Top 10 Best Foldable Flats For Women In 2021

As much as heels are trendy and stylish, walking around in them for hours is both tiresome and tedious. Furthermore, they may leave you with blisters, foot pain, and various other forms of discomfort. Also, if you are traveling, heels will consume a significant amount of space in your travel bag. And this is where a pair of foldable flats come in. With foldable flats, you don’t have to create too much room for them in your travel bag. Furthermore, you can easily slip them on and off, especially when you are passing through airport security. Today, we are going to take a closer look at some of the best foldable flats that you can purchase today.

Top 10 Best Foldable Flats For Women In 2021

1. Amazon Essentials Women's Belice Ballet Flats

If you are looking for a pair of foldable flat shoes that are stylish, comfortable and flexible, then the Amazon Essentials Belice Ballet Flat is a decent choice. They are also compact, foldable and lightweight, thus making them ideal for a wide range of uses such as travel, wedding or even as work shoes. Also, you can use them as your daily work shoes, especially if your lifestyle involves plenty of moving around.

These foldable flats for travel are solidly built and cute. They are definitely worth the cost. They come with a synthetic upper, which is flexible, and comfortable. And unlike other foldable flats, these don’t require any break-in period, since they are comfortable straight out of the box. Also, these shoes are easy to put on and remove, thanks to their slip-on design. Therefore, if you are planning to attend a wedding, a birthday party or other events where you will be wearing your heels, don’t leave these behind. These comfortable foldable flats will come in handy in case you need a change of shoes.

Inside these foldable flats, you will find a soft and smooth faux suede microfiber lining, designed to provide maximum breathability and comfort. Even if you spend the entire day wearing these foldable flats, you will not experience any form of discomfort. Furthermore, they are exceptionally versatile. You can wear them with different outfits and use them for different purposes.

  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Flexible and portable
  • Convenient slip-on design
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2. SIlky Toes Women's Foldable Portable Travel Ballet Flat Roll Up Slippers

If you are on a vacation, there is a high chance that you will spend most of your time walking around, exploring your new surroundings, sightseeing, trekking and experiencing the world. While your wedges and heels may look stylish and cute on your feet, wearing them for too long may leave you with blisters and foot pain. And this is where Silky Toes foldable travel portable flat comfort Shoes come in. Beautifully designed and solidly built, these foldable flats for travel will help to keep your feet as comfortable as possible you experience the world.

They come with an ultra-lightweight and flexible upper, which expands and contracts according to your foot. The upper is also highly breathable, meaning your feet will remain fresh, dry and cool inside these shoes. Therefore, whenever you are wearing these lightweight foldable flats, you are always assured of a customized and comfortable fit. Silky Toes has also outfitted these shoes with an elastic band at the back, which helps to prevent accidental removals. Also, this elastic band is designed in such a way that it will not dig into your ankles.

Their interior is cozy and comfy while their PU rubber outsole makes it easy to fold them and store them in your travel bag or purse. Also, they come with a carrying pouch, which provides a convenient means of carrying them around. They are arguably one of the best foldable flats for travel that you can find on the market today. Besides travel, you can also use these foldable flats for dancing, fetching groceries, casual strolls around your neighborhood or slippers for indoor use.

  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Compact and portable
  • Stylish and cute
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3. Shoes 18 Women's Foldable Portable Travel Ballet Flats & Carrying Case

Are you looking for a pair of foldable flats that look great and feel comfortable on your feet? If so, then you should check out the Shoes 18 women’s foldable portable travel shoes. Featuring a natural cotton upper and a soft microfiber interior, these shoes are designed to deliver maximum comfort at all times. In fact, they are so comfortable that you may end up wearing them for longer periods than you should.

These comfortable foldable flats for travel are super flexible and comfortable. Also, they are exceptionally breathable, meaning you will not have to endure excessive heat or sweating when wearing them. You will also love how compact and lightweight these shoes are. Whether you are going on a vacation or you are attending an event, you simply need to fold them and put them inside their carrying case. You can then toss that case into your purse or travel bag, and it will not consume too much space or make your bag feel heavy.

