goodyear welt construction is one of the best in the shoe industry. And with this construction, you can rest easy knowing that these shoes will serve you for a long period, without any issues. Furthermore, the soles are resolable, which means you can have them replaced and prolong the duration of your shoes. It’s simply solid and elegant.



Top 10 Best Comfortable Dress Shoes for Women

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[jtemplate template=”standingshoes0″ title=”CLARKS Women’s Rosalyn Adele Slip-On Loafer” asin=”B00T3J0ASG” pros=”Comfortable and stylish pumps” cons=”Leather peels if not properly maintained” imageurl=””]

If you are looking for comfortable dress shoes for standing, then you have found a match. Their comfort features include soft synthetic linings, Ortholite footbed, stretch gores and underfoot cushioning. The Ortholite footbed delivers unmatched comfort and superior cushioning. Also, this footbed is highly breathable and moisture wicking, thus helping to keep your feet cool at all times.

On the other hand, the underfoot cushioning absorbs and distributes weight from the body, thus minimizing pressure to your feet. Whenever you wear these shoes, you step into a new world of comfort and, without sacrificing your style. If you don’t want to look overly dressy or too casual, then these are the shoes you should wear. These are also sturdy and well-built, which means they will be your walking companions for a long time.

Even if you have wide feet, these dress shoes will manage to make your feet look normal-sized. On top of that, their heel is just the perfect size for working and standing for many hours, while maintaining your stylish side. You can either dress them up or down, thanks to their versatility. And when you consider they come from the legendary Clarks, you can be sure that you are purchasing a great pair of shoes.


[jtemplate template=”standingshoes0″ title=”Cole Haan Women’s Tali Grand Lace Wedge 40 Pump” asin=”B00TEAAREG” pros=”Cute and extremely comfortable|High quality materials and construction” cons=”They tend to run narrow” imageurl=””]

Featuring a modern, stylish edge, you will struggle to find a pair of dress shoes as comfortable as the Cole Haan wedge 40 pumps. Unlike other dress shoes, these don’t require a break-in period. They are ready to wear straight out of the box. And they are so comfortable that you might even forget you are wearing dress shoes. You will no longer suffer from blisters or aching backs, as long as you are wearing these pumps. Apart from that, the height of the heel platform is just perfect for wedges – not too high or too low.

If you love wedges, but you have been avoiding them at work due to slipping, then you now have a perfect solution. These dress shoes conform to the curve of your feet. When that happens, you will not encounter any form of slipping. Also, the fully padded sock lining protects your foot from rubbing against the shoe – for additional comfort. As a bonus, their sole doesn’t make noise on the floor while you are walking.


[jtemplate template=”standingshoes0″ title=”Earth Women’s Wanderlust Dress Pump” asin=”B00I8QRV7I” pros=”Supportive and comfortable|Classy, stylish and attractive” cons=”Sizing issues” imageurl=””]

If you work in an environment where you have to wear dress shoes, then you need the right pair of shoes to protect your feet from sores and fatigue. Purchasing a pair of the Earth Women’s Wanderlust dress pump shoes will change your life completely. These comfortable dress shoes with arch support come with a cushy and soft feel, thus ensuring you will not feel pain or any form of discomfort, even after spending the entire day on your feet.

Another great feature of these shoes is that they are stylish and cute, thus making them perfect for wearing to the office. However, they are also stylish enough for casual events such as shopping, strolling in your neighborhood or just enjoying your day, wherever you might be. Also, these are ready to wear straight from the box. They don’t require any break-in period, as long as you purchase your size. You just slip them on, adjust the buckle to secure them on your feet, and you are ready to start your day.

You don’t have to worry anymore about blisters or pinching. These pumps come with a soft lining, as well as properly-designed upper, which prevents the common issues associated with dress shoes. Furthermore, they are highly versatile, since you can combine them with almost any outfit. From nicely fitted jeans to a flowing sundress, you can never run out of options with these pumps. Their grip and traction are also excellent, and you can walk briskly to the office to start your day without worrying about slipping. These comfortable dress shoes for ladies will give you a stylish look without sacrificing your comfort.


