Top 10 Best Ballroom Dance Shoes for Men & Women

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If there’s any place where people feel the need to shine, it has to be the ballroom. You’ve taken many lessons and have practiced many hours with your significant other. Now you’re ready to impress all the other ballroom guests. And if you’re not going to be the best dancer, then at least you can be the most stylish one!

If you’re trying to improve your appearances in the ballroom, then there is no better way to start than with the best footwear your hard earned money can buy. So now the question becomes, what kind of shoes do you need? It depends on many factors.

Do you have narrow feet or wide ones? Do you have flat feet, or do you have a high arch? Our guide below helps you pick and choose which dancing shoes are going to be best for you!

Top 5 Best Ballroom Dance Shoes for Women

TTdancewear Women Red Rhinestone Ballroom Dance Shoes Latin Salsa Performance Dance Shoes 8 Red-2.5inch Heels

TTdancewear Women Red Rhinestone Ballroom Dance Shoes Latin Salsa Performance Dance Shoes 8 Red-2.5inch Heels

Do you want a convenient way to improve your ballroom dancing skills? Well, we highly recommend the TTdancewear Women Rhinestone Ballroom shoes. Made using satin and crystal materials, you have a shoe that offers many unique benefits. Not only are these shoes comfortable, but they also have a stylish appeal.

Even more, the shoes have a suede sole, which is both durable and suitable for longevity purposes. The last thing you want is a pair of shoes that look appealing for a few days only. However, with these TTdance wear shoes, you are sure of many months of comfortable ballroom dancing performances.

The way in which your shoes fit is crucial towards your performance as a dancer, and you are covered when you have these shoes. Why? These shoes also have a unique strapping design to provide a snug fit. To be specific, the shoes feature quick-release buckles, which you can strap around your feet.

The buckles also make it easy to customize the size of the shoe, to suit the size of your foot. Thus, your feet stay comfortable all night as you enjoy dancing activities. The makers of these shoes also seem to have an understanding of the importance of owning lightweight and comfortable shoes.

For this reason, these shoes are lightweight, without adding any unnecessary weight to your feet.

Bloch Women's Annabella Ballroom Shoe, Natural, 8

Bloch Women's Annabella Ballroom Shoe, Natural, 8

Discover the excellence of the Bloch Dance Annabella Ballroom shoe, which is both comfortable and stylish. Designed to suit the needs of both professionals and novice dancers, these shoes are an excellent addition to your dancing regimen. And it's easy to see why!

For instance, the shoes are made using only 100% leather material, which is durable and highly comfortable as well. To make things better, the soft and durable leather upper with a covered heel offers exceptional design aesthetics. It's durable and suitable for use on the delicate floors that you will find in most dancerooms today.

It’s a light and functional shoe, which is suitable for various applications. You will find it ideal for social dancing, teaching professions, and even for use as a student. To make things better, the shoe has a low and broad heel that offers optimal stability benefits. This way, you will find this shoe comfortable to use, even on unstable floors.

The benefits of these best ballroom shoes do not end there! When choosing ballroom shoes, comfort should be one of the top factors on your list. You should also expect a cushioned insole and flexible outsole, to make them comfortable to move with your feet. The shoe also has a rich history in the ballet room dancing shoe category, dating as far back as 1930.

OCHENTA Women's Sequined Leather Pointed Toe Kitten Heel Latin Ballroom Dance Shoes

OCHENTA Women's Sequined Leather Pointed Toe Kitten Heel Latin Ballroom Dance Shoes

Comfortable, stylish and unique. These are just some of the few benefits you can expect when you have the OCHENTA Women`s Sequined Leather Shoes. These are shoes that boast of all the unique features you need to make a good impression with your dancing skills.

Manufactured using PU leather, these shoes provide the best of both worlds. How is this exactly? Well, aside from offering outstanding shoe aesthetics, the leather is durable, and offers optimal longevity benefits. Even more, quality does not end there when you have a pair of these dance shoes. Why? The interior section features a faux suede insole material, which provides a host of unique user benefits. These include making the shoe comfortable, and also helping to reduce discomfort that arises for intensive dancing sessions.