Their outsole is made of sturdy but lightweight rubber, designed to provide exceptional support and protection that you can count on at all times. Their sturdy rubber outsole also supplies adequate traction, which means you don’t have to worry about slipping or sliding whenever you have these shoes on your feet. Apart from traveling and walking around, they also make a great wedding or Christmas gift. If you are hosting a wedding, these foldable flats will be perfect for your wedding guests.

  • Lightweight yet sturdy
  • Comfortable and versatile
  • Great fit
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4. Ollio Women's Faux Suede Comfortable Ballet Flats

Established more than 10 years ago, Ollio is a renowned brand when it comes to stylish, and comfortable footwear. Also, their shoes are well-made and designed to last. And the Ollio Shoes Faux Suede Comfort Ballet Flats are no exception. Featuring a synthetic faux leather upper, these foldable ballet flats are an excellent addition to your footwear wardrobe. They are breathable, comfortable and lightweight, making them a great choice for walking around. You can wear them for over 12 hours or even longer, without the urge of taking them off.

What sets these foldable flats apart from other shoes in their class, is their remarkable versatility. You can wear them to dinner, a wedding, to friends’ houses, to work, around the house, or to the store. Furthermore, you can pair them with shorts, jeans, dresses or even with a business suit. In fact, there is a high chance these comfortable foldable flats will soon become your favorite pair of shoes.

These shoes are comfortable to wear straight out of the box, which means they may not require any break-in period. Their fit is perfect and they are true to size. They also feature an elasticized topline, which helps to secure the shoes. Whether you are walking or dancing in these shoes, the foot will not slide within the shoe. The absence of a lacing system also helps to provide an easier and faster on and off. From running errands to walking around, relaxing outdoors to dancing, these foldable flats are ideal for a wide range of activities. And they are so lightweight that you will feel as if there is nothing on your feet when walking in them.

  • Breathable and comfortable
  • Highly versatile
  • Well made
  • Flexible and lightweight
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5. Rose Cheeks Women's Foldable Ballet Flats & Carrying Pouch

If you need a lightweight, comfortable and stylish pair of foldable flats for walking around, then these shoes are a decent choice. They are simple and yet sophisticated, as well as super flexible and sturdy. Whether you are traveling, walking home from work, attending a night out with your friends, these comfortable foldable flats are perfect for all these situations. They are super stylish, super comfy and incredibly lightweight.

As much as these foldable flats are designed to be used as a back-up or emergency shoes, it doesn’t mean that they are poorly made. They come with an upper made of lightweight elastomeric material, while the outsole is made of sturdy rubber. As long as you don’t wear them every time and everywhere, you can rest assured that you will get value for your money when you invest in these shoes. They mold comfortably to your feet while their soft interior lining helps to prevent blisters and hotspots. Also, they feature an elastic trim on the collar, which provides a secure fit for your feet.

Both the rubber outsole and the elastomeric upper are bendable, which means you can simply fold them into a compact size. Furthermore, they come with a zipper carrying case, which means you can easily pack them in your travel bag, car glove compartment, or handbag. Also, these foldable flats can comfortably fit in your purse. Ideal for wedding, travel or casual wear, these foldable flats provide a comfortable and convenient solution for aching feet.

  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Ultra-versatile
  • Stylish and comfy
  • Not designed to be worn on rough terrain
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6. Talaria Flats Women's Foldable Ballet Flats

If you are looking for a stylish and comfortable shoe to wear with your bridesmaids’ dress or with your wedding gown, then you can never go wrong with these Talaria foldable flats. Incredibly comfortable and cute, these premium Talaria foldable flats are perfect for weddings and events. They are well-made, exceptionally stylish, lightweight and portable. Apart from being a great alternative for your heels, you can also offer them to your bridesmaids or guests.

These foldable flats for wedding guests come with a soft fabric upper, which provides a comfortable fit. Talaria has also furnished their edge with a soft elastic trim, designed to mold to your foot and provide a secure and snug fit. They also come with a non-slip rubber outsole, which provides adequate traction, thus making sure that you don’t slip or slide when dancing or walking in these shoes.