[jtemplate template=”standingshoes0″ title=”Poetic Licence Women’s Backlash Dress Pump” asin=”B00LN4JAGW” pros=”Cute and comfortable|Well constructed” cons=”Run quite narrow” imageurl=””]

The Poetic Licence Women’s Backlash is beautifully made and gorgeous dress pumps, featuring a blend of an oxford with a feminine touch. Whenever you step out with these shoes, people will always stop you to adore your shoes. These are remarkably well constructed, stylish and comfortable. You can wear them for an entire day without suffering from sore feet or blisters.

These also come with great arch support with a gel padding at the front to keep your toes comfortable. With these shoes, you will get plenty of compliments and envious looks in equal measure. With their classic and stylish appeal, you can combine them with different outfits thanks to their versatility. You can wear them to an evening party or stroll comfortably in town with them. Whichever you way you choose to wear them, these pumps will always keep your feet happy.


[jtemplate template=”standingshoes0″ title=”Rockport Cobb Hill Women’s Shayla Dress Pump” asin=”B00SK49PHM” pros=”Comfortable, stylish and cute|Amazing arch support” cons=”They run quite large” imageurl=””]

If you are looking for comfortable dress shoes for high arches, then these pumps will suit your needs perfectly. Similar to other Rockport shoes, every element of the Women’s Shayla dress pump has been precisely designed to provide flexibility in all directions. If your job involves moving a lot, then you will appreciate having this pair of shoes on your feet. Also, their outsoles are designed in a way that supports the natural motion of your foot, thus preventing common pronation issues.

Their heel platform comes with nice height, and it will not throw your foot forward. You can wear them all day, climb stairs, move from one place to the other, and wear them all day without any sign of discomfort. Finding comfortable dress shoes for high arches can sometimes be challenging. However, with these pumps, you will no longer experience painful feet due to insufficient arch support. Also, these shoes have a roomy toe box. Apart from allowing your toes to move freely, your feet will not feel squished.


[jtemplate template=”standingshoes0″ title=”Rockport Cobb Hill Women’s Gemma-Ch Mary Jane” asin=”B00IFPBTB6″ pros=”Comfortable and secure fit|Stylish and dressy|Easy to wear” cons=”Not for narrow heels” imageurl=””]

When it comes to comfort and style, you can always trust these Mary Jane pumps to deliver when it matters. They are made of high-quality leather, which provides ample support and protection to your feet. These also come with a cushioned EVA midsole, which helps to provide additional underfoot comfort and support. If you are standing or traveling all day, then you will appreciate having these shoes on your feet. They make it easy to carry out your tasks. The good news is that you can pair them with a wide range of outfits, for a casual or official look.

These shoes come with a removable EVA footbed, which can accommodate custom orthotics. On the other hand, their roomy toe box gives your toes the freedom they need to wiggle while ensuring proper air circulation throughout the foot. If you are looking for comfortable women’s shoes for bunions, these pumps are highly recommended. For a secure fit, these Mary Janes have a hook-and-loop closure. With these shoes, a steady step is guaranteed with their traction TR sole.


[jtemplate template=”standingshoes0″ title=”Jambu Women’s Bombay Encore Dress Pump” asin=”B072844G5F” pros=”Perfect for comfort and support|{Cute and stylish” cons=”Run small” imageurl=””]

Spice up your wardrobe with these casual pumps from Jambu Footwear. Whether you are strolling along the beach, traveling the world, or simply navigating the city, these shoes will keep you comfortable and stylish, wherever you go. They are designed to add some flair and color to your everyday life.

These comfortable shoes for back and feet problems come with full traction outsoles, which provide a firm grip regardless of the surface you are walking on. Also, their non-marking soles will not produce squeaks while walking on concrete surfaces or tiles. The adjustable straps fitted on these shoes conform to the shape of your feet for a comfortable and secure fit, while enhancing their beauty.