Nothing is better than when you have shoes that provide diverse design features and functionalities. For instance, these shoes come with two types of outsole. These are the faux suede outsole, which are suitable for indoors, and the rubber outsole which is ideal for indoors wear. Yes, you should know that dance room shoes are often tailored specifically for indoor use. However, with these shoes, you get to enjoy convenience in choosing customized options.

Also, the closed toe design of the shoe is stylish, and it also has a cross strap for snug fit.

CLEECLI Women's Ballroom Dance Shoes Latin Salsa Dance Shoes T-Strap Sandals 2.5 Inch Heel ZB01(7,Black-2.5 Inch Heel)

CLEECLI Women's Ballroom Dance Shoes Latin Salsa Dance Shoes T-Strap Sandals 2.5 Inch Heel ZB01(7,Black-2.5 Inch Heel)

You need good shoes if you want to become the best at ballroom dancing. Thus, this is why the CLEECLI Women's Ballroom Dance Shoes are perfect for your needs. The quality of soles you choose for your ballroom dancing activities is crucial, and the makers of this shoe have you covered. Featuring soles that are made using soft suede material, these shoes offer a unique blend of style and comfort. More so, the shoes are also crafted using lightweight materials that won't add any unnecessary weight to your feet.

You will also be pleased with the outstanding exterior finish of these shoes. Thanks to the high elastic midsole, these shoes keep you stable regardless of your body weight, and dancing technique. The CLEECLI Shoe brand has also done well to include sweat absorption suede insole and soft, breathable lining. This way, you won't have to worry about sweating on your feet and issues such as microbials.

While these shoes are designed to be rugged, they are soft to touch and exceptionally appealing. You will also find them easy to maintain, all thanks to the stain resistant finish, and soft breathable lining in the insole. With such a unique combination of design features, it's easy to see why these shoes are perfect for different applications. Aside from ballroom dancing, you can use them for dance parties, weddings, practices, and more.

Very Fine Women's Alexandria Latin Salsa Tango Ballroom Waltz Dance Shoe, Copper Tan, 5

Very Fine Women's Alexandria Latin Salsa Tango Ballroom Waltz Dance Shoe, Copper Tan, 5

You can easily become a professional or successful dance when you have the correct shoes. Thus, this is why we recommend the Women's Salsa Tango Salsa Shoes Sera7017EB Comfortable for your needs. The shoes are lightweight and suitable for intensive dancing demands. The shoes are not only comfortable for dancing, but they are also comfortable and stylish. Thus, they let you dance with style and comfort each time.

The makers of these shoes have also taken shoe performance to a whole new level by incorporating unique design features. For instance, the shoes come with a quick release buckle, which makes them comfortable and flexible enough for different feet widths. You should remember that the quality of support provided by your dance shoes is crucial for your performance. Thus, this is why this shoe is tailor-made to provide optimal support when dancing. It has a minimal shank that offers optimal support, especially if you have to use the shoes for many hours.

To make things better, the shoe also has various other comfort features you should consider. For instance, the cushioned insole offers optimal shock absorption, to make these shoes suitable for different types of floor surfaces. Best of all, you will also appreciate the various additional accessories that are available with these shoes, such as the shoe brush.

As an Amazon Associate, we may receive a small commission from qualifying purchases but at no extra cost to you.

Top 5 Best Ballroom Dance Shoes for Men

Capezio mens Sd103 dance shoes, Black, 6.5 US

Capezio mens Sd103 dance shoes, Black, 6.5 US

Getting the correct pair shoes is among some of the critical factors for success in ballroom dancing. Thus, the Capezio Men's SD103 Social Dance Shoe should a be right way for you to start enjoying your dancing activities. Made using 100% synthetic, these shoes are both durable and convenient for your dancing needs.

Even more, they have a sole suede construction, which also offers optimal comfort benefits for your dancing needs. The suede sole is also highly appealing and does well to complement the overall aesthetics of the shoe. The use of suede on this shoe does not stop there! You can also expect a suede-covered bottom, which offers optimal shock absorption benefits.

The makers of this shoe have done well to breathe quality into literally every aspect of this shoe. The insole also features a shock-absorbing sponge, to make it suitable for people with large heel widths as well.
You will also appreciate the unique lace-up design in faux leather, which makes the shoe stand out from the rest of your wardrobe. To make things better, you can also forget about sweating when you have these pairs of shoes. Why? Well, they have a moisture absorbent lining that helps keep your foot dry, even during intensive dancing sessions.