Compact, super-stylish and lightweight, these foldable flats are a great travel companion. These foldable flats for travel easily fold in half, thus helping to save space for your other travel accessories. Also, they are durable and well-built, which means you can wear them on different surfaces and pavements. Whether you are running errands, commuting, dancing at a wedding or sightseeing, these women’s foldable flats will keep your feet happy all through.

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Comfortable and breathable
  • Stylish and cute
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7. Yosi Samra Women's Samara Leopard Haircalf Flats

Yosi Samra flats are comfortable, portable, foldable and flexible. They are also stylish and well made. And the Yosi Samra Leopard Haircalf flats are no exception. Unlike other foldable flats on the market, these are made of high-quality cowhide leather. Therefore, you can expect premium comfort, breathability, as well as unmatched durability.

From traveling to parties, fetching groceries to weekend wear, the versatility of these comfortable foldable flats is exceptional. Besides being extremely comfortable, putting them on taking them off is fast and effortless, since they come with a rear pull-on tab. Also, their upper features an elastic topline, designed to secure them to your foot and prevent accidental removals.

Similar to other Yosi Samra foldable flats, these leather foldable flats run true to size. But in case you are a half size, it’s highly advisable to go up to the next full size. This means that if you are a true size 5, then you should order a size 5 shoe. On the other hand, if you are a size 5.5, then you could consider ordering a size 6 shoe. As long as you purchase the right size, you will never experience any discomfort with these foldable flats. They also come with a cushioned footbed, which provides shock absorption as well as arch support. Therefore, if you are looking for foldable flats with arch support, then this pair should be on top of your list.

  • Decent cushioning and arch support
  • Flexible, breathable and comfortable
  • Foldable, compact and portable
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8. isotoner Women's Sport Knit Foldable Travel Ballerina Slippers & Carrying Pouch

When it comes to foldable flats, there are numerous options and brands to choose from. However, one particular type has captured the attention of women globally. And that is none other than the Isotoner Sport Knit Ballerina. What makes them a popular choice among women who travel frequently is their versatility, comfort, and convenience. Furthermore, they are easy to pack and they will not consume too much space in your purse, handbag or travel bag, thus making them great travel shoes. For your next train ride, flight or road trip, you should toss a pair in your purse or handbag for a comfortable ride.

Just like their name suggests, these foldable flats for travel come with a fabric knit upper, which is extremely flexible. Also, the fabric knit upper is breathable enough, to promote adequate ventilation, while preventing the build-up of excessive heat inside the shoe. And during colder weather, the fabric knit upper will help to keep your feet cozy and warm.

These foldable flats for wide feet also come with moisture-wicking footbeds, which ensure your feet remain dry and fresh at all times. They have also been equipped with an elastic top, which provides a secure and snug fit while supplying additional stability and comfort. And as much as these foldable flats may not have arch support, they are cushy, soft and comfy. You can wear them to the grocery store, to casual events or when attending children’s play dates. Furthermore, these ballerina foldable flats are versatile enough to be worn with casual dresses, jeans or even shorts. These women’s foldable flats are also machine washable. Therefore, cleaning and taking care of them should not give you any problems.

  • Extremely breathable
  • Versatile and stylish
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Sturdy construction
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9. Cinderollies Women's Foldable, Comfortable Ballet Flats For Travel & Carrying Pouch

If you are looking for foldable ballet flats for your wedding guests, then the Cinderollies Foldable Ballet Flats are just what you need. These foldable flats are lightweight, comfortable, flexible and convenient to slip on and off. They are also perfect for everyday wear, especially when you want to give your feet some rest from heels. From events to weddings, the party doesn’t have to stop just because your feet have started aching. You just need to slip these on and keep the party going.

Their upper is flexible and stretchy, designed to give you a comfortable fit. Therefore, if you are looking for foldable shoes for wide feet, these will be perfect. Also, their upper features an elastic collar, which provides a snug and secure fit. And since there are no laces to tie or untie, slipping them on and off is fast and effortless.

These shoes are also travel-friendly. Therefore, if you travel often, you should always have a pair in your purse. Apart from being foldable and lightweight, they also come with a compact travel pouch, which you can easily toss in your carry-on bag or bag. These foldable flats are true to size, and they don’t require any break-in period. However, if you are a half size, you should size down. For instance, if you are size 5.5, you should order a size 5 shoe.