Comfort is vital when it comes to dress shoes for women. The Jambu Women’s Bombay Encore dress pumps feature memory foam footbeds, which conform to your feet to allow continuous support and comfort for as long as they are on your feet.


[jtemplate template=”standingshoes0″ title=”BeautiFeel Women’s Daisy Dress Sandal” asin=”B016MUJXXG” pros=”Comfortable and trendy|Durable and versatile” cons=”None” imageurl=””]

Designed with a cushy footbed and supple upper materials, your feet will feel as fresh as a daisy, even after spending an entire day with these shoes. BeautiFeel is one of the best brands when it comes to casual shoes, and you will love the exceptional quality that comes with these sandals. Apart from their high-quality leather, their design will make you look and feel good – even if you are over the 50s.

Also, these are highly breathable. They prevent accumulation of sweat and perspiration while allowing fresh air to bathe your feet, for that comfortable feel. These are also trendy and stylish. You can wear them for a dinner date, a meet with your friends or combine them with a pantsuit to attend a business meeting.

These dress shoes are designed for everyday use, thanks to their exceptional versatility. You will also notice that they are comfortable straight out of the box. In short, you don’t need to break them in, as long as you get your sizing correct. Also, they are lightweight, and you will sometimes feel as if you are walking on pillows or clouds. If you are planning to go on a vacation during the summer, don’t leave these beauties behind.


[jtemplate template=”standingshoes0″ title=”ECCO Women’s Women’s Shape 35 Block Heel Dress Sandal” asin=”B01I6C4I06″ pros=”Comfortable footbed|Light and flexible” cons=”Run quite narrow” imageurl=””]

Complete your summer look with these trendy and stylish sandals. These flexible and light sandals feature rich leather uppers and a hardwearing sole. Their molded anatomical footbed, combined with premium leather sock lining ensures that your feet are always comfortable, regardless of whether you spend the entire day walking or standing in these shoes.

With their open, upper design, you can expect nothing less than the utmost levels of breathability and comfort. These are easy to wear since you just need to adjust the leather strap according to your preferred fit. Thanks to their anatomical shank on either side, you will enjoy all-day comfort without suffering from blisters or sore feet. The leather used on the upper is supple, and it will conform to the shape of your foot with maximum ease. In fact, you don’t even require a break-in period, since they are ready to wear straight from the box.


[jtemplate template=”standingshoes0″ title=”Beautifeel Women’s Maisy Dress Pump” asin=”B016MULQB8″ pros=”Trendy and comfortable|High quality construction” cons=”None” imageurl=””]

The Beautifeel Maisy women’s dress shoes are a touch above the rest when it comes to comfort and elegance. They are designed for the career woman, who prefers a casual approach in office wear. As much as these comfortable dress shoes for women might be slightly expensive than others in the class, you can rest assured that you will get value for your money.

These are a great investment if you are planning to attend occasional events such as weddings. If you are looking for a pair of dress shoes that will not leave you with blisters and sore feet after a prolonged day at work, then you should consider this option. You will love their ample cushioning, which acts as a shock absorber. On the other hand, the elastic strap saves you time, since you don’t have to deal with buckling and to unbuckle every time you are wearing or removing them.



Comfort Dress Shoes Buying Guide

People buy dress shoes for various reasons. Some buy to suit their style, others buy due to peer pressure while others buy because they are trending. However, when it comes to buying dress shoes, you should ensure they are comfortable, they fit well, and they will not fall apart after a few months. As you probably know, ill-fitting dress shoes are always uncomfortable.

Furthermore, they may lead to foot conditions such as blisters and sores. On the other hand, poorly constructed or low-quality shoes will need to be frequently replaced, which can be costly. Here are some tips to help you find the perfect pair of dress shoes for your feet.


Just as their name suggests, comfort is vital when it comes to dress shoes in this category. They should have a super soft interior, as well as ample padding. Also, these shoes should have enough breathability to ensure optimal air circulation to your feet. Without sufficient air circulation, you might end up with bad odors as well as accumulation of bacteria inside your shoes.