BeiBestCoat Men’s Classic Lace-up Leather Dance Shoes Modern Dancing Shoes, Black (7 D (M) US / 39)

BeiBestCoat Men’s Classic Lace-up Leather Dance Shoes Modern Dancing Shoes, Black (7 D (M) US / 39)

Ever wondered why you have not really achieved mastery in ballroom dancing? Well, it may because you have not yet found excellent shoes. Thus, we also recommend the BeiBestCoat Men’s Classic Lace Up Shoes for ballroom dancing regimen. These shoes provide the ideal combination of features you need to become a master at dancing. It does not matter whether its style, comfort or functionality. You are always covered when you have a pair of these best ballroom dance shoes.

As one of the best ballroom dancing shoes on the market, you can expect these shoes to have a heavy-duty construction. To be specific, it features a durable and high-quality foam construction, that ensures the sole won’t deform easy. Remember that the quality of the outsole is a crucial aspect of the perfect shoe for your dancing needs. Thus, the outsole is waterproof, and won't slip to help you maintain optimal balance levels.

A good shoe has unique additional features to help take your dancing experience to the next level. Thus, this shoe has a strengthened counter that is made using steel. This way, it's durable and also provides added protection to your ankle. Even more, the premium leather vamp construction and comfortable insole, all take your overall comfort to the next level. The shoe also has exquisite workmanship, which lets you dance and enjoy your leisure time with style.

Gogodance Men's Boys Breathable Ballroom Dance Shoes Latin Jazz Tango Waltz Black Leather Shoes (6.5US/38)

Gogodance Men's Boys Breathable Ballroom Dance Shoes Latin Jazz Tango Waltz Black Leather Shoes (6.5US/38)

The Gogodance Men's Boys Breathable Dance shoes are perfect for various dancing techniques and applications. Made using premium leather for the vamp, these shoes are smooth and skin-friendly. Even more, the Gogodance brand has done well to ensure the shoe is highly ventilated – perfect for immersive dancing activities.

To be specific, the shoes have many air holes, that provide optimal breathability benefits. Remember that ventilation is crucial for ballroom dancing, especially the excessive temperatures during summer months.

More so, the quality construction of this shoe is evident in various aspects. The outstanding quality of the Gogodance shoes will bring you comfortable enjoyment. Also, the makers of this shoe have done well to include human engineering footwear prospects. Thus, the shoe will accentuate your leg length, while also ensuring you are still stylish and graceful. While this shoe might be compact and breathable, it's durable to withstand wear and tear associated with regular use.

A good shoe has to have a good sole for optimal stability when in use. Even more, the shoe has a lightweight and anti-slip outsole, which is ideal for use on indoor floors. You will also appreciate the cushioned heel and soft suede sole, which take comfort benefits to a whole new level. Yes, with such a unique outsole construction, you will find it easy to perform smooth stepping and turns when dancing. Also suitable for jazz dancing!

NLeahershoe Breathable Lace-up Dancing Leather Latin Shoes for Men Salsa, Tango,Ballroom,Viennese Waltz (11 D(M) US) Black

NLeahershoe Breathable Lace-up Dancing Leather Latin Shoes for Men Salsa, Tango,Ballroom,Viennese Waltz (11 D(M) US) Black

Equip yourself with the NLeahershoe Breathable Lace-Up Dancing Shoe. Why? Well, this shoe provides the perfect combination of features you need to become an excellent dance. For instance, the Dancing shoe features a flexible leather material construction, to make them suitable for large foot widths.

To back this feature, the premium leather construction is smooth and skin-friendly. If you are planning on spending many hours on the dancefloor, you will appreciate the highly ventilated design of the shoe. It has several air holes to provide optimal ventilation benefits.

Plus, the unique design of this shoe also means that it conforms to the size of your foot length. This way, you have a graceful and stylish shoe that will take your dancing performance to the next level. This shoe also has a perforated upper structure, that makes it breathable. Therefore, you feet get adequate ventilation, especially if you use them during the hot summer months.