  • Comfortable fit
  • cute and trendy
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10. Fit in Clouds Women's Satin Portable Folding Flats & Carrying Bag

Whether you are looking for a fashionable and stylish pair of flats to spruce up your travel outfit, or you just need a lightweight and comfortable pair of foldable flats to wear to a bridal party, these shoes are a perfect choice. They come with a soft, sturdy satin upper, which provides a smooth and soft touch to the skin. Their upper also comes with a rear pull-on tab, which provides a fast and seamless on and off.

These women’s foldable flats are also equipped with a padded insole, which provides cushioning and comfort while walking, standing or dancing. Their upper also features a stretchy elastic band to provide a secure and comfortable fit. Furthermore, they are equipped with durable rubber outsoles, which offer excellent traction and grip. They are functional, supportive, and flexible.

Apart from their lightweight build, these foldable flats for travel come with a drawstring pouch, which provides a convenient and flexible means of traveling with them. The drawstring pouch can easily fit inside your carry-on bag, handbag, car glove compartment, or purse. Therefore, if you are planning to go on an extended trip, you should never leave these foldable flats behind. From date nights to bridal parties, travel to formal events, these flats are a must-have for the woman who lives an active lifestyle.

  • Highly versatile
  • Incredibly comfortable
  • Travel friendly
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Foldable Flats Buying Guide

Flats are lightweight and comfortable to walk in. Also, they are convenient to carry around, especially if you travel frequently. But with so many types and brands of foldable types on the market, how do you ensure that you choose the right pair for your needs? Well, here are some of the factors that you need to pay attention to when buying foldable flats.

Fit and Comfort

Foldable flats are primarily designed to provide comfort to your feet. Unfortunately, if you don’t get the fit right, then the comfort aspect will obviously be affected. So, how do you ensure that you get the right fit for your feet? First, make sure that you pay attention to sizing. Foot size changes over time. For instance, if you were wearing a size 6 shoe 7 years ago, the same size may not fit you well today. Therefore, if you purchase a size 6 shoe, it may leave you with blisters, hotspots and other types of discomfort. And that’s why it’s advisable to have your feet measured regularly.

If you are buying your foldable flat shoes from an online store, you should use the sizing chart that has been provided by the company. You should also check what others are saying about the sizing of the shoe. As much as shoes tend to stretch with time, you don’t want to purchase a pair that is too small for your feet. On the other hand, don’t buy one that is too large. Besides the length of the shoe, you also need to pay attention to its width. Some foldable flat shoes are designed for ladies with narrow feet while others are meant for people with wide feet. Others are available in different widths and sizes. It’s also important to note that your feet will expand throughout the day. Therefore, it’s highly advisable to purchase shoes in the afternoon or evening, when your feet are at their largest size.


Durability is one of the most important considerations when it comes to buying any item. And the same case applies to foldable flat shoes. The last thing you would want is to purchase a pair of foldable flat shoes whose soles fall apart after walking in them for a few minutes. So, how do you ensure that you choose a pair of durable flat shoes? First, you need to pay close attention to how the shoe has been built as well as the level of workmanship. If the shoe appears shoddily or hastily put together, there is a high chance that it will not last long. Also, you should check for online reviews for that particular shoe. If the majority of the customers who have already purchased a certain type of shoe complain that the shoe falls apart after a few uses, then it’s highly likely that is the case. But regardless of how a shoe is built or how much it costs, it’s durability will also depend on how you handle. If you wear a single pair of foldable flat shoes every other day, there is a high chance that it will not last long. Also, if you fail to take care of your foldable flat shoes, you can rest assured that they will experience premature wear and tear.


Foldable flats are meant to be as flexible and lightweight as possible. Therefore, the more cushioning it has the less foldable and heavier it becomes. If you don’t have a foot condition or foot problem, then it’s highly advisable to choose a pair that doesn’t have any cushioning. Consequently, if you have a foot problem that affects your mobility, then you should choose a pair that offers some level of support, protection and cushioning.