Therefore, these dress shoes need to be properly aerated. They also need to have provisions for wicking away sweat and perspiration, to ensure your feet remain fresh and cool at all times. In most situations, you will be wearing these shoes for long periods. Therefore, comfort ought to be your main consideration.


Dress shoes are perfect both for formal and casual events. This means that you can wear them to dinner dates, to the shopping center, or to your workplace. Therefore, versatility should also be your goal when it comes to buying comfortable dress shoes. Unless your profession is ultra-conservative, dress shoes should not lean too much on one side.

It’s always advisable to strike a balance between casual or formal. You can find numerous options out there, which balance between office and casual. You just need to go for one that suits your needs. However, ensure you stay away from bright colors since they tend to create a visual distraction.

Also, dress shoes with bright colors are not allowed in some work environments, which means you can only wear them during casual events. On the other hand, black shoes tend to be too formal. If you want something in between, go for brown.

Brown dress shoes are easy to dress up or down. You can wear them with a suit for a corporate event or combine them with chinos or jeans for a casual feel.


Just like other shoes, your pair of comfortable dress shoes should not be too loose or too tight at any point. You need to ensure they fit correctly at all times. Don’t get carried away by a stylish but uncomfortable shoe, hoping that you will eventually break them in.

If they feel uncomfortable after wearing them for two to three days, there is a high chance that they will never be suitable for your feet. The front of the shoe should also have enough space to allow the toes to wiggle freely. If your feet feel squished, then you should avoid purchasing that pair of shoes.

They should not pinch you anywhere. On the other hand, they should not be too loose to the point that your foot slips forward while you are walking. Loose shoes can also lead to blisters. They are also uncomfortable to walk with. D is usually the normal shoe size.

However, most dress shoes run from AAA to EEEE. AAA is the smallest while EEEE is the widest. Ensure you know your correct foot size before placing an order. If the sides of the shoe are pressing tightly against your feet, then you should opt for a wider fit. You should also consider whether you will be wearing these shoes with socks. If you intend to wear them with socks at some point, then you should go up half an inch.


As noted earlier, comfortable dress shoes can be worn for casual or formal events. This means that they also need to be stylish, apart from being comfortable. Go for a pair of shoes that reflects your personality. You also need to consider your wardrobe as well as the choice of your outfits.

Avoid trends as much as you can since you will no longer wear such shoes when their season is over. When it comes to comfortable dress shoes for men and women, you need to avoid clunky-looking models. Apart from being unattractive, most of them add unnecessary bulk. Only buy clunky models if you don’t have any other option, due to a foot condition you may have.

Materials and Construction

When buying dress shoes, it’s advisable to choose natural materials instead of synthetic, if your budget allows. Natural materials come with a wide range of benefits. For instance, shoes made of natural leather breathe efficiently, last longer and look better as they age as compared to faux leather or other synthetic materials.

Go for shoes made of full-grain leather. As much as they might cost more, they will last longer, thus saving you money in the long term. On the other hand, shoes made of synthetic materials tend to be cheaper. However, they tend to fall apart fast, thus necessitating frequent replacements. If your feet sweat excessively after wearing shoes for a long period, then you should only wear dress shoes made of full-grain leather.

As for construction, welt construction tends to be more durable as compared to cement construction. In welt construction, the sole of the shoe is sewn to the upper using sturdy threads. You can re-sole welted shoes, and they can last for many years. In cemented shoes, the sole and the upper are held together by glue.

The Goodyear welt construction is often regarded as the gold standard when it comes to construction of shoes. However, if your shoes feature cement construction, you can always take them to a cobbler near you, who will reinforce the sole and the upper using a threading technique.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are numerous things to consider when purchasing comfortable dress shoes. The most important thing is to ensure you buy a pair of shoes that suits your unique situation. Ensure your preferred option is comfortable, stylish and durable. Also, ensure you follow the appropriate maintenance procedure as recommended by the manufacturer.

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