Besides that, the NLeajershoe brand has taken things to a whole new level by ensuring the shoes are made using environmentally friendly materials. The shoes also have an anti-slip and lightweight outsole that improves the fit of the shoe to your feet. With these shoes, you not only look stylish, but you will also become much more graceful with your dance moves.

DLisiting Latin Dance Shoes Mens Black Leather Ballroom Modern Dancing Shoes (US10.5)

DLisiting Latin Dance Shoes Mens Black Leather Ballroom Modern Dancing Shoes (US10.5)

This list would not have been complete without the DLisiting Latin Dance Shoes for men. Made using high-quality leather material, these shoes are both durable and perfect for four different types of dancing.

The shoes are exceptionally compact, and without causing any compromise on the overall durability of the shoe. What is better than stylish dance footwear that is easy to maintain and clean? Well, that is what you can expect when you have a pair of these dance shoes.

You will also love the unique lace-up design of the shoe, which makes it easy to wear, and also offers a snug fit. To make things better, these shoes have a durable outsole construction, which is both comfortable and suitable for use in dance studios.

Similar to all high-end ballroom dance shoes you may find on the market, these shoes have a little break-in time required. Thus, you should expect the shoe to conform to your feet fully within a few sessions of dancing.

When shopping for excellent shoes for your needs, remember to check the interior construction quality. Why? Because comfortable footwear will take your performance to the next level. Thus, the internal section of the shoe is roomy and well ventilated – perfect for immersive dancing activities.

As an Amazon Associate, we may receive a small commission from qualifying purchases but at no extra cost to you.

Factors to Consider When Buying Ballroom Dance Shoes

What are Dance Shoes?

These shoes have specific design features to suit particular dancing techniques and activities. Usually, they have designs that are focused on comfort, compactness and style as well. Remember that, getting the correct footwear is vital for your dancing regimen.

To be precise, ballroom dancing shoes can play a significant role in your performance as a dance. Even more, the correct dance shoes will also make a good impression on other dancers, while also letting you move around with style.

Usually, the best shoes also have unique soles, which make them comfortable to use on dance floors. As such, you won’t necessarily want to use these shoes on outdoor surfaces, such as when walking to the bus stop. These are shoes which are particularly suited for use indoors, and on specific types of dancing floors.

More so, the style of dancing you prefer also comes into play when selecting dance shoes. Usually, women’s shoes often have an open toe, while the men’s footwear is closed in structure.

How Should I Buy My Ballroom Dance Shoes?

Checking the Sole

Most if not all, dance room shoes have delicate soles, which are often made using suede or leather. Other types may feature leather or resin-based sole materials. A sole made using suede provides various benefits for a dancer. It provides the ideal amount of comfort while also maintaining your grip on the floor.

Even more, suede soles are also durable and can improve your comfort as you move around. Footwear that has excellent soles will help you avoid any heel spur injuries or blisters.

Checking the Sole Material

The common materials for dance shoes today are leather, patent leather and canvas. Plain leather is ideal because it has many benefits over other types of material. The leather should be stiff in structure, which ensures the shoe maintains its original shape for a long duration.

More so, it’s a material that also needs a small amount of maintenance, and added support to your foot. Also, leather is highly professional and goes well with different items in your wardrobe.

Check the Arch Support

Ballroom dancing is a form of activity that involves dynamic movement of the feet. For this reason, ensure that your shoes provide optimal arch support as you dance. Arch support is crucial because it’s one of the key pivot points of the body. Moreover, shoes that have poor arch support can lead to discomfort, especially during intensive dance sessions.

Furthermore, ensure that the padded lining of your shoe is firm and made using high-quality material. Also, good shoes come with a steel shank, to help provide added arch support and stability.

While you may want to appear stylish by putting on high heel shoes, you also have to consider safety as you move around. Ballroom dancing involves many techniques that require you to twist and turn in different ways. If you are a newbie, go for a heel that is low, such that it connects well with the ankle support mechanism. Also, the right heel is vital for maintaining stability, which helps reduces back issues from wearing poorly made shoes.

Checking for Shoes that Fit

It’s also vital that you go for shoes that provide the perfect fit for your needs. The shoes should not be overly tight, and just comfortable enough for you to wiggle your feet. Remember that both men and women had different requirements as a shoe fit goes. Men have to go for closed shoes, while women often have to go for shoes with open structures.