As noted earlier, foldable flats are available in different materials and designs. It’s important to note that the materials used will affect their durability, the price and their level of comfort. Rubber is the most common material for the outsole. Apart from extending the durability of the shoes, the rubber will also provide decent traction and grip on various surfaces and pavements. Also, the rubber will provide some shock absorption when you are standing or walking. For the upper, different manufacturers use different materials. Some of the most popular materials used to make the upper are full-grain leather, mesh, synthetic leather, and canvas fabric.

Leather: Leather is renowned for its remarkable durability. Also, foldable flat shoes made of leather are comfortable. With that said, shoes made of leather are a bit pricier compared to those made of synthetic leather and mesh. Furthermore, shoes with a leather upper tend to be heavier than those made of mesh.

Mesh: Mesh is lightweight, flexible, and highly breathable, making it a great choice for walking around. On the flip side, the mesh will also let in cold and moisture into the foot chamber. Therefore, foldable flats with a mesh upper should not be used in wet or moist environments. Also, mesh tends to rip much faster, compared to the other materials. If that happens, you’re going to have to either replace your shoes or repair them. Both are a hassle and are better to avoid. So, if durability is a primary concern, then you should stay away from foldable flats with a mesh upper.

Synthetic Leather: Synthetic leather tends to strike a balance between the durability of leather and the flexibility of mesh. As a result, foldable flats made of synthetic leather will be more durable than those made of mesh yet more flexible than those made of leather. Also, shoes made of synthetic leather are cheaper than those made of full-grain leather.

Why You Need a Pair of Foldable Flats

Whether it’s for style, portability or convenience, every woman should own a pair of foldable flat shoes. They are stylish, comfortable and lightweight, making them a great alternative to heels and stilettos. Also, foldable flat shoes are a great option for women who lead busy lifestyles. If you are still on the fence, here are some reasons why you should own at least one or two pairs of foldable flat shoes.

Events: Weddings, birthday parties, and formal events can place a significant amount of strain on your feet, especially if you are wearing heels. And that’s why it’s always advisable to have a pair of foldable flat shoes in your purse if you are planning to attend such occasions. A pair of foldable flat shoes provides a convenient means of allowing your feet to relax and breathe, thus helping to prevent foot pain and fatigue.

Travel: Travelling on airplanes or ships can place a huge toll on your feet. Furthermore, you also need to remove your shoes when passing through airport security. Since foldable flat shoes are easy and fast to slip on and off, they are perfect for such situations. Besides, they are portable and lightweight, making them an ideal choice of footwear for travel.

General Use: Foldable flat shoes are exceptionally versatile. In fact, they are one of the most versatile types of footwear that you can buy today. They are available in a wide range of color choices, styles, patterns, shapes and materials. Some come in solid colors while others feature decorative details. Also, you can choose between a pointy or a round toe style. Furthermore, there is a foldable flat shoe for every occasion. Besides, you can wear them casually, to town or out to work.

Just like their name suggests, foldable flat shoes are easy to store and convenient to carry around. Unlike other types of footwear, they only consume a small amount of space, making them ideal for individuals living in accommodations that have limited space. Also, they will fit compactly in your purse or handbag. As you can see, it’s easy to find a pair of foldable flat shoes that is perfect for your lifestyle.

Taking Care of Your Foldable Flat Shoes

If you are going to invest in a pair of foldable flat shoes, you will definitely want them to last as long as possible. So, how do you ensure that your pair of shoes doesn’t experience premature wear and tear? First, make it a habit to be cleaning your shoes regularly. As much as you don’t have to clean them every day, you should at least remove the dirt and scuff marks twice per week. Also, ensure you clean them inside, to prevent the build-up of odor-causing bacteria. When cleaning your foldable flats, make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions. If the manufacturer has stated that you should not toss your shoes inside your washing machine, then you should not do it, regardless of how dirty they are. And Finally, store your shoes properly.

Closing Remarks

Whether you are buying foldable flats to use as your casual shoes, travel shoes, walking shoes or work shoes, you can be sure to find a nice pair for your needs, in our list above. You just need to choose a pair that fits your feet well and aligns with your lifestyle.

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