What Are The Benefits Of Wearing Army Approved Boots?

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There is a common saying that your shoes tell a lot about your lifestyle and personal preferences. Well, owning a good pair of army approved boots might just do that and more. Unlike conventional shoes, the military approved boots are designed to suit various purposes. As such, these shoes often make up for some of the best footwear for day to day activities. These boots are often designed to meet various regulatory and performance standards.

For a military soldier, wearing a good pair of boots could be the difference in between life and death. As such, these boots usually embody several values of a good shoe. With such immense footwear benefits, these shoes are excellent for almost any type of outdoor activity. Some of the higher end brands even come with enhanced aesthetic appeals, to let you move outdoors with style and functionality. The army approved shoes are also dynamic, in that they can suit normal day to day wear needs.

Issues Associated with Using Normal Boots

Wearing conventional shoes might suit specific day to day activities. However, these shoes don’t necessarily provide the same functional benefits as a good set of army boots. In particular, normal boots are not as rugged and fully featured as army approved boots. Equipped with the ideal army boots, you can be in a good position to engage in various types of outdoors activities. Some of these activities include hiking, rock climbing, taking long walks, and any other form of outdoor activity that requires quality shoes. However, conventional shoes are usually suitable for specific applications. For instance, work shoes are often designed to be used in professional environments, where the terrain is free of rocks and shrubs. The army approved boots can be used in any type of ground, and without causing any compromise on the user’s movements.

Advantages Of Army Boots

The army approved shoes are developed using individual standards, to meet the intense requirements of military operations. As such, these shoes make up for an excellent solution for day to day activities. Some of the critical benefits of army approved shoes include:

High-quality Material Construction

The first significant benefit of military approved boots is that they often comprise of high-quality materials. Usually, the boots are made using a unique combination of materials to achieve the best user results. Among some of the conventional materials include leather, nylon and more. More so, these materials are usually exposed to proprietary manufacturing procedures. These unique procedures help to improve the functionality and quality of the military approved boots.

Waterproof Benefits

More so, another advantage of the army approved boots is that they provide exceptional levels of waterproofing. In other words, you can wade through swamps and go through the rain without any worry of getting the shoes soaked. In fact, the high end military boots are equipped with moisture wicking material. These are special materials that help in releasing any water that manages to seep through the structures of the shoe.

Heat And Oil Resistance

Are you a mechanic or do you work regularly with automobiles? Or do you perhaps work in a metal foundry where you might be exposed to high temperatures? Well, you will be pleased to know that army boots provide sufficient protection in such extreme conditions. These shoes often have special materials that are simple to clean and maintain. As such, any oil that spills on the structure of the shoe is easy to clean. Besides that, exposing the shoes also comprise of durable material, that can withstand exposure to high temperatures. This way, you improve your performance in the foundry, while other workers struggle with conventional shoes.

Improved Mobility

While army boots are primarily designed to provide comfort and durability, these shoes also enhance one’s overall mobility in various ways. The army approved boots are durable, but they also make it easy to move around, especially during moments that require agility. Besides that, the army approved boots make it easy for soldiers to engage in procedures such as running or engage in combat without discomfort. However, a regular boot might not provide the same mobility benefits as an army boot.

Choosing The Ideal Army Boots

There are various key factors to consider when investing in military approved boots. In fact, soldiers often have their boots evaluated for compliance. These shoes are assessed based on the AR-6701 regulations for army boots. See the official specifications here. Consider the following design structures:

  • The shoe material – good army shoes are designed using durable material that can stand the rugged conditions of different environments. The recommended shoe material for army boots is leather, especially cowhide leather.
  • The shoe brand – besides that, the shoe brand also plays a significant role when choosing shoes suitable for the army. Among some of the commonly accepted shoe brands include Timberland, Nike, Wolverine boots and more. Investing in such boots means that you get shoes that provide the best value for military purposes.
  • The shoe structure – besides that, physical characteristics of the shoe are also vital factors to consider. For instance, the length of the shoe, the construction of the sole, the lace design are all important.
  • Functionality benefits – more so, the ideal shoes also provides useful functionality benefits. It should be durable, comfortable and reliable. Best of all, the shoe should also have a design that suits a typical day to day wear functionalities.


There is no room for poor decision making when it comes to choosing good shoes for your needs. In particular, the army approved boots are practical for almost any type of activity that requires good footwear. You can use them for walks, on trails and even during the typical day to day activities. While these shoes are available at a slightly higher cost than most conventional shoes, the overall benefits of using them are immense. The boots are incredibly durable, and without causing any compromise on the performance of the boots. More so these shoes are designed to provide optimal comfort, especially when worn for several hours.

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