If you are shopping online, ensure that you keep track of the specific dimensions of your shoe. Remember, that the feet tend to get larger as the day progresses, and you have to also compensate for such an issue. Also, the fit of your shoe comes into play in your dance performances, especially if you are a professional dancer.

Whereas it is easy to go for a shoe fitting session when you shop instore, the opposite applies when you perform online shopping. Thus, you are advised to check the shoe size charts before you invest in a particular shoe brand. Also, getting the correct shoe helps you reduce any instances of slips or accidents that may occur on the dancefloor.

Flexibility and Safety

While there are many types of dance shoe materials, the common ones include patent leather, 100% leather, satin and canvas. That said, if you want optimal flexibility without compromising on style, then consider the types made using quality leather. Also, the ideal ballroom dancing shoes feature lightweight material, to make it easy to perform sharp turns or twists.

Also, the ideal show will provide optimal support and protection for the entire foot area. This includes the toe, ankle and feet during your dancing sessions.

Moreover, women dances should consider shoes with closed toe structures, to help protect the toenail from injury. Regardless of whether you are male or female dance, always go for comfortable shoes that provide optimal arch support for the feet. Your performance will improve!

Check for Additional Features

Nobody just wants the plain old dance shoe features. It’s good to go for a shoe that offers more value for your needs! Yes, that`s right, a good shoe brand has additions such as benevolent features, to make your dancing experiences outstanding. For instance, some shoes come with interior liners, which help control sweating and the occurrence of microbial.

Furthermore, consider going for shoes that provide the best of shock-absorbing features, especially if you dance regularly.


Shopping for a pair of ballroom dance shoes means that you have to consider a host of factors. These include the shapes, styles, designs and quality of available shoes. Plus, the price of your chosen shoe will depend on the purpose you want to use it for your needs. Some key questions to ask at this point might include:

  • Are you a beginner or an expert at dancing?
  • Do you want to dance regularly or occasionally?
  • On what type of floor will you be using the dance shoes?

Ballroom Dance Shoes FAQ

Why is not right for me to use regular shoes for dancing?

Dancing in your regular shoes is not restricted, but by doing so, you will make it difficult for yourself to use your feet correctly. Thus, you will be in a disadvantaged position, which is dangerous if you are engaged in professional dancing.

Regular street shoes are not as flexible as dance shoes, and they may also look out of place. Furthermore, dance shoes often have customized soles, such as those that are made using suede.

Thus, they provide just the right balance of flexibility in movement, a crucial aspect of ballroom dancing today. Moreover, some professional studios have specific requirements on the gear you can use on their property.

Which shoe size is correct? The standard street shoe size or larger?

Yes, you should order using normal street size shoes. Remember to keep track of the dimensions of your feet for the best results. Some specific shoe models also have an exception to this rule, so remember to keep track of that as well.

More so, remember that British sizing and European sizing for shoes is different. Using a shoe size conversion chart should be convenient for this purpose.

My feet are wider than normal. What are my options?

Yes, most companies perform the wide and narrow fitting procedures for their flagship shoe brands. However, you may only find such benefits from a well-known brand, and it may come at an extra cost. The shoe categories for people with wide feet are often few. A good recommendation would be to note your shoe size fittings and compare them with the products available at specific brands.

What is the difference between slim, flared, Cuban, Spanish and other heel styles?

Every brand provides different portfolios of heels, and you should keep track of these types as well. Below is a description of these common types:

  • Slim heels – ladies commonly wear these for ballroom and Latin American dancing activities. More so, the heels are not slim on the upper sections and are also highly fashionable.
  • Flared heels – these were first introduced to the consumer market by the International Dance Shoes Organization. Otherwise referred to as IDS heels, these shoes are available in many types including flare, fleur and more. They have a slightly wide bottom, which means they provide optimal balance when in use.
  • Stiletto heels – these types are also exceptionally stylish. That said, they tend to be slim, and you need a good sense of balance to use them correctly for dancing.
  • Cuban shoes – If you not used to wearing high heels and find it challenging to use them, then these types are perfect. They tend to have a wide design with a 2-inch heel and will provide high levels of balance.

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