How to Select The Best Shoes For Standing All Day

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Do you stand almost the entire day at work? Well, it would be worth knowing that there are up to five different kinds of health problems that you could face just because of this. Plantar fasciitis, varicose veins, bunions, slouched posture, and preterm delivery (for expectant women) are just some of them. However, the main reason why there isn’t a public debate on the removal of jobs that require workers to stand all day is because they do not cause great health risks if you keep fit. Apart from that, employers also advice workers to wear comfortable shoes. Before we look at some of the features that you should consider, let’s first review why you need to select the best shoes first.

Why Selecting The Best Shoes Is Important

The kinds of shoes you pick will most certainly dictate how your body weight is distributed to your feet. High heel shoes, for example, will tend to distribute your weight towards the tip of your feet and encourage the development of bunions. The uneven distribution of weight will also be a contributing factor to the development of plantar fasciitis. Shoes themselves are also designed to handle your body weight differently. The shoes that you would typically use for jogging may not be the same you would use in a factory or a construction yard, because shoes for running are meant to make you feel light and swift while the ones to use in a factory focus on safety. For those who spend most parts of their day standing, equal weight distribution is of great importance because it ensures that you do not strain any of the important muscles on your feet. In addition, choosing perfect fitting shoes will also help reduce the chances of developing other conditions, since one has to consider important factors, such as breathability, before making the purchase.

Features to Consider

1.      Padding and Cushioning

Shoes that are generously padded and cushioned are ideal for standing all day because they focus on long-term comfort. Well-padded shoes give your feet a comfortable resting surface on which any types of strain you would experience in other shoes would be minimal. In addition, well-padded shoes tend to help with equal weight distribution on your feet. People with a high arch on their feet, for example, would benefit from well-padded shoes as they give a comfortable feel compared to one that lacks any kind of padding. In any case the padding is not sufficient because of the shape or size of your feet, you could also bump up the cushioning by using gel inserts. These also keep your feet feeling cool and fresh and this is something you would greatly need if you are to stand all day.

2.      Lightweight

Your feet are bound to feel incredibly heavy if you are always standing up. You would want shoes that almost feel weightless when working. While there are some people who believe lightweight shoes offer little protection, it would be worth noting that modern designs have enabled shoes to be light and sturdy. As the focus is usually on comfort and protection, shoe manufacturers use light material for both the main body of the shoes and the sole.

3.      Shock Absorption and Hight Traction

Accidents do happen at the workplace, and good shoes should ensure that your safety comes first. As such, you should invest in shoes that have slip resistant outsoles which ensure that you are always up on your feet and regardless of the surface you are on. Traction will be primarily important if you constantly work on wet surfaces as normal shoes would easily fail in such situations. Shoe manufacturers equally increase the grips on these shoes by ensuring they have anti-slip treads to give you that much needed stability. If you do fall, these shoes should equally guarantee that all energy is transferred to the feet, thus giving you the ultimate control.

4.      Breathability

This is often overlooked especially for people working in wet areas or environments that are generally damp. Proper ventilation will allow for circulation of air which in turn creates an ideal environment for your feet. If you happen to be suffering from athlete’s foot, for instance, breathability is something you should greatly consider. This is because standing all day will make your feet sweaty and in turn accelerate the fungal infection. However, if the shoes offer decent breathability, the air circulation will reduce dampness and thus keep things in check. Even if you aren’t suffering from any fungal infection, letting sweat to build up on your feet could become a potential health hazard in the long run.

5.      Arch Support

Many people tend to overlook this while selecting shoes. Apart from your shoes offering you enough cushioning, they should also provide ample support for you heel and arch. Since we all have different foot shapes, you should strive to find a pair of shoes that balances your weight evenly despite your arch. Without wearing shoes, people with a high arch on their feet are more likely to exert most of their weight on fragile ligaments such as the plantar fascia. In the long run, your arches become weakened and you could end up with even more complications like the collapsed foot bones. You should probably look for shoes that are generous when it comes to arch support as they help keep the stress at bay while reducing your overall fatigue.


Selecting shoes for any occasion is usually easy as all you need to do is keep up with appearances and look stylish, but it is far different if you are to stand all day. One must consider factors like the shape of his/her foot and the arch his/her foot makes. All in all, selecting the best shoes for standing all day will mostly focus on comfort as any shoe that is lightweight, provides plenty of breathability, is well-padded, and is lightweight is most certainly ideal. However, you too should remember that finding the perfect shoes for standing all day only solves one problem. You should also engage in exercises to ease the stress on the muscles on your feet.

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