What Does AR-6701 Mean For Your Army Shoes?

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Whether you are stateside or deployed, it’s vital that you own a good set of boots while serving in the Army. Making sure that your feet are comfortable while you allow them to should be a key priority when you choose footwear. Besides that, you will also benefit from investing in boots that are not only robust but are up to the standards of a ranking officer. The AR-6701 is simply a unique code used to identify the characteristics of shoes accepted for army purposes.

Owning the appropriate army gear can be the difference between life and death. Usually, certain types of shoe brands and types are classified as AR-6701 compliant. One has to meet these requirements before qualifying to be assigned military tasks. It is an essential aspect of marine safety, and these requirements change in regard to various factors. The AR-6701 regulations make it easy for soldiers and the general shopper to find high-quality shoes for rugged applications.

History Of Combat Boots

The history of combat boots has changed significantly, especially with the invention of regulations such as the AR-6701. Initially, military boots were often designed by specific brands accepted by the government. However, nowadays several brands make reliable army approved boots. For instance, in the past, shoes were produced using vegetable tanning, rather than chrome tanning. The former boots provided various benefits such as breathability. More so, the boots were designed to include rugged structures. As such, this helped reduce the maintenance processes, such as the need for polishing. Besides that, the shoes also took up the characteristics of athletic footwear.

All through the 1990s, to the 21st century, various shoemakers entered the army boot shoe market. As a result, the choice of boots for soldiers increased significantly. As such, the AR-6701 regulations were developed to regulate the accepted structure of army boots. In particular, the rules stipulate that boots should comprise of special materials and unique lengths. Some of the main benefits of these regulations for soldiers include:

  • Enhanced outdoor safety- the first benefit of such shoes is that they offer optimal safety benefits. The feet are safe for items such as rock, sharp debris, cold weather and more.
  • Access to quality shoes- besides that, these regulations also provides marines with convenient access to military standard boots. These boots are developed using high-quality materials that can surpass most durability standards for shoes.
  • Helps to stay in compliance- more so, the AR-6701 regulations also help one to stay in compliance with army regulations. Failing to adhere to these regulations can cause one to lack the opportunity for field operations.

The AR-6701 Requirements

Minimum Length

Over the years, the minimum accepted length for military shoes has changed significantly. To provide the best safety and mobility benefits, the measure has been revised to a set standard. The boots should have an average length that falls in between 8 to 10 inches tall. Such a high shoe level provides adequate coverage around the ankles, especially in rough terrains. More so, the unique design will also provide your ankles with sufficient room to move around. As such, the shoe offers has a lengthy design structure, and with causing a compromise on comfort.

Zippers Or Mesh Uppers

In the past, combat boots consisted of special mesh uppers for ventilation. However, the revised 1r-6701 standards mean that such structures are meaningless. According to the regulations, such structures can easily lead to injury or the perforation of dangerous material such as chemicals. Besides that, the zippers are also ruled out because they are prone to damage. A zipper is highly likely to get jammed or compromised by debris when outdoors.

Material Construction

While there are various types of accepted leather standards for shoes, the military boots should be made using Tan Cattle Hide Leather. This type of material is preferred because it provides a host of unique functionality benefits. Among some of these benefits include durability, improved performance, flexibility and more. However, the cattle hide leather usually means that the cost of boots increases. This is a reasonable tradeoff, especially considering high level performance that the leather provides.

Sole Structure

The AR-6701 also provides specific stipulations for the structure of the shoes. According to the regulations, boots should comprise of both a plain and a unique sole design. In particular, the sole design should match the colour of the materials. Furthermore, the sole should not be integrated with the heel or toe section. Such a unique design helps to maintain optimal feet mobility, especially when carrying large loads. Besides that, the use of soling materials that surpass 2” are not accepted in the army.

Recommended Outsole Materials

According to the AR 670-1, the ideal outsole material is both durable and lightweight at the same time. This is especially true because soldiers are likely to spend several months exploring rocky terrains and more. Among some of the preferred outsole, materials include rubber and polyether polyurethane materials. These materials are known for providing immense levels of comfort, and durability in rugged terrains. Besides that, the soles are also comfortable even when the shoes are worn for long durations.

AR-6701 Regulations At A Glance

Even though the AR-6701 guidelines consist of several regulations and stipulations for army footwear, they usually boil down to a few specific factors. They include:

  • 8 to 10 inches in height
  • Only cattle hide leather accepted
  • Plain sole or one with matching colours
  • Rubber or polyether outsole
  • All upper leather construction and non-mesh construction
  • Sole should not extend to the top

Bottom Line

Serving in the military is a venture that requires the best resources and military gear to achieve the best results. There is no space for insufficient improvisation because any poor decision can be the difference between life and death. As such, gaining insight into the AR-6701 army shoe regulations is crucial. This way, you can purchase shoes that can serve you well, when you are perhaps assigned to the battlefield. Besides that, owning shoes that meet these standards also lets you stay compliant with army regulations.